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The authors of the new "kalbarritruth.com" (KT) website welcome you to their story.

We humbly ask that you accept any spelling or grammar mistakes. We are ordinary people working to educate the public and create awareness of past events to help in the rebirth of a naturally beautiful town and in turn with help develop a new and harmonious/caring community.

This is a true story about a small Western Australia (WA) coastal town called Kalbarri and one persons experience after being elected as a Shire Councillor and of those having the courage to speak out and to keep their community fully informed on matters of public interest that effect their future and well-being.
It is a story of hate, greed and control. It is also a story of incompetence and how the culture of WA Local Government, commonly referred to as "the boys club" protects its members and how "the boys club" is allowed to openly bully and discriminate against those who threaten their authority.

As previously reported on our "kick start" first page it is not this web sites intention to act outside the law, infringe on copyright or defame innocent people. The opinions and comments provided will always be honest expressions of personal opinions and fair and reasonable comments based on what is believed to be true and factual.

The story being told on this web site is open to political discussion; it will contain publications of public documents and will at all times aim to project a fair report of proceedings of public concern with an honest opinion/fair comment.

A facility to e-mail the KT is available if persons believe they have been wrongly reported. Appropriate and timely action will be taken by the editors to research and if necessary rectify any legitimate grievance once officially notified.
Email,  kharma@
             westnet.com.au  (Please note; we have displayed our address like this to stop junk mail etc)

Recently a Federal Politician was reported to have said; 'Since the introduction of the Internet politicians have now lost the mental control they once held over their constituents.

We hope other disgruntled ratepayers will also use the power of the Internet to report on their Local Government's arrogance or lack of performance.

Here are some things you may not be aware of;
1   To be elected into the position of Shire Councillor, Shire President/Mayor you need no qualifications. The village idiot could be elected into any one of these positions. Community apathy provides the fertile atmosphere for this to happen, hence the saying ' You don't get the Government you need but you do get the Government you deserve'.

2   The second thing is that collectively the community is the owners of the Local Government/Council. This puts you and your community at the top of the pyramid. Below the community comes the Council, the body that you elect to govern the local government and act on your behalf in directing the local governments operations and affairs so that services and facilities are provided to you the owners. At the bottom of the pyramid are the CEO and the administration. They are employed by the Council to manage the operations of and undertake tasks for the local government.

3   The local government has the legal capacity of a natural person.

4   Proceedings may be taken by or against the local government in its corporate name.(Example of a corporate name : 'Town of Albany')

KT comment: 'Legal corruption', conspiracy, arrogance or lack of performance by any Local Government is nearly always the fault of an uninvolved, unconcerned, apathetic community.
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