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13/        "1 Tick Voters"

The term '1 Tick Voters' was given to those who appeared to want their candidate to win a Kalbarri Council election at any cost.
There were 2 vacant seats available and 4 candidates at this particular council election. After the count information was revealed that 286 voters used the one tick method in what was perceived as an attempt to ensure their candidate got in. Much of the reasoning behind this was said to be the 1 tick voters thought only one candidate was deserving and worthy of  their vote. The intelligent view was the one tick would almost double the strength of their vote for their candidate at this 2 seat election. This action was viewed by some as being mean spirited, failing to recognise the sacrifice the other candidates were prepared to offer their community as unpaid volunteers filling the other vacant seat.

After the election Cr Kramer wrote an article in his "Monthly Newsletter" voicing his disappointment and asking for comment. This bought an immediate response from some of the guilty. Once again Graham Dunn jumped to attention using his "Chairman's Chat" at the Town Talk (local rag) to try and discredit Kramer for having a differing opinion thus publicly identifying himself as a '1 Tick Voter'. His wife Irene followed suit. Ian Brumley (previous owner of Rainbow Jungle) also could not contain himself (as usual) joining the Dunns in their condemnation of Cr Kramer and his opinion. School's Deputy Principal Alan Mcgregor was another who outed himself as a 1 tick voter through emails he sent to KT1 from the schools computer.

Yes "mean spirited" are the words the KT would use to describe these people.
The KT will never get tired of saying all this information is filed in our records for future reference.

14/        Kalbarri Residents Ratepayers Association. (KRRA)

The Kalbarri Resident and Ratepayers Association was the brain child of Warwick Biship and Terry Daniels who passed the idea on to Kramer.  Andrew Sharman, another enthusiastic community minded person joined with Kramer to form the KRRA in an official manner, registered with a constitution. Andrew Sharman is credited with being their first President.

The formation of KRRA bought an immediate response from the town dictators/bullies.
Their weapon of choice was discredit and attending meetings in an effort to shut them down, bullying the committee and intimidating ratepayers, police were called to one of these meetings in an effort to restore peace (ref DVD link)  Some of the main instigators/antagonists were Cr Ron Allen (Murchison Caravan Park) Wayne Forrest (IGA Supermarket) Mal Scott (BP Service Station/Hardware) Ian Brumley (Past owner, Rainbow Jungle) John Brandenburg (Ray White Real Estate Kalbarri) and  Lou Parker (Shire Councillor). All familiar names and all have been recorded on audio tape and video.

The KRRA worked tirelessly to keep Council open and accountable while also working to help ratepayers with their more personal issues. One of KRRA's main projects was to help establish a retirement village in Kalbarri  as it was seen that our older folk were forced to leave town when the time came for them to downsize into a facility that could cater for their future needs. Leaving Kalbarri obviously meant they were to leave behind their friends and their familiar surroundings. The land for the village was identified and expressions of interest were being canvassed. However the town gave into the bully boys and the project lost support. We see today that the land, first offered to Council is now being sold to the highest bidder. You can only help those who have courage and want to be helped.

At one time KRRA called in the ACCC to investigate some unethical behaviour by one of the towns bullies. As previously stated it was the result of this investigation that gave birth to the term "legalised corruption".

Throughout the KT web site there is much spoken about KRRA, sadly after the Kramer family left Kalbarri  this association was eventually shelved. Many say it had done its job and things would never return to the bad old days when Council was a law unto itself.

To be continued.

15/        'Kalbarri Town Talk' / Chairman. (Graham Dunn)

The 'Kalbarri Town Talk' is small but unique local publication/magazine that provides locals and visitors with news of the town. It also makes a platform available for people to have their say. During his time as Shire Councillor, Kramer wrote a monthly news letter in an effort to keep the Kalbarri community informed of Council decisions and other issues that would affect rate payers and their community. For some time Graham Dunn, ex local real estate agent was the Chairman and self appointed editor. On occasions he would without consultation edit out information Kramer had presented.

In one addition of the Town Talk Council's CEO, Garry Keeffe tried to publicly discredite information Cr Kramer had presented in a previous addition. Keeffe breaching the public sector's code of ethics. This breach was sanctioned by Dunn.
In another addition of the Town Talk, through his column "Chairman's Chat" Dunn publicly condemned the efforts of Cr Kramer and members of the Rate Payers Association for holding a meeting to 'Unify The Community'. After the meeting it was agreed that Dunn was the only condescending person present, accusing others of rehashing past events. If that was the case Mr Dunn please be reminded that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat it. Yes the meeting was certainly rehashing past events, done in an effort to find out what was so wrong, why people were being bullied and why the greedy were getting greedier.

One more incident was when Kramer wrote some facts about one of Dunn's close friends, that being Cr Ron Allen. Once again Dunn used his position and his column  "Chairmans Chat" to heap praise on Allen in an effort to divert attention away from what was truly going on. Dunn was seen to support Allen in his attempt to acquire Crown land adjacent to his caravan park. (This has been expanded on in other chapters of the KT web site.) Because of the persistence of people in the ratepayers association that land (7040 sqm) has now been put out to tender by the State Government. Tenders close 15th October 2010

Dunn has since relinquished his position as Chairman and now is focused on religion. The KT and other members of the community are grateful for the work Iris Annear has done and continues to do keeping the Kalbarri Town Talk going and may we say with less editing and in a much more pleasing way. Thanks to Iris and her team.

16/        Kalbarri District High School. 

Principal                Carol Goodwin  (2010)
Deputy Principal        Alan Macgregor
Deputy Principal        Jamie Senbergs
The Kalbarri District High School is here to provide a
supportive environment for students to develop relevant skills,
knowledge, attitudes and values that maximise
individual potential in a global society.
Literacy ~ Numeracy ~ Science ~ Health & Well-Being


Teachers are to be guides, inspirations and examples.

Where have all the Principals gone?  The investigation begins.

31st January 2010.
Please ask yourself, is your child's welfare and future at risk?  Is it time to speak up?

Those with any information about the unacceptable behaviour of some adults at the Kalbarri District High School are asked to e-mail the KT to help with this investigation, as the actions of a few are poisoning the reputation of the many good people of this school. The KT is well informed and believe if there is no response to this request for information it will lead us to report that the behaviour we speak of and will eventually publish is considered ok and an investigation is not necessary. However it could also indicate that the people with information are too frightened to come forward because they fear for their child's wellbeing while attending the Kalbarri school of bullying.
Your e-mail will be received as private and confidential and will be treated with the utmost respect . Your name and or your information will not be published on the KT web site as per any request.

             westnet.com.au  (address published split to stop junk mail dredges etc.)

We thank those courageous people who have already provided statements.

Following, are some of the warnings given to Karen and others attached to this story;-
  • Jenny Kuhn to Karen Adams, 'Do not go to the Press'
  • Trevor Price to Barry Lakeman, 'I will exhaust you by diverting you to other departments' (or something simular) .
  • A parents comment, (name withheld) 'You f - - k with the school, they will f - - k with your kid!'

The Karen Adams Story.
This is a story of how poorly a young single mother was treated while trying to educate her autistic son (Isaac) at the Kalbarri District High School. (From February 2003)

In telling Karen's story on the KT web site we hope to bring some justice for her and her son. It is also the KT's aim to publicly identify the bullies who use false accusations, assertions and assumptions to enforce their implied unimpeachable authority.

Once again, like Local Government the KT will be reporting on the incompetence and the cult like behaviour of the WA Department of Education and Training (DET). Members of the DET are now on our records for lying, refusing the mother of a disabled child access to the school buildings and the school grounds, refusing to investigate a parents official complaint of bullying and a complaint of discrimination, not answering correspondence, not providing adequate supervision for a disabled child and isolating an autistic child (Isaac) from other students depriving him of the stimulation he needed to advance.

There are also many very serious side issues/allegations associated with this school. Things such as being drunk, sexual harassment and how a headmaster (Stephen Wells) raised people's hopes but then let the whole school down. These are things that are currently being investigated by the authorities and will not be reported on in this chapter until they have been finalised.

Karen Adam's plight was bought to the attention of the KT by one of her Kalbarri friends, a friend who saw Karen  being bullied and discriminated against by a known bully, one who holds a position of authority within the school. This culminated in part of her story getting front page of the Geraldton Guardian News Paper two weeks in a row. Our thanks go to Alex McKinnon for his reporting skills, he is accredited with opening the doors and bringing this issue to the attention of the public.

KT Comment/Opinion at this time.
Following is a 'List of potential breaches'
(in no particular order) that the KT believe members of the School's administration and the Education Department are guilty/in breach of;

Departments Code of Ethics
Departments Code of Conduct
Departments Code of Trust
Caused unnecessary hardship, Mother and Child (Moved to Geraldton)
Caused unnecessary stress to Mother and Child
Caused unnecessary anxiety to Parent and Child
Caused unnecessary anguish to Parent and Child
Accused Mother of being a Psycho.
Showed little professional courtesy
Psychological and emotional abuse
Verbal assaults, threats, harassment, and intimidation
Considered derelict in their duty as a public servant
Breached the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
Failed to observe due process
Failed to comply with a prescribed decision making process/protocol
Failed to observe the principals of natural justice
Isaac's interests were adversely affected
Parents' physical wellbeing was adversely affected
Parents' mental wellbeing was adversely affected
Failed in their Dept. Duty of Performance
Failed in their Duty of Care
Failed to provide adequate supervision
Conspired to discredit Karen's allegations
Failed to properly investigate Parents complaint
Breached their Employment Contract
Failed to provide Equal Opportunity
Failed to provide Procedural Fairness
Failed to establish a process to manage Isaac's progress
Failed to maintain a process for viewing/reviewing Isaac's wellbeing
Failed to write up an incident report
Discrimination experienced at a place of learning
Intimidation at a place of learning
Lack of professional support at a place of learning
Lack of professional supervision at a place of trust/learning
Denied the right of choice
Denied the right to property and resources
Integrity Unit took the side of the school without a proper investigation
Parent and Child denied professional help from MP Grant Woodhams
A victim of unfair/unjust treatment from;
  1. Grant Woodhams MP
  2. Ian Blaney MP
  3. L Andrews, Director Schools Mid West
  4. Jenny Kuhn, (MWDEO)
  5. T Delaney, Standards Integrity Unit
  6. P O'Connor, Executive  Director, Professional Standards and Conduct
  7. Trevor Price, Manager Operations Mid West District Office
  8. S Wells, Headmaster KDHS
  9. Alan Macgregor, Deputy Principal KDPS
  10. J Senbergs, Deputy Principal KDHS
All considered derelict in their duty as public servants
All failed to provide adequate services appropriate to needs and preferences
(Systematic Abuse and Willful Deprivation)
All failed to support a disabled person's social, intellectual and emotional growth and wellbeing
(Emotional neglect)
All considered guilty of contributing to what is now seen as MALADMINISTRATION.
This process to-date has not been transparent, fair and just in accordance with the laws and policies of the Commonwealth of Australia
Public servants (this includes teachers) did not act with probity
Demonstrated profound incompetence
Denied access to justice and a legal system available to other citizens
Parent and Child denied the Principals of Natural Justice

Isaac was free to run naked through school grounds. Grounds unfenced!
Karen banned from school grounds and classroom.
Also banned Karen's Area Coordinator
Failed to implement Isaac's therapist's advice
Laurie Andrews denied Karen was banned. (Lied)
Laurie Andrews refuted most of the claims made by Karen.

Is the plan to simply exhaust their victims?

Reminder:-   A facility to e-mail the KT is available if persons believe they have been wrongly reported. Appropriate and timely action will be taken by the editors to research and if necessary rectify any legitimate grievance once officially notified.

Link to the Karen Adams Story.

The story continues:-

We are beginning to understand how this well controlled secrete society know as the Education Department shields its inept administration from public scrutiny.

The following article was published in the West Australian news paper 11-06-2010. The KT present/reproduce part of this article for public information and public education.

Media warnings to school heads  (Bethany Hiatt; Education Editor)

The Education Department is trying to censor information given to the media by school principals.
An email sent to schools this week warns principals against talking to journalists unless they have cleared it with the department's media unit.
The email also reminds principals of the department's staff conduct policy, which states that communications with the media or a minister by a staff member must be confined to his or her official duty and reflect the department's position.
"While principals are not prevented from making comment to the media, they are expected to seek advice from the department's media unit before responding," it said.
It recommends that principals ask the media to email questions instead of speaking to them. State School Teachers Union president Anne Gisborne said: " If there are real and genuine issues that should be out there for the community, then I think it's a concern if we're going to have a blanket directive that seems to be imposing a cone of silence."

KT Comment/Opinion
What is it they are so concerned about? What are they trying to hide from us? What can be so dam secretive about educating children? If they are trying to hide their incompetence it's too late, that is no longer a secrete.
Just more Maladministration!

If this is how they silent principals one can only guess what fascistic methods they use to shut down the teachers, depriving them of their constitutional rights and their freedom of speech, possibly threatening them with their employment. The KT understand it is against the law to deprive anyone of their right to freely express an opinion.

The bullies continue unchecked at the Kalbarri District High School, reports continue to come in. The damming evidence is expected to have its day in court and justice granted to their victims.
Many are wondering if the new principal of our school, Carol Goodwin has control of the situation? If so it's time to show some leadership and prove to the community that she has the qualifications and the courage to take charge and put an end to all this malevolent behaviour of a well known few. Also please be advised, the behaviour of your school's administration was one of the subjects of discussion in parliament the other day. (More on this later)

Most of us are familiar with the terms, 'cover up' and 'swept under the carpet' yes?  Watch this space, these people are true professionals at the 3D principal - DELAY - DETER - DECEIVE.


21.06.2010.  As promised. This copy of Hansard is published for public information and education.


Legislative Council
Tuesday, 15 June 2010.
Page 15.

341. Hon MATT BENSON-LIDHOLM to the minister representing the Minister for Education:
I refer to recent reports of staff, parent and student disquiet at Kalbarri District High School.
(1) How many documented grievances by -
(a) teaching staff against other staff; and
(b) parents against the school were reported in 2007-08, 2008-09 and to date this year?

(2) Have any of the parent complaints against the school been referred to either the Mid West District
Education Office and/or local police; and, if so, how many?

(3) How many grievances and complaints remain unresolved?

Hon PETER COLLIER replied:
I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question. I will answer (2) and (3) before (1).

(2) Yes. Three complaints over the period 2009 to 15 June 2010 were referred to the Mid West District
Education Office. One of these was also referred to the police.

(3) As at 15 June 2010, four complaints being managed at the district office level remain unresolved. Three of the complaints relate to one incident.

The answer to the first part of the question is in tabular form; therefore I seek leave to table the response and have it incorporated into
Leave granted. [See paper 2119.]

The following material was incorporated -
           2007   2008   2009   2010
(a)        Nil      Nil     One    Nil
(b)        Nil      Nil    Four    Four


KT Comment/Opinion
After reading the information presented by the Hon Peter Collier listing the number of complaints (documented grievances) over the past years the KT and the group assisting believe the most used piece if equipment belonging to the Education Department must be their document shredding machine.
The evidence identifying their incompetence/maladministration is mounting day by day.

However, the KT is happy to see that these complaints may no longer be falling on deaf ears as there are some politicians prepared to acknowledge the plight of victims and offer them their professional help/support.
The KT thank the
Hon MATT BENSON-LIDHOLM for doing the job he was elected to do, that being to serve not rule or hide from his obligations like others do. Thank you Matt.

The KT also have information/reason to believe the figures the Department gave the Hon Peter Collier who in turn used to respond to the Hon Matt Benson's questions are false and misleading.

More about the KDHS's administration, 'School of Bullying'
At the moment there is evidence suggesting that Alan McGregor has misused his position as Deputy Principal of the Kalbarri School to falsely accuse another person of breaching the Public Service's code of confidentially. The KT's investigation reveals that this is just another one of McGregor's malicious, unprovoked personal attacks on an innocent individual. We encourage the victim to seek legal advice to their right for justice/compensation.
The KT has on record numerous complaints about McGregor and his bullying behaviour both inside and outside of his employment. Many of these complaints have been registered with Mr L. Andrews, Director of Schools Geraldton and the Ombudsman's Office Perth. We await the outcome of their investigation so it can be published on the KT web site.

A recent OHS report highlights the penalties that courts are now imposing on people who bully and those who have the knowledge of inappropriate behaviour and do nothing. Some of the fines listed in this report range between $10,000 to $330,000.
A new regime that will carry penalties for corporations of up to $3 million and individual fines up to $600,000 is expected to begin in January 2012. HR managers have been put on notice.

Here is a link to a web site that the KT believes will again confirm the education department's administration does not deliver effective staff training and has little to no effective disciplinary procedures. More of that MALADMINISTRATION from one hell of an incompetent Government dept./Minister.
http://www.schoolbullies.org.au/  which in part reads. (Presented to publicly inform and educate)

Staff Bullying in Australian Schools
"In 2007 Riley, Duncan and Edwards completed the first national online survey into staff bullying in Australian schools. The population of interest was employees in Australian schools in all States and Territories, including primary and secondary schools in both the Government and non-Government sectors. The survey found that 99.6% of respondents had experienced one or more of the forty-four instances of bullying listed in the survey - a highly disturbing finding in an area where zero tolerance to any form of bullying is the expected norm in Australian schools.

The Executive Summary of this research (Investigation of Staff Bullying in Australian Schools, Riley D., Duncan D.J, and Edwards J. 2009 <InvestigationOfStaffBullying_ExecSummary.pdf>) is available from this website (www.schoolbullies.org.au) and the report will be available in May 2009 from The Co-op Bookshop http://www.coop-bookshop.com.au/bookshop/show/9780980637717 and can be purchased online."

To be continued.
3rd July 2010

More sad news for those in Kalbarri who care about the quality of education being offered to their children.
It has just been confirmed. One of Kalbarri's much loved school teachers appears to have had enough and is leaving. Jodie McKeown is leaving the Kalbarri District High School to continue her teaching career in Geraldton. That is over 300ks of travel per day compared to the 14ks to her past place of employment at the KDHS. The KT understand Jodie has had some long running, unresolved personal issues with Alan McGregor Deputy Principal.
The KT have also been told that there are other teachers at the KDHS thinking of following Jodie's lead.

Because of their inaction, the KT believe it is becoming obvious that the untouchable Education Department hierarchy would rather support their cult members than insure our Kalbarri kids receive a quality education. The good people leave while the bullies continue unfazed and undisciplined.

The KT will continue to focus on proving lies have been a tool commonly used by some members of the Education Department to secure their employment and maintain their authority. Also being recorded is the reluctance to properly investigate complaints of bullying and intimidation.

If there are teachers/readers who are prepared to share their experience or help with information on any of these subjects the KT would appreciate your email.  kharma@
                                                                                                 westnet.com.au     Names withheld.

Let there be no more victims!


The walls are crumbling, the vail of secrecy is beginning to lift off the Education Department's Administration.

Lodging a complaint? - 
"B.3 DEFINITIONS Complaint
The expression of dissatisfaction with any aspect of government education and training. It may be general in nature or relate to particular staff, a part of the organisation, a policy or a decision. Any person may lodge a complaint, however staff employed by the Department of Education and Training cannot use this process if they are acting in an official capacity. A complaint must contain sufficient detail to enable it to be addressed and recorded."
(The definition above has been down loaded from the DET web site for the purpose of public education)

Some helpful web sites.        






Page 3 Headline, WA Sunday Times 11.07.2010 reads:-
"Teachers in sex assaults". It goes on to report, "Of the 120 serious child protection allegations levelled at staff, 46 cases were substantiated and 19 were not proven. The remaining 55 are under investigation.
Acting Education Minister John Day said each misconduct report was "highly concerning" because every child had the right to feel safe at school."

Reading on Mr Day is further reported to have said;
"I am assured that the department is doing everything possible to crack down on any staff member who fail to properly protect and care for children."

A full copy of this news paper article is available on request.

KT Comment/Opinion
The KT would like to thank the Sunday Times and their reporter Yasmine Phillips for this timely article, it adds support to what we believe is poor leadership from the incompetent administration of a very important government department, one that has for too long failed in its duty of performance and its duty of care.

Mr Paul O'Connor, head of the education department's professional standards and conduct unit also gets a mention in this article and is reported to have said; "each case involving child protection concerns was referred to police and the Corruption and Crime Commission". It may be a good opportunity/time to ask Mr Paul O'Connor just how the Karen Adams case is progressing? How much longer before we see this complaint resolved?

A link to a web site that gives more proof to this sad situation:-

Bullying in Aust schools among worst in world: survey - ABC News ...
14 Dec 2008 ... A survey of schools in 36 countries has found that bullying in Australian primary schools is in the worst category in the world.http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/12/14/2445879.htm


17.09.2010    Kalbarri showcasing itself for all the world to see:-

Kalbarri District High School at centre of 70 complaints.  Read more;

KT Comment/Opinion
After viewing this web site (above) we can only hope that the message of MALADMINISTRATION is not being overshadowed by the rhetoric in some of these emails. The message trying to get out is this schools administration is damaging the schools reputation and the reputation of all the quality teachers who teach there. The KT believe there is little doubt that this unacceptable behaviour by the hierarchy is depriving some children of a quality education. The KT can see no end to this because of the administration's attitude and inability to deal with conflict. There is also an obvious lack of willingness to accept some parent's complaints and to take the appropriate action that would prevent further conflict. All this appears to revolve around the behaviour of one or possibly two persons employed by the Education Department.

The guilty continue unfazed and undisciplined while the victims continue to be ignored. All part of the Education Department's demeanour, protecting itself and its members from public scrutiny. We welcome the newspaper articles exposing what has for years been swept under the carpet.

A Federal Politician was reported to have said; 'Since the introduction of the Internet politicians have now lost the mental control they once held over their constituents'. This loss of mental control would now apply to all sectors of the public service. The KT have experienced this freedom of expression and we congratulate those  people who have also courageously used the internet to tell the world their story. No longer is there a fear of being bullied by some bureaucrat. The penalties for bullying are now too severe.

After reading the public comments sent in to the "perthnow.com.au" web site (link published above) the KT did some investigating . "Kween of Kalbarri" we now know who you are!  Not at all surprised. The KT have recorded your comments.

It's understood members of the education dept recently spent time at the school training staff on how to sue parents/community members. This must have been a very successful training course as it appears they have now created 2 vexatious litigants. It is disappointing to hear that the DET deemed it unnecessary to give the same class lessons on how to act in a professional and appropriate manner when handling parents complaints/conflict, following the lawful steps laid out in their own DET policy manual.
Follow this link to better understand why the KT finds it necessary to act as the messanger.

What follows is a "LETTER TO THE EDITOR", Kalbarri Town Talk, January 2011. Sent in by one of our Shire Councillor.
                              "Disgraceful Bus Trip"
"It is with much regret that during this festive season I feel compelled to act on an extremely disappointing and disgraceful incident that allegedly took place on the evening of the 16th of December.

At approximately 8pm that evening, it is alleged a bus with staff and spouses of staff,  including the Principal and Deputies, was deliberately driven past several homes by the husband of the Principal, where the bus was then stopped and a number of persons proceeded to swear, yell abuse, and expose parts of their anatomy.

At one home, this was witnessed by the parents and children who live there, children who happen to be students of Kalbarri District High School! I happened to be on night shift that particular evening, and am personally just thankful that my wife and kids were not home by themselves to see how some staff practice "CHOOSE RESPECT" when the bus stopped outside my home!

To all the staff who were not on the bus that evening, I feel very sorry for you that these disgraceful actions unfortunately end up affecting all staff to some degree. Rest assured,  people in our community realise that many of the teaching staff at KDHS are dedicated professionals, and will no doubt be horrified by what allegedly took place.

To the persons on the bus who actively involved themselves in what took place, it is my opinion that you should all feel ashamed at your actions against people of this community. People do not mind others letting off a bit of steam, a bit of banter, etc, but what you did crossed the line! I know that several of the alleged ringleaders also have young families like the ones that were targeted, how would they feel if a hostile busload of animals pulled up outside their homes and did the same with their young kids present. Would they just fob it off and expect the community to not be outraged?

To the other persons who were on the bus but did not join in with the unruly pack, it is now up to you to stand up and hold these people to account! To sit back and do nothing is to condone and accept the actions that took place! Again I say, would you sit back and do nothing if this was directed at you? If you as public servants are not prepared to properly serve and stand up for the community that employs you, maybe you are in the wrong place!

Link to continue this story on page 5