4/        Kalbarri's Self Determination.     (continued)

This was not a question to separate but simply to take the proposal to the LGAB which in turn would give the community more information on whether it would be financially viable or not, done at no cost to the ratepayers.

Submissions received by Council were; 158 in favour of continuing by asking the LGAB to investigate the proposal, informing us if it would be financially viable.  155 submissions against obtaining any free advice or taking any further action.

During this process the scare mongers, ignorant of all the facts got to work spreading false rumours that our rates would double if the split went ahead. The fact reported by the consultant was that our rates could go down or they could go up depending on how greedy we were. Council also added to the confusion by numbering the Martin Report recommendations incorrectly, listing recommendation number 5 as number 3.

This is were the process began to stall, finally ending up in Council's too hard basket. The one they keep under the carpet?

The KT consider this to be an opportunity lost. It could be argued that part of the cause was that many of our ratepayers were happy to continue being uninvolved, living in the past and not yet ready to try something new and innovative. If this separation went ahead and didn't work out the worst that would happen is that we would simply go back to the old system, being much the wiser.

We soon expect to be swallowed up by the local government amalgamation tidal wave. This is beginning to look  a better alternative because it will get rid of a lot of infective costly administrations, many of the "do nothing" councillors and possibly save ratepayers thousands of dollars. The KT believe the more intelligent councils will be heavily involved in resource sharing with other councils.

To be continued.

5/        Coast Camp and Shade Shelter Demolition

Some of this story has already been published on our web site under the heading 'CONTAMINATED SITES'. This showed graphic pictures of the fisherman's camp before and after it was demolished. It appears some rancorous persons in Kalbarri are vindictively reporting to the Department of Planing and Infrastructure (DPI) any time the fisherman in our community erect shade shelters along the coast north of Kalbarri. The KT are told those persons have now been identified. One of them being your own Council, (Shire Council of Northampton) the Council you elected to bring peace, harmony and prosperity to your community, instead for your vote you are given yet another example of arrogance and malevolent bullying.

Kalbarri is a well known fishing town, some of the keen beach fisherman camp over night when fishing north along the coast and have erected a makeshift shelter in an attempt to create a bit of shade and comfort for themselves and at times their wives & kids. They are aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to building structures on crown land without the necessary approvals after the last camp was ruthlessly demolished by DPI. They are also fully aware of the penalty handed out to anyone who doesn't have the right contacts and who breaches those rules and regulations. With that in mind the KT direct our readers attention to the 'NO PENALTY' given to another of our residents for placing an unauthorised structure on Crown Land, knowingly defying these rules and regulations for 3 years.
Link,  3/ "Inappropriate/illegal use of Crown Land". (We have learnt that there are some who are equal and there are some who are more equal.)

However what this group of recreational fisherman hope is that as Australians we are all in this together and would all be able to harmoniously share in our country's assets and because no one is using the small patch of Australia, the one that supports their shelter they see no harm in putting up an environmentally friendly structure, making it available at no cost to all other Australians who enjoy the sport of fishing and camping, while also supporting the Kalbarri Tourist Industry.

Sadly this has progressed to the point where, after receiving an official complaint from Garry Keeffe, CEO Shire of Northampton about this "unauthorised" structure, DPI are now obligated to take action under section 270 and 267 of the Land Administration Act. Having intimate knowledge of this Council the KT believe they would have acted upon receiving only one complaint and would not have investigated it or even spoken to any of the fisherman concerned. (Ref the "Brandenburg Letter" to Council, found under the headed 'Kangaroo Court'.) Those who reported this may now be pleased to see the object of their hatred suffer.

The order has been given for the fishermen to dismantle the shade shelters or suffer the consequences. That could be a $10,000 fine and $200 per day if not done. Those vengeful, bitter persons who reported this were fully aware that there was no harm being done and have, with malicious intent gone out of their way to report it to the authorities, depriving us as Australians of a little comfort and shade while enjoying our favourite sport.

The KT have on record other unauthorised structures built on Crown Land, (Kalbarri Spring Water shed for one) no action has been taken by DPI, no penalty applied all apparently swept under the carpet by our administration.

Copy of the DPI Order

The Following is a copy of a letter sent in reply to the Minister of Lands. (Authors name was supplied but with-held)

"Dear Mr Grylls,
Please find attached information concerning Kalbarri Beach Shelter.
1. Eviction Notice 11.02.09
2. Letter to People of Kalbarri
3. Letter/question to Councilors of Northampton Shire 17th April 2009
We will be forwarding the reply from the Shire of Northampton to you along with any other correspondence.
We wish to appeal this Eviction Notice and ask for an extension of time to do this.
We would also be grateful if you would advise us of the steps to be taken to officially lodge our appeal.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter, we look forward to your reply".
Next, the KT have been supplied with a copy of a flyer that has been circulated within Kalbarri and sent to the Minister of Lands. The authors name was supplied but has been with-held.

"To the good people of Kalbarri, their families and friends who have visited the community beach shelter (known as the "Bat Cave"), north of Kalbarri.

The sad news is an Eviction Notice from the Dept. of Land Administration has been posted on our simple shelter, dated 11th February 2009, we have 90 days from that date to remove it or face demolition.

Here are some facts and information on people who are in favour of its demise because this shelter is not authorised:

1.        The fact is with our present bureaucratic system authorisation has been made impossible.
2.        The fact is this is the ONLY COMMUNITY BEACH SHELTER that offers protection from the wind and
        sun close to Kalbarri.
3.        The fact is that many people enjoy their visits to this shelter and we do not have to enter or interfere with
        Murchison House Station Pastoral Lease.
4.        The fact is our Shire representatives and certain people have sent letters of complaint and         
        condemnation to Steve Burgess, Head of the Dept. of Land Administration.
5.        The fact is this shelter is assumed to be on un-allocated Crown Land, of which we the people of Western
        Australia are the owners. It is our heritage.
6.        The fact is the Shire of Northampton have no jurisdiction over Crown Land and it can also be argued
        this shelter is less than forty metres above the high water mark. This gives neither the Shire or the Dept.
        of Lands Administration jurisdiction.
7.        We do not want a repeat of the Fort Courage Camp fiasco.
        (refer to  http://kalbarritruth.com/3%20kalbarri.html )

We dare say these mis-informed authorities have never stepped foot in this area and are obviously acting on hearsay and suspicion.

So to the good people that know the truth, who care and will not be intimidated, please take the time and voice your concerns. (Eviction Notice expires about 10th May 2009).  We must make a stand and campaign immediately as time grows short. Remember we have a say and need to be heard.  After all is said and done, we are the true carers of this coast.  We are not the polluters and not the people who manipulate it for their own gain. 
  • Please ring Steve Burgess 9347 5100  Head of Dept. of Lands Administration
  • Make sure you request your concerns are recorded
  • Ask for an extension of time on the eviction notice so that we can lodge an appeal to the Minister of Lands, Brendon Grylls.

Please contact:
Steve Burgess        9347 5100 Head of Dept. of Lands Administration
PO Box 1575, Midland, 6936   e-mail: steve.burgess@dpi.wa.gov.au mailto:steve.burgess@dpi.wa.gov.au

Copies will go out to the media and interested parties".


KT comment;
The KT would encourage supporters of the shade shelter to invite the Minister or one of his Officers to meet with you and visit the shelter. E-mail or write direct to the Minister of Lands, Brendon Grylls in the hope he can help with this community disharmony and a possible alternative to demolishing it.

Honourable Brendon Grylls MLA
Minister for Regional Development; Lands; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development; Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport
Address: 9th Floor, Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street, WEST PERTH WA 6005
Telephone: 9213 7000
Fax: 9213 7001
Minister.Grylls@dpc.wa.gov.au .        Also refer web page  http://www.premier.wa.gov.au/Minister.html .
The following is a copy of a request/question asked of Council by a spokesperson for the group who want to retain the shade shelter. The question was put to the Shire of Northampton Council and Councillors at Public Question Time 17th April 2009. (Kalbarri)

"To all Councillors of the Shire of Northampton
I have this question typed out and will supply you with a copy. I ask that it be recorded verbatim in the Minutes of this Meeting.
I put the question to President George Parker:
You may or may not be aware that your CEO sent a letter to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure informing them of a shade shelter that was constructed by a group of Kalbarri Ratepayers a few kilometres up the coast north of Kalbarri. This was put there to offer a small amount of shelter from the sun and wind for people when fishing and camping over night. Because of that letter a notice has now been served for the shade shelter to be dismantled or suffer the consequences. A copy supplied.
As the elected spokesperson for the group who built and maintain the shelter I bring a request and a question to Council.
As our community elected representatives we ask for your understanding and help by assisting us in retaining our shade shelter either by taking possession of it or officially sanctioning its existence in much the same way the Kalbarri Spring Water shed was dealt with.
The question I now ask is:
Will you help us to find a way that will allow us to keep this Shade Shelter?"


Council's official response to this question will be available to the public 10 business days after the meeting (17th April)  The KT will publish Council's response.
The KT will also closely monitor the assistance, if any the 4 Kalbarri Ward Councillors (Link, Parker, Gliddon and Allen) offer their electors concerning this show of political authority.

30th April 2009. For public information we now publish Council's official response to the request for help.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Allen Centre Meeting Room, Grey Street Kalbarri on Friday 17th April 2009


You may be aware that your CEO sent a letter to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure informing them of a shade shelter that was constructed by a group of Kalbarri ratepayers a few kilometres up the coast north of Kalbarri. This was put there to offer a small amount of shelter from the sun and wind for people when fishing and camping over night. Because of that letter a notice has now been served for the shelter to be dismantled or
suffer the consequences. A copy is supplied. As the elected spokesperson for the group who built and maintain the shelter I bring a request and a question to Council.

1. As our community elected representative we ask for your understanding and help by assisting us in retaining our shade shelter either by taking possession of it or officially sanctioning its existence in much the same way the Kalbarri Spring Water shed was dealt with.

The question I now ask is:

2. Will you help us find a way that will allow us to keep this shade shelter?

The Chief Executive Officer advised that Council were in no position to assist with their request as the shelter is located on unallocated crown land and is not in Council's jurisdiction. In advising the Department of Planning and Infrastructure of the structure, Council was obliged to act on behalf of concerned residents.

----------------- End of Minutes -------------------

KT Comment/Opinion
You may notice the response from the President, George Parker was not recorded in the minutes, he was the person to whom the question was asked.
Council's response, wrong!, the CEO's response to Colin Doyle's plea for help is interpreted as a 2 parts answer.
Part 1 - We can't help you!
Part 2 - We won't help you!

It is noticed that the CEO uses the word 'Council' in place of the word 'I' in his responce, that allows him to share the responsibility/blame for an unpopular decision that the KT believe he alone made, the decision to inform the DPI of a structure that, in his words "is not in Council's Jurisdiction". It appears that Council has delegated far too much authority to the CEO, but that is what happens with naive elected representatives. Council's job is to lead with the community's interest being paramount, part of that interest is creating good-will. The CEO's job is to administer not take over.

Guess it would be a bit of a contradiction for the CEO Garry Keeffe and the President George Parker to offer any assistance or even meet with the supporters of the Shade Shelter seeing the CEO was the one who, without any thought of creating community disharmony ratted on them in the first place, then has the gall to state there can be no help as the shelter is on crown land and out of Council's jurisdiction. He informs us that "Council was obligated to act on behalf of concerned residents". Does this mean that Councillors new about the Shade Structure? Was this an item up for debate? Did the CEO confer with the Kalbarri Ward Councillors? Or is the CEO's recorded response just a play of words?

The KT would like the CEO to tell our community of the concerns the "concerned residents" had and what action he took to investigate those "concerns" to see if they were legitimate and warranted notifying the DPI?

It's thought most of the Councillors new nothing of this community shade shelter but are seen to fully support the actions of the CEO through their complete lack of support for some of their ratepayers. The 4 Kalbarri Ward Councillors continue to disappoint. This is a true opportunity for them to get on with the job of creating some community harmony and a chance to show they care. If their past performance is any indication there will be complete silence.

The KT believe both the CEO and the President of this Council have shown poor leadership. Where is the true Aussie Spirit. There is little hope of ever uniting our community while our CEO and elected representatives behave in what the KT believe is such an unscrupulous manner. As so called community leaders they continue to set bad examples, is it any wonder that bitterness and selfishness prevail.

The KT have received a copy of the Geraldton Guardian, May 8 page 10. 

The KT have now received a copy of Brendon Grylls reply, (dated 23. 06 09) to the letter sent to his office dated 19.04.09. Thanks to Minister Grylls for his reply.

Those "undesirable precedents" set by our administration may be about to surface and confirm that bullying and discrimination is alive and well in Government.

1st September 2009.

This is a date to remember.

There are some who are equal and there are those who are more equal!

On this day a contractor from Geraldton Western Australia drove his truck and bobcat to the site of a community beach shelter north of Kalbarri. He was accompanied by a Government overseer and some local Police. They proceeded to demolish the community shelter that was put in place to offer shad and shelter to our tourists and our local beach fisherman. It was properly maintained even with a supply of fresh water. It was put there as a convenience and to be used by all.

Yes this was an unauthorised structure built on Crown Land, the land owned by all Australians.

There are two other unauthorised structures built on Crown Land in Kalbarri, those being the Kalbarri Spring Water shed, and the Black Rock Cafe.

For years the Spring Water shed and the Black Rock Cafe have been know to all parties to be unauthorised structures.

Garry Keeffe, CEO of the Shire of Northampton Western Australia recently took it upon himself to officially informed DPI of the unauthorised beach shelter, even though this beach shelter is out of the Shire's jurisdiction and none of his concern.

Today the community beach shelter was demolished and carted to our local tip. The custodians of the shelter were told if they wanted to save anything they could collect it at the tip!

Mr Garry Keeffe, CEO of the Northampton Shire and the 4 Kalbarri Ward Councillors need to hang their heads in shame as this discriminative action has created a massive amount of community anger and disharmony.

Your jobs are to serve our community not destroy it. However you have set a very dangerous precedent as our community now look at what you intend to do about the other two illegal, unauthorised buildings erected on Crown Land, buildings that you have been fully aware of for some time now.
Or is this just another one of your community destroying lessons you seem to take great pleasure in handing out to those who are not "more equal"?

To be continued.


6/        Kalbarri Visitors Centre. (KVC)

                "Control Headquarters"

The Kalbarri Visitors Centre was known to be the one place that could control the income of the Tourist Operators who were forced to use their booking facility. What is meant by the word 'forced' is recorded that the head of the Bully-boys would tell operators if they did not use the KVC to promote their business, paying their membership fee and commission they would be sent broke and out of town.

Under the management of Pat Gliddon (Shire Councillor) and Chairman John Brandenburg, the KVC continued to operate in the red even with a significant community contribution. ($30,000 to $46,000 per year)
At one of the KVC meetings Gliddon tabled the balance sheet which showed the centre was again running at a loss, when questioned about it she left the room and on her return produced an amended balance sheet that showed a profit? Very cunningly Gliddon continually referred to the KVC as a "community owned and operated" enterprise. She changed that to "community based" when  publicly challenged.  After years of recording an operating loss of thousands of dollars it became obvious that the Centre needed a new and experienced manager and chairman. Brandenburg would be dumped from the Chairmanship and both he and his wife were voted off the Committee. 

Many saw the desperate state of the KVC, the main promotion centre for our tour operators, their industry, the town and its survival, so as an elected community representative Cr Kramer (retired business operator) offered to become the Council Delegate to the KVC committee, done in an attempt to try and help them through their crisis. After attending a couple of their management committee meetings it was obvious they lacked the knowledge and training needed to run a successful enterprise. Offers of help were made but ignored, at one meeting Cr Kramer handed over a 2 page list of things that he considered needed immediate attention. Because of the embarrassment this obviously caused the then Chairman, Ian Hornhardt and his naive committee, a letter was sent to Council asking for Cr Kramer to be taken off their KVC committee, Council obliged. Cr Ron Allen then nominated to take on the roll again. (back to the old days)

Gliddon finally retired leaving the KVC in debt for around $28.000 and a new manager was recruited (CK). The lack of support that Gliddon and staff members at the time gave the new manager, coupled with the malicious way she was treated by others in Kalbarri had CK suddenly leave the job and move out of Kalbarri in a distressed state after only weeks in the job.

The behaviour of Gliddon and her staff at the time is well known throughout the WA Tourist Industry.
Paragraph 4 in chapter '4 Council' tells more of this story.

A second Manager was recruited, her name Yvonne Bradfield, a well respected, experienced and capable manager and one well informed of the behaviour of Gliddon and her team concerning their treatment of the previous manager. Mrs Bradfield was thought to have had the strength to cope with the malice that was about to come her way. It began 3 weeks into her starting the job when the staff quit, costing the Centre $20,000 to finalize.

Over a very short period of time Yvonne Bradfield, not to be beaten transformed the KVC into a more professional and viable enterprise. But as our records show that like others, she also fell victim to the Kalbarri hate mongers. One even proudly announcing he was the person who got rid of her.

The following is a reprint of Yvonne's resignation;

"Dear Committee and Staff,

Please be advised that I am resigning as your Tourism Manager as of today the 9th December 2005. My last day of work will be Friday 23rd December 2005.
I consider that in taking this action my reputation and professionalism has been damaged and as such I will be seeking appropriate compensation

It is my opinion that I have come to this decision  because of consistent, vitriolic, unsubstantiated attacks, within the membership of the Kalbarri Visitor Centre, against myself.
I believe I have been subjected to enormous psychological persecution and innuendo consistently throughout the entire period of my employment with the Centre.
The previous Manager was also subjected to the same persecution and lasted, I believe, six weeks.

I believe I have undertaken all tasks given to me by the Management Committee with professional excellence and tenacity far beyond the requirements of the position. Not once, have any of the above-mentioned attacks, persecutions or innuendo and hearsay been proven to be correct. However, the Management Committee has ineffectively dealt with the continued persistence of such character assassination upon myself.

I acknowledge the remarkable, loyal and dedicated staff that has worked with me. I thank them for their teamwork, camaraderie and professional behaviour. I shall miss them greatly.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne Bradfield.

The "appropriate compensation" was never taken up by YB, she just wanted to put the spiteful Kalbarri experience behind her, moving on to bigger and better things.
Gliddon's attempts to undermined the Manager's credibility and the malicious behaviour of those involved at the time has been well documented.

After this demonstration of such appalling behaviour by the KVC the Kalbarri Residents and Ratepayers Assoc. (KRRA) wrote to the Shire withdrawing their support for any money from the Specified Area Rate (SAR) going to the KVC. (The SAR is funds/rates collected by Council from the Kalbarri Ward only) Around the same time Councillor Kramer wrote to the Committee of the KVC voicing profound disappointment in the way their committee members behaved. In the letter he also withdrew support witting, "After witnessing this disgraceful, unprofessional behaviour and as an elected representative of the ratepayers of this community, I will not be supporting the KVC's request to receive any money from the SAR at the next Budget meeting of Council. That decision will stand until such time your Association can show this community that you are worthy of its support and money."
Without any guilt, humility or shame what so ever the management committee then publicly accused both KRRA and Kramer of undermining the KVC.

Management of the KVC was then handed over to their book keeper, Mrs Barbara Hugill, believed to be capable of doing the job of Manager. The KT hear that there is little interest shown by the members of the KVC concerning its survival, even those who rely on it for their tourist bookings. The management committee continues to struggle, even to get enough people to form a quorum at their meetings. More evidence of the apathy of many in our community.

KT Comment/Opinion;
It is commonly acknowledged that if you control the KVC you control the only industry left and so the town.

To help further explain this "cultures of control and spite" surrounding the KVC and Kalbarri, it is believed appropriate to also publish another event concerning our beloved KVC and certain members of the community.
The KVC once advertised for community members to volunteer and help serve customers with information and promotional material at the centre. Two ladies (long time residents) appeared eager to assist, after a few weeks on the job their reasons became more than obvious when they stopped volunteering the day after the Council elections. Their "man" (Ron Allen) was up for election and apparently needed to show how community minded he and his supporters were. The two we speak of are both relatives of Councillor Allen and obviously thought that they no longer needed to put on a show. Also during that particular election campaign one saw her close friend of 40 years helping another person campaign for the same election. Out of pure spite she immediately ended their 40 year friendship.

Years of greed and poor leadership coupled with the lack of vision are all blamed for this "culture of control/spite" that has developed in Kalbarri, a sad indictment of the harm this can do to a community.

To be continued

Time out from our story for a snapshot of Kalbarri
- 20th June 2009 -

                Just a quick summery of a few things of interest.
  • The rumour game is still the most popular game in Kalbarri. You start a rumour at one end of town and try to beat it to the other end of town.
  • Putrescible waste compaction unit being installed at the Kalbarri Works Depot. Just think of the smell, wind blown litter, flies, crows, seagulls, cats, rats and mice it will bring to the neighbouring Kalbarri Cemetery as you visit your loved ones who are remembered there. What is Council doing here. Moving the tip to the cemetery or the cemetery to the tip?  Ref. June 09 Council Agenda; page 5, Health and Building Report - 19 June 2009.
  • Cr Ron Allen continues to question people with, "do you know who I am? I'm Ron Allen!".
  • Congratulation to the 3 new cops. Doing a terrific job men please don't stop. Be aware of the Kalbarri cop crawlers, they will befriend you to get preferential treatment.
  • Thanks to the new Council staff, Glenn & Terry, like Hayley you are doing a great job. Don't be intimidated.

As an Australian citizen you can exercise your democratic right to express your opinion on this or any issue published on the KT web site.

E-mail the KT with your comments/opinion, they are always welcomed.


7/        Kalbarri Sport & Rec. (KS&R)

This part of our story is again about control and manipulation but ends with a much needed glimmer of light shinning at the end of the tunnel.

We start by informing our readers of the building of a new sports club house on the hill, where grants from the Dept of Sport and Rec helped build a facility for the Tennis, Netball, Bowls and Golf clubs. Once built the golfers moved in and took charge. The "House" meetings were very cunningly stacked. The new centre built with tax/ratepayers money was not a welcoming venue for the tennis or netball teams, even the bowlers felt the pressure of being controlled but stood their ground.

Ron Allen appeared to take control in choosing the builder to build the new Club House. Both the local Kalbarri builders thought they would get the job, one suggesting if the materials were supplied he and his contractors would supply most of the labour free of charge. The other Kalbarri builder being told his quote was too high was prepared to adjust his price to get the job, both builders would have employed local contractors. WA Country Builders Geraldton (formerly known as J Corp Country) were given the job over the locals.

It was observed by many and is worth a mention that at the same time the same Company, J Corp/WA Country Builders built Ron Allen's new river front two story house in Grey Street. It is seen that the builder was fortunate enough to be able to use the same brick on both jobs. It is also worth a mention that a note was sent to J Corp, the Geraldton builder reminding them of the need to display a sign with their name and registration number on it at the Grey Street site.

The full story about the building and the funding of the commonly referred to "Golf & Bowling Club House" is extensive and well documented. The KT have decided to tell this story another time.

Our story continues at the point where a few KS&R committee members were encouraged to make approaches to Council for help to access grants and Shire Specified Area Rate (SAR) funds to "kick start" a new and enthusiastic era for sports in Kalbarri. Thanks to the persistence of those who worked to get the money needed, things have greatly improved, that includes the new extensions to the oval club house. This was a true uniting effort. The KT thank these community minded people for their initiative.

Along the way there was also extensions and renovations being done by another group of hard working, community minded folk at the kids skate park which is adjacent to the KS&R building. A grant application formulated by Janis Kramer was successful in raising $30,000 for this work. Another $10,000 came from a number of requests Cr Kramer made to Council, total of $40.000. This money was to be spent on an upgrade of the skate park and its surroundings. This project was officially named the "Youth Space Project" (YSP)

Cr Kramer was also successful in getting a very generous Geraldton building company (West Steel Sheds) to donate a 6x6m shed, large enough for a Club House to be placed at the skate park. Previously some of the more motivated kids had put together a plan made up of all the things other kids in Kalbarri told them they would like at the park, this information went with the grant application.

Sadly none of this eventuated, mainly because of the actions of some members of the KS&R club committee, that being Mal Scott, then president, Lou Parker, Luke Bradley and Mark Folkard committee members KS&R.  Their reason for wanting to stop work on this Youth Space Project (YSP) was they didn't want the kids of Kalbarri gathering around an area close to "their" club house. Cr Ron Allen saying "we have enough noise in the area, send the kids down the bush".

Scott and his group of selfish  - - - - - -  stopped at nothing to prevent the YSP going ahead, even to the extent of attended a meeting of the Kalbarri Youth Advisory Council at the school to talk the kids out of supporting the project. Then addressing Council saying the kids didn't want to go ahead with what was proposed, trying to encourage Council to officially support their conceited behaviour and withdraw Shire support and funds.
The $40,000 was eventually handed over to the Shire to administer and spent on a BMX track at the Kalbarri PCYC at the far end of town (down the bush). This BMX track now seems to be an abandoned mud whole.

As President of KS&R Mal Scott went on to take control of the staging of one of our Australia Day festivals. Because of his arrogant mismanagement he placed the KS&R club deep in debt. He subsequently resigned from the position, or was he tossed out?

Story continues on the top of Page 3                 Page 3 link