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7/        Kalbarri Sport & Rec. (KS&R)
Story continues from the bottom of page 2:

Another event that involved some members of the committee of the KS&R club concerned a request put to Council by Mike Rylands to lease a small unused portion of Recreational Reserve 25447 for a proposed entertainment centre after the Kalbarri Entertainment Centre was demolished to make way for the new Edge Resort. This proposal was supported by most Councillors but not supported by Cr Ron Allen.

The entertainment centre proposed by Mr Rylands and his team consisted of a mini putt-putt, bike and scooter hire, junior water slide and splash pool, video games arcade, two outdoor ten pin bowling lanes, trampolines and kiosk. The area thought to be most suitable was west of the skate park, thoughts were even given to the possible inclusion of the skate park thus handing over the general maintenance of the skate park to the operators of the entertainment centre.

At this time Wayne Forrest was the President of KS&R club. At one of the clubs meetings, chaired by Forrest, a request was made to Mike Rylands (committee member) to leave the room.

Following is a part copy of the minutes of that meeting after Mr Rylands left the room :-

"The Committee was advised by the chair that Mike Rylands has applied to the Shire of Northampton to lease part of the Kalbarri Recreational Reserve to run a private venue. The committee was asked to consider if there was a conflict of interest with this situation considering Mr Rylands has not discussed this private proposal with the Sport & Rec Committee. An open discussion proceeded.

Mike Rylands was asked back into the room and asked by the chair to explain his application to the Shire to lease part of the Kabarri Recreational Reserve. Mike explained that he had tabled a proposal at the last Northampton Shire Council Meeting to lease part of the Recreational Reserve for a peppercorn lease to develop an entertainment centre. He was asked if he thought there was a conflict of interest with him being a committee member of the Sport & Rec whose aim is to see this land kept for future development of sporting facilities for the whole community, and his application, and he said no.

Mike Rylands was again asked to leave the room while the committee considered his reply.

A motion was tabled by Mike Paxman and seconded by Terry Deboik.

        "The committee has perceived a conflict of interest over your application to the shire for lease of part of the recreational reserve. We have concerns over your failure to disclose this interest, and we request your resignation."

The motion was passed unanimously.

Mike Rylands was again asked back into the room. The Chair advised Mike Rylands that a motion had been passed and the motion was read aloud. Mike Rylands agreed to resign in writing from the Committee of the Kalbarri Sport & Recreational Club."

KT Comment/Opinion
Firstly, the words used in the minutes presented above are not considered those of Wayne Forrest. Secondly
the old regime is back at work. Step one, discredit those you oppose by using others who are naive and ill informed to do the dirty work and make sure you are not present at the trial. The KT believe Wayne Forrest was acting under the instructions of his puppeteer, the one person who reigns supreme at hate, manipulation, discrimination and control. The KT also believe this was a move to stop the development of this project by publicly discrediting the proponent in any way possible so when it went out for public comment people would be reluctant to support it.

However this move by Wayne Forrest unveiled information identifying another member of their KS&R club who wanted to reduce our Rec Reserve by 7,000 sqm. This person didn't want to lease a portion of the Reserve, instead he wanted to excise and amalgamate the 7,000 sqm into his Murchison Caravan Park. This person being Anthony Allen, manager of the caravan park and son of Cr Ron Allen (owner) who just happens to be a Council Delegate on the Kalbarri Sport & Rec. Club Committee.

There was never a move by Forrest or any of his committee to question or expel Mr Anthony Allen or Cr Ron Allen from the KS&R committee or the club. What makes them so special Mr Wayne Forrest?

Another note of interest was the public support both Graham Dunn JP, Chairman of the Kalbarri Town Talk and Lou Parker, President of the Kabarri Development Association and now Shire Councillor gave Wayne Forrest for victimising Ryland, publicly demoralising him by requesting his resignation. Both Dunn and Parker wrote articles in the Town Talk (June 07) condemning Mike Ryland's action of wanting to lease part of our Rec Reserve, neither caring to make mention of the 7,000sqm the Allen clan was trying to cut from our Rec Reserve. Parker also made comment about how Cr Kramer actively supported leasing some of the Rec Reserve for an entertainment centre but failed to inform the readers that most all other Councillors also supported the idea. This pair of manipulators obviously had no regard for the enjoyment, employment, addition to our Tourist Industry and the funds it would have generated in the form of lease and rate payments to the Council that could have been channeled back into Kalbarri Sport and Rec. Also it could have relieved our council workers from the job of maintaining the skate park.

This proposed entertainment centre was never built, those involved took their money elsewhere as many before them have done, probably to a community they thought was more deserving.
Another person was later allowed to build an entertainment centre away from the oval reserve in an industrial estate.

Despite the unprincipled behaviour of those named above most of the sporting folk in Kalbarri are good community minded people. It is unfortunate they allow the few to bring discredit to their club.

The Glimmer of Light comes in the form of more in our community are gradually supporting our sporting teams and using the building with its new extensions for social and club gatherings, thus contributing to the uniting of our community. For that we are truly grateful, the rebirth is on, good things just keep happening.

And just as a point of interest the oval and the new building belongs to the Ratepayers not any one sporting group. It is believed the KS&R "club" are to manage this community asset.

To be continued


 8/        Kalbarri Development Association. KDA

The KDA has always considered itself to be working closely with the people to develop Kalbarri, advertising it represents "the voice of the Kalbarri ratepayers" . Evidence of this has been hard to find, but what is on record are many example of things we would have expected the Kalbarri Development Association to be concerned with and actively involved in.
As they don't always respond to correspondence we can only ask the questions:-

        Where was the KDA,
  • when Council discounted the financial return to ratepayers from leasing lot 588?
  • when Council discounted the financial return to ratepayers from leasing lot 589?
  • when our Visitors Centre Managers were getting done over?
  • when the kids needed help to progress the Youth Space Project?
  • when our rubbish tip was positioned over our drinking water supply?
  • when Kalbarri ratepayers were charged an extra $160.000 to upgrade the Shire's airport?
  • when our community was trying to get a safe river based enclosed swimming area?
  • when DPI demolished our fishing camp and creating a massive contaminated site?
  • when people were getting robbed and bashed?
  • when ratepayers wanted free advice on a self governing proposal?
  • when ratepayers wanted an end to your idea of an Interpretive Centre?
  • when our Visitors Centre was running at a loss?
  • when a family's business (Red Bluff C/Park) was being destroyed by man made dust?
  • when members of your committee bullied and intimidated ratepayers at community meetings?
  • and so on.
Was it the KDA who is responsible for illegally building the "Spring Water Shed" on Crown land?
One recorded instance that the KT believe show the true colours of this group happened when Mr Ron Hayward (Kalbarri real estate agent) was the president. As president he had difficulty in encouraging anyone to be the KDA secretary and thought to invite (LW) an active female member of our community to one of their meetings in the hope of recruiting her to the position of secretary. We are told that after the meeting there was a social gathering. The following day Hayward called LW to see if she would accept the job. He was told that after hearing them talk about how they were going to victimise, intimidate and discredit one of Kalbarri's volunteer Shire Councillors, (Kramer) she would under no circumstances join their little "hate association" (or something similar)

Later with Lou Parker as President, another well documented and recorded instant was a time when a Councillor attended one of their meetings. The 'Meeting', which  was eventually cancelled being unable to form a corium, appeared late to start, the Councillor was in the car park talking with another person (DS) who wanted to attend when Wayne Forrest (committee member) drove up. His verbal abuse aimed at the Councillor started in the car park, causing the "other person" (DS) to leave, not wanting to enter the meeting room because of the intimidating behaviour of Forrest.   Link to more on Wayne Forrest.

This out of control abusive behaviour continued inside the room and went non stop for a period of 15 minutes. These very personal insults hurled at one of our community volunteers were fully witnessed by Conrad Brown and Ken Wilson (committee members) both making no attempt to bring Forrest to order. One of the things Forrest said in his fit of rage was "I hope you have plenty of money because I am going to sue the guts out of you".

The reason why this Councillor wanted to attend the KDA meeting was to present the committee with a letter offering an olive branch with the idea of putting aside any past resentments, uniting and starting a bridge building process to help the people of the town . After seeing there was to be no meeting a copy of the letter was offered to Ken Wilson, who when asked if he was their Treasurer replied "what's to you". The letter was later mailed to their Secretary. Upon receiving the letter and it being tabled at the next meeting the KDA's 'written' response signed by president Lou Parker was that they are doing just fine by themselves and had no intentions of amalgamating or changing their direction.

A few days later another letter was sent to the KDA describing this divisive behaviour of Wayne Forrest. The letter explained that the unprofessional, juvenile antics of Forrest was considered prejudicial to the interest of their Association. There was never an answer to this letter but there was a comment made in their minutes which read; "Letters from Councillor Kramer regarding amalgamation with KRRA, and other personal attacks on several committee members"  that supposedly being Forrest and Wilson. It became obvious that the behaviour of Forrest and to a lesser extent Wilson was acceptable to the KDA and not in breach of their constitution, code of conduct or even considered prejudicial to the interest of their Association.

Interestingly at the same meeting their minutes also read; "Mal Scott gave a brief overview of a proposal being put to the Shire regarding the leasing of a part of the town oval reserve, for a privately run entertainment complex.
The committee briefly discussed the issue and expressed deep concerns with the content of the proposal".

Once again no mention of the 7,000sqm their committee member Cr Ron Allen was trying to cut from the town oval reserve, no "deep concerns" shown about his privately run caravan park expanding onto the Rec Reserve?

KT Comment/opinion
The KT can best describe the KDA as "hate headquarters". Most of the long term members have been named on our web site for one reason or another, some described as anti-community back stabbing manipulators. Cr Lou Parker is the current President, other members are Cr Ron Allen, Cr Pat Gliddon, ex Councillor Fay Sutherland, Ken Wilson, Wayne Forrest, Conrad Brown, Richard Burges, Jami Waite, Alan Macgregor (School Deputy Head Master), Mal Scott, Graham Dunn JP, Ron Hayward, Anthony Allen and John Brandenburg. There is a story behind each of these names.

The KT believe this association was formed to protect the interests of some greedy business people in Kalbarri and as time has shown they did nothing for the little bloke. The KT believe the community will become more wise to the true reason for their existence and they will eventually become nonexistent in the "new Kalbarri".

The KT direct our readers attention to the fact that there are 3 Councillors who are either members or committee members of the KDA. One has been accused and found guilty of breaching the Council Code of Conduct, the other two have been accused of misconduct and acting corruptly in the performance of their duty. Is this the community group you would like to see your name associated with?

PS. As well as running the Kalbarri Spring Water there is one thing the KDA have done, that is to construct beach shelters along the river foreshore. There are opinions on this as to weather or not the community wanted them or was it just the KDA building monuments. There is no record of a survey ever being conducted to consider community opinion. There are also opinions that the shelters intrude on the clear and natural view of the river with their colourbond roofs. How many more can we expect to see built?

The KT respectfully ask the KDA to e-mail us with information so we can give a balanced report on their performance and inform our readers of just how the KDA have contributed to our community, helping to creating a united, true caring and harmonious sense of community in Kalbarri.

This subject will remain open to record further information about the KDA as it becomes available.                      9823

INFORMATION JUST TO HAND 18th September 2009

September 2009;-  The Kalbarri Development Assoc. (previously reported as the Kalbarri Hate Headquarters) President Cr Lou Parker reports to Council September 2009 :-
"Kalbarri Development Association AGM - Quorum was not met twice and has been place into a 6 month recess."


9/        "kalbarri-truth" Website & Emails.

As mentioned in other parts of our KT story the very first "kalbarri-truth" web site was created by Mr Andrew Young, a person who grew up in Kalbarri, a Cray fisherman, and in his youth a true Aussie larrakin.

Mr Young used the world wide web to tell his story of life in Kalbarri. His "kalbarri-truth" web site, now referred to as KT1 attracted the attention of the naive, the hate mongers and the manipulators in our community and because of their eagerness to publicly discredit and silence their opponents, in this case by responding with e-mails, they naively identifying themselves to be supporters of the unprincipled actions of those who bully and manipulate others in their quest to dominate our community. This included members of our Shire Council as previously reported. More on Andrew can be found on link "4 Council" item "4 Defamation".

The KT has told the story of Council using ratepayer's funds to employ defamation scare tactics in an effort to shut down Mr Young's web site (KT1). We now inform our readers of others who took the bait and arrogantly responded to the KT1 and for no logical reason did their best to publicly discredit him for simply expressing an opinion.
One of the first off the blocks was Mr Alan Macgregor, the Deputy Head of our school. To be fair to Mr Macgregor we will not edit any of his correspondence, it is reproduced as it was presented on Mr Young's KT1, as follows:-
('KRRA' is Kalbarri Resident and Ratepayers Assoc.)

E-mail number one from Macgregor;
"It is with interest that I see your site makes comment this week about 'The Purple are talking of reviving the KDA instead of getting behind the KRRA. This will only split the community more!'. As I recall the KDA was around long before the KRRA, and in my opinion the only thing the KDA (Kalbarri Development Association) did wrong, was not put the words 'residents' and 'ratepayers' in their name. Anyone who knows anything of the KDA and its ethos, knows that they were truly a residents and ratepayers voice that did and continues to do a great deal of good for our community.
For the record, I am neither a member of the KDA, nor a member of the so-called 'purple circle'.
I look forward to my letter being published and the editors response
Alan Macgregor."

Now the
"Editors Note;"
"Where has the KDA been for the last 3 years while KRRA has been fighting for a Retirement Village, fighting Council for our own funds for the Bowling Club, etc, fighting Council over the Eco Flora Sand Blasting of the town and ruining peoples livelihoods. KDA did nothing about the display home you didn't want in your backyard, KRRA did. KDA have even put it in writing that Kalbarri should not have self determination till the year 2044. Have they had a meeting in the last three years? what sort of representation is this?

E-mail number 2 from Macgregor; (Please not, the Shire election that is being referred to had two vacant seats and three candidates.)
"I continue to be amazed at what I read on your site, and take offense to the comments "It is our view the last local election was hijacked buy the un Australian, unethical and selfish way that many people whom had no care for their fellow townsfolk voted. By ticking only one box they deprived the other candidates for the election by about 250 votes'.
As a resident and ratepayer, I do care about this community, and this is why I had my say and voted. Legally, voters were given the choice to tick one box or two, and could chose from three candidates. In my opinion, only one candidate was worthy of my vote, hence one tick. Does this make me un Australian? unethical? selfish? Any one who suggests I am is not only wrong but deluded. Once again, I will remind the editor that I am not a member of the 'purple circle', and yet by the way I cast my vote, I am being accused of being in this group. I hate to tell the editor, but lots of like-minded people voted the same way as I did for one simple reason... three candidates and only one was worthy. Which one is irrelevant, and I am sure that all three candidates got votes from voters who only voted for the one candidate.
I look forward to my letter being published and the editors response
Alan Macgregor."

Editors Note:
I quote you "only one candidate was worthy of my vote"! Kalbarri is under represented in our shire now and your action would see it less represented. Why didn't you stand as a candidate if you thought the others weren't worthy. Is it your "worthy candidate" that is now being exposed for what he is. Our forefathers fought so you could have a vote and you abused this privilege by the 'one tick' system effectively doubling your candidates vote

E-mail number 3 from Macgregor;
"I am the judge!  It is with interest that I see your site has a headline "Town Talk deserts Local identity", making reference to the passing of Harry Finlay. What I find most interesting, is that over the page of the Town Talk editorial that is being referred to, there is a full page article devoted to Harry Finlay, including a colour photograph. I am sure the editor of the Town Talk had a lot to do with that obituary being included in the 'TT', hence why they chose not to comment on Harry's passing in their editorial (although I can only summise (sic) that this is the case.)
I look forward to my letter being published and the editors response
Allan Macgregor."

Editors note:
This obituary was compiled completely by the Secretary of KRRA, no input from "Town Talk" or your KDA

KT Comment/opinion
Thank you for your contribution Mr Macgregor and like KT1, KT2 are also happy to accommodate you by publishing your letters on the www.

Rather than the KT giving an opinion on this persons comments/e-mails we again leave it up to the readers to judge. However there is one thing that we wish to say: ie. The KT believe "Teachers" of any kind are to be guides, inspirations and examples.

Kalbarri has its fair share of people who say "I do care about this community" but contribute little. Just saying you care is sometimes not enough Mr Macgregor.

Just one question; Were your e-mails to KT1 sent from the school computer Mr Macgregor?

10. 09. 2009.  The KT have just been informed of other matters causing community disharmony in Kalbarri concerning the unprofessional, bullying behaviour of Mr Allen Macgregor, Deputy Head of the Kalbarri District High School.
More on this after the information is authenticated.

21.05.10 - Link to:- '16 Kalbarri District High School'

Next came Mr Ian Hornhardt, once Chairman of the Kalbarri Visitors Centre.

Be warned the language used by Hornhardt in this series of e-mails may offend!
These e-mails began at 5.24pm and the last sent at 9.05pm, same day. Presented unedited.
  1. "What shit. Who the fuck are you? No guts to look us in the face and announce yourself. No guts no glory, any guts will respond and seek me out to discuss, or are we to much of a DICK HEAD. UP YOUR ASE WEEK PRICK And all the best.        Ian."
  2. "Week Pick What a dick head.    Ian
  3. "Dick Head Who please announce your self as the DICK HEAD you are. Please enter my comments on your web site if you have the guts, WEEK PICK.   Ian"
  4. "What a DICK Head Dick head.   Ian"
  5. "No Guts show yourself or get stuffed.   Ian"
  6. "Hope and Glory Please explain your shit.   Ian"
  7. "Why Why can you send emails to me when you cannot stand up and show your face, gutless I guess.   Ian"
  8. "Have you in trust Since you have been able to send your shit to me hope you will put my comments on the site.   Ian"
  9. "What is going on in Kalbarri DICK HEADS can only do it on the computer because they do not have the guts to be face to face. Trust this will be on the web site.   Ian"
  10. "Just before bed Get FUCKED.  Ian"
  11. "What a Dick Head Hollow Dick Head. Put this on your site, why am I am a prick, why do I want to get upset about getting my own way? Sorry, wrong place, wrong time. Time to answer if you have the guts. Cheers Ian"
  12. "Waiting for an answer.   Ian"
  13. "Still waiting.   Ian"

"Editors note: What are you gonna do if we come out Ian, bash us, badmouth or boycott our business? That's the Kalbarri mentality isn't it."

KT Comment/opinion
Thankfully this sort of bullying behaviour common in the "old Kalbarri" is now unacceptable and fading fast in our "new Kalbarri".
Kellie Ross also e-mailed in her support for the bullys, condemning Mr Young for having the courage to publicly express an opinion. It was like she was being told what to do?  After asking for her letter to be published Kellie later requested it to be taken off. Her request was honoured.

Richard Burges came next, part of his comment/e-mail read; "I suggest that we stop ignoring trouble makers and politely tell them that if they don't like what the majority of people decide then they are free to go back to the unfriendly place they came from."

KT Comment/opinion
There was a definite pecking order established in the 'old Kalbarri', Mr Richard Burges (later to be named the 'town crier') may have thought himself to be one of those fortunate enough to be positioned at the top? The KT see him as just another person who appears to be quite happy supporting those who bully and intimidate others for their own personal gain.
There were a number of other e-mails sent to Andrew Young's KT1 whose authors asked to be anonymous, some applauding the courage shown by Mr Young, others condemning him, all were published less their name.

The e-mails and the names mentioned above are given as an example of how some in our community believe they know best and in doing so seem quite comfortable living in the "OLD" Kalbarri supporting the old regime, fearful of change and  progress. This naive state of mind is called the "Kalbarri Coma" and is common to those who are not prepared to accept the undeniable evidence and act on the truth.

A facility to e-mail the KT is available if persons believe they have been wrongly reported in this or any part of our web site. Appropriate and timely action will be taken by the editors to research and if necessary rectify any legitimate grievance once officially notified.9901

PS. Interestingly enough there was close to $100,000 pledged to KT1 and Mr Young, not to be used to defend any defamation lawsuit bought against him or his web site, but to be used to counter-sue.


10/        "King Ronny" and his supporters.

"King Ronny" is the name given to Cr Ron Allen by the authors of KT1. Understanding the history and experiencing first hand the arrogant behaviour of this councillor (some of which has been published on this web site) the KT2 can also see the satirical side of pronouncing Cr Allen as "King Ronny".

Credit must be given to "King Ronny" for his ability to build up such a wide reaching reputation. It is hard to believe the amount of people outside of Kalbarri who have reported an unpleasant experience when dealing with him. Our records were updated recently when two separate business people in Perth informed us of their experience with "King Ronny", both said they have no thoughts of going back to Kalbarri. One was from the Tourist Industry the other an investor. It makes you wonder if this is the one reason why Kalbarri has not progressed in the way you would have expected, being such a naturally beautiful town with the river, national park, fishing, weather etc.

KT Comment/opinion
The KT are told that the tag of "King Ronny" was applied to Cr Ron Allen because he thought of himself as the ruler of Kalbarri. At one time he was heard say to one of his staunch supporters that he thought he was loosing the control he held over the community, such would be a worry for any King.

His supporters are also well known to the KT, many have already been mentioned for their arrogant, intimidating, anti-community behaviour, all are on KT's records for one reason or another, be it not declaring income for years, being one of the "Kings" community spies or simply following suit by bullying and intimidating others to maintain their sense of importance, being a member of the control gang.

To support the person is to also support the behaviour! The KT believe it appropriate for us and others to ask these people for their response to the question of  'Why did you find it necessary to intimidate, inform on or bully others in our community?'

The KT is prepared to publicly name every one of these people without exception as the need arises but for the moment will hold back in the hope they are now well enough informed to see what they did in the past was from ignorance and totally unacceptable to what is needed to create community harmony and respect, respect for others and respect for differing opinions.

The KT is thrilled to report to the world that Cr Ron Allen is retiring from Council. Even a local newspaper reports his son is now the owner of the Murchison Caravan Park. 
His reign is over.  May peace and harmony now reign over the "new Kalbarri".

Just some more proof that the kings regime has lost control. The Kalbarri Development Assoc. (previously reported as the Kalbarri Hate Headquarters)
President Cr Lou Parker reports to Council September 2009 :-
"Kalbarri Development Association AGM - Quorum was not met twice and has been place into a 6 month recess."

To be continued.


Time out from our story for an important community update.
Good just keeps on happening.

Watch Kalbarri Prosper!    (More to the 'rebirth' of a new Kalbarri)

We have just experienced the WA Local Government Elections (October 2009) and as usual there were just enough candidates willing to volunteer to fill the 4 vacant positions and thus represent/serve our community as Shire Councillors.

As it happened there was to be an 'extra ordinary' election held for the Northampton Ward because no one there was willing to volunteer for the two vacant positions. After the extra ordinary election was announced, fortunately 2 people stepped up offering their services and went in unopposed.

All positions filled, no election needed for either of the two wards (Kalbarri, Northampton) once again because of community apathy the new councillors were not elected by the people. The KT believe this cancels out the right of ratepayers to complain about their performance and once again we find it necessary to say "you don't get the council you need but you do get the council you deserve".

However, thanks to the good will of at least two community minded folk Kalbarri appears to have once again  fallen on its feet. After reading their personal profiles in the local media and talking with both of our new Councillors the KT believe we have two very capable people now representing us on Council.

One is;        Jessica Booth. Her profile reads:- BA in Politics and International Studies and has had 36 years in Government employment so one would expect her to be well trained in the art of listening and be use to fully assessing things before making a decision.
Further she reports, "that her goal is to ensure open and accountable Government by honest, reliable representation in all matters pertaining to the success of Kalbarri residents and ratepayers. She lists her willingness to:
  1. Listen and support ideas that manage or promote tourism and increase financial stability.
  2. Fully participate in teamwork with Council and Community members to actively support the needs of the local business, including the fishing industry.
  3. Encourage and promote strong support for all volunteer services and ongoing needs of the elderly.
  4. Keen to consider ideas for conservation, sustainability and self sufficiency projects for the Kalbarri region."

During our short conversation with her she also informed us that she is a person who honours her word, with contacts in many Government Departments, suggesting that in her opinion Kalbarri has been missing out on a lot of the available grant money and this would be an avenue she would explore to help in the development of Kalbarri.
Jessica can be contacted on (08) 9937 1426

The other is;         Stephanie Penn. A young mother of four, Steph is well know to most of us as that hard working owner/operator of the Palm Resort.
Steph writes that she is excited about the wonderful place known as Kalbarri and would like to harness that passion for the benefit of all Kalbarri residents.
She goes on to report that she is an enthusiastic member of the Kalbarri community and has the ability to listen and not be afraid to speak up for the interests of the community.
Stephanie can be contacted via e-mail gm@palmresort.com.au

KT Comment/opinion
Jessica Booth was not know to us at the KT but appears to be a very confidant, capable and experienced person, well qualified to be an effective community representative. We thank her for volunteering to represent our community and offer her our full support. We applaud her for making the commitment to ensure government is open and accountable.
Her commitments while working as a Councillor (community servant) are now recorded on the www.

Stephanie is well know to us and is also considered a very capable young lady. Steph comes from a family who is involved in Local Government in another shire, her dad being a Shire President. We ask the people of Kalbarri to look after her, even though the main bullies have given up and left Council the culture remains. We thank her for volunteering and offer our full support. We also intend to watch over her while acting on our behalf as a community representative.

The KT also hope one of these new Kalbarri Councillors can find the time to publish a monthly "Councillors Report"  (without fear or favour) in the Kalbarri Town Talk to keep the community well informed on Council issues and performance.

The KT believe Councillors who do not make themselves available to ratepayers, who fail to answer ratepayers correspondence or who choose not to openly report to the community are either ashamed of their Council or more to the point, have something to hide.

We also wish to add;
"Those who fail to acknowledge history are destined to repeat it".

A copy of a DVD depicting the behaviour of other Councillors will be sent to all new Councillors.

A community reminder! (a copy and paste from our home page)
Collectively the community is the owners of the Local Government/Council. This puts you and your community at the top of the pyramid. Below the community comes the Council, the body that you elect to govern the local government and act on your behalf in directing the local governments operations and affairs so that services and facilities are provided to you the owners. At the bottom of the pyramid are the CEO and the administration. They are employed by the Council (elected by you) to manage the operations of and undertake tasks for the local government.

Another reminder;
                Councillors are by choice volunteer Public Servants.
                Council is to serve the people not rule them!

To be continued.

A report on a recent visit to Kalbarri.  28th January 2010.

Where have all the tourists gone?

The hope was that Kalbarri would prosper in future years but from all reports that is not the case. Tourism numbers are well down in Kalbarri but we are told tourism in Horrocks and Port Gregory is going well.

No doubt there will be many things to blame for the down turn in the only industry we have left. In no way can it be blamed on the high price of accommodation, high cost of fuel, high cost of food etc. Absolutely no way can this down turn be blamed on our behaviour nor on our apathy or even our reputation of being the drug capital of WA.

So I guess you could say we are at a complete loss. Yes that's us!

KT Comment/opinion
For years Kalbarri has been a 'family holiday destination', sadly developers have moved in and built rental units that now boast carpet, airconditioning, LCD wide screen TVs etc etc, all adding to the cost to the consumer. Parking at some of these 'resort style' units is at a premium so don't bring your boat. Yes Kalbarri also has the unenviable reputation of being a drug induced community. The latest media write-ups reported arson and bashings. This along with the high costs now associated with a family taking a holiday may need to be considered. Another thing to contemplate is the fact that our Council has for years not had the forward thinking needed to provide facilities that would accommodate and encourage a continual diverse stream of visitors to our town. Some  example are, our boat ramp and our bus terminal. Take a look and Dongara or Denham to get a clearer understanding of this.

Those who now hold positions within our community that can control and influence change better put their running shoes on and get to it. For starters just answer one simple question, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GIVE KALBARRI AN ENDURING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?

Our hopes for a rebirth may have to be put on hold.

To be continued.

11/        Public Meetings    (Video/DVD)        Link to DVD

Once our readers view the DVD of two of our community meetings all will be revealed. No further comment is considered necessary.

12/        "Hay Shed"                    Link to more

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