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Disgraceful Bus Trip")

It is also very sad when students of the school are going around town talking about the alleged happenings on the bus that evening. What are these students now going to think when certain staff expect them to behave properly and "SHOW RESPECT" in a school environment. Although it is was with some sadness that my wife and I chose to continue our kids education in Geraldton in 2011, after this episode there is no way I could leave my children under the care and guidance of this current administrative team when this is the example they set for their students, and the contempt that they show for our community!

Considering the very first page of the Education Department's "Staff Conduct" policy booklet states "Staff of the Department of Education and Training must behave with integrity. Line Managers must demonstrate ethical leadership", I certainly cannot see any evidence of integrity in this instance! Integrity in the dictionary means to act with honesty and with morals. Then later," The Staff Conduct Policy applies to all staff employed by the Department". This must be acknowledged and signed by employees."
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Are your kids being educated by the right sort of people?

The KT understand that not all on that "Boofhead" bus ride were involved in this childish behaviour. The KT would ask those who were on the bus and who didn't take part in this intimidating and abusive behaviour to show some  sympathy for the victims by contacting them and offering them your support. This is one of many ways to prove your innocents and also show others you are a person of principals. They await your phone calls.


3rd January 2011

The KT now believe it is time to close this chapter of our website, believing you can only help those who want to be helped.
There is one more report we would like to publish before ending this chapter.
It is taken from a book titled "FALSE GODS FLEECE THE FAITHFUL", written by David and Zenda Collett. (Chapter 8 'The Shame of Credibility', page 183)

Plato's Republic: The Myth of the Cave. (Plato is a Greek philosopher, 427-347 BC)

"Why do we often act without prudence, vigilance, or independent evaluation? What does this say about us? Perhaps Plato's Myth of the Cave might explain this phenomenon.

In The Myth of the Cave, Plato' explores the philosopher's quest to know reality beyond illusion. Plato believes that man can only perceive reality in the material world in terms of ideas or shadows.
He argues that the mind needs to be free from its preconceived ideas in order to come to a better understanding of reality.

There are many interpretations of Plato's allegory, one of which is presented here.
Plato asks us to imagine the following scenario: a group of people have lived in a cave their entire lives, never having seen daylight. These people are bound in such a way that they cannot look to either side or behind them, but only straight ahead at the wall in front of them. Shadows of various things passing by a fire behind them are cast on the wall. Intrigued by the shadows, the cave people designate names to them and become increasingly good at distinguishing their shapes and timing. To the people inside the cave, the shadows are the only reality and they can only refer to outside reality in terms of the shadows.

Now, imagine one of the cave people is free from his bondage, turns around and discovers the scene behind him. Recovering from shock, he grasps how the fire and the objects together caused the shadows and its shapes. He realises that the shadows do not show the true form of these objects and that his perception of what he thought was real was only an idea- even more, it was an illusion.

He then moves out of the cave into the sunlight, dazed by its brightness but intrigued by all the objects he is now able to observe. He discovers the trees, birds, clouds, and eventually the stars. Realizing how oblivious he and his fellow cave men had been to all these incredible things, and how limited their perceptions of reality were, he returns to the cave to tell them about everything that he had discovered.

To his surprise, most of the people in the cave cannot relate to or even begin to understand what he is saying. they simply have no idea from where he got his strange ideas and new found knowledge. He realises that they will only be able to understand if they leave the cave and see reality for themselves. To his astonishment, few believe his story or are prepared to leave. They feel safe in the cave and prefer to stay in bondage, subject to manipulation rather than risk the uncertainty of exploring and observing the world for what it really is.

As life continues unchanged within the cave, the illuminated individual is increasingly rebuked by the cave dwellers for his inability to relate to their reality. He is also forced to defend himself against their ignorance. Plato discusses (through one of his characters, Socrates)the difficulty the illuminated one experiences.
Sadly, it is only when disaster hits the cave and a few survivors exit that they realize the extent to which their lives were based on illusions. Unfortunately, for many it will be too late. Perhaps this allegory rings true:"

Do we need an Armageddon to force us out of the cave?
Continuing on page 218.
"To have some understanding of the world beyond the walls of Plato's cave is a privilege. However, the world outside the cave is only revealed to a few, and most of humanity has only the shadows against the wall to guide them. With privilege comes a responsibility to care for those who need guidance and protection. The fact that most might decide to stay in the cave does not absolve the enlightened from the responsibility to protect, inform, or free the cave dwellers.
Those who accept the responsibility know that it's a lonely world--a call that only a few will answer."

This book is certainly worth a read. The KT thank the author for passing on his wisdom.

Tuesday 4th January 2011.

If at any time the supporters of the KT website feel it is necessary to restart this chapter, things will remain in place to do just that.

May you all have a loving and peaceful 2011.



Tourist industry reduced. Some tour operators have left town.

Unleaded fuel $1.72 p/l

Some accommodation rentals have dropped their price per night to $60 another at $89. (usually well over $100)

192 properties for sale. Blocks that were selling for $160,000 now selling for $70,000

Drugs are still an ongoing problem.

No air conditioning at the Hotel.

Many complaints about the boat ramp.

The sand spit is gradually reforming.

The town is clean and green. Thanks to the shire staff.

Reduced numbers at Kalbarri fishing comp.

Price comparison on groceries. Geraldton V Kalbarri.

A small basket of 12 commonly purchased items:-          Geraldton IGA            $44.77
                                                                                                Kalbarri IGA               $59.34
The KT received this very disturbing  email/pictures on the 16th April 2013.
Is this a good enough reason to reopen this chapter?
(Please note it has been edited to remove names of people and businesses.)
Question:- Who was that person recorded saying "This is my town, I built this town"????
Illegal dumping continues out of control. Who cares? Certainly not the town's leaders.

"KALBARRI YOU'LL LOVE IT". Even the contamination we hope.

"Hi KT . They have just finished in the block (lot 564) digging deep holes all over the block, I talked to the bloke, he had his back hoe there digging plus there was a girl or young woman small and you couldn't tell it was a female only by the long hair
She wore protective clothing a hood and glasses plus a mask and gloves and heavy boots  and never took them off while they were working insight of me she was from the Gov. And took soil samples the young bloke said he was disgusted with the way the whole property had small bits of  Asbestos all over it, I said you should go across the road and have a look there, and he said they tested it 5yrs ago, I said yeah well they have dumped more there now."

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The last picture shows asbestos contamination even in the sand dunes.
A little more truth from:-
Scoop Traveller. The premier guide to western Australia.

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