Forrest Gump's "Hay Shed"

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  Built on a lot in the main street of Kalbarri this is why Forrest's newly built shed got the name of 'Hay Shed'.
The nickname 'Forrest Gump' was jokingly given to Wayne Forrest by the editors of KT1.
"Hay Shed"

  Step 2   (is anyone looking?)  From 'Hay Shed' to Taj Mahal in one continuous operation.
KT Comment/Opinion

It is on Public Record that the owner of this building (Wayne Forrest) signed a declaration that stated the total cost of his 'shed' (labour and materials) was $10,000. Wood paneling on the ceiling, complete with down lights and that is just the carport section you can see in the photo above. He paid the appropriate Shire fees for a $10,000 building.

It is worth mentioning that to construct a building costing more than $21,000 would attract an industry training fee/levy. This is a fee that goes to the building industry and used to train new tradespeople.

If you are cunning enough to submit the plans to your Shire Council and grossly understate the true cost of your shed you can dodge the Industry Training Levy and also reduce other statutory fees. The KT believe the true cost of this building would exceed $50,000.

For this to save you money and have it work in your favour it helps if you have a friend on Council.

The KT understand anyone can make an honest mistake, however it takes a man to own up to it and offer to put things right. No such an offer was ever made by Forrest.

To be continued.