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Shire President, Cr Gordon Wilson's email enforcing his position as Shire President/Community Ruler.

From  Gordon Wilson [doublegee@activ8.net.au]
Sent    Mon 1/03/2010 6:18 AM
To       Barry Kramer
CC      Garry Keefe [sic]

My name is spelt Gordon. I had my reason for sending via another councillor,show me the courtesy of showing your email
I do know my job and that is why i am a councillor and president and your not

Investigation ? Compaint [sic]? Sorry barry i dont know what your on about and quite frankly, emails of this kind will not be answered in the future. They are totally irrelevant to my position as president, and if you have nothing better to do i suggest you go and do some HANDS ON work for the community
If you think you are trying to become a champion of the electors,as it seems by your actions,GET REAL,you are not being noticed,you are ineffectual
(thanks ) for your email but next time try and be more constructive
Gordon Wilson

KT Opinion/Comment
Once again the official response from our Shire President is seen as just another example of incompetence, mismanagement and how this Councils protects the intimidators and bullies, those who are charged with maintaining the mental control over the community. It is also seen as another example of how some in our community seek personal power, wanting the position of President and Dept. President to obtain power.
The way Wilson has handled this rate payer's complaint would surely be embarrassing to any competent Local Government employee/Councillor?
The questions remain; 
  1. Is Cr/President Gordon Wilson just another incompetent BULLY?
  2. Does Cr Wilson support Cr Lou Parker's bullying behaviour?
  3. Why doesn't Cr Wilson do his job as President and investigate the rate payers official complaint of bullying?
  4. Does Cr Wilson, Shire President even know his job? Not according to his response?
  5. Does Cr Wilson, Shire President have the leadership skills expected of any Shire President?
  6. Is BULLING still an excepted behaviour in the Northampton Shire Council?
The Councillors who continue to misuse their positions of trust and act as community thugs/bullies will always bring discredit to any Shire Council/Local Government. Nothing positive will be gained so long as there are spineless Shire Presidents who refuse to show leadership by demonstrating a willingness to investigate rate payers complaints, no matter how trivial.
It will be interesting to watch the other Councillors of this Shire to see if they have the grit to follow through on this rate payer's complaint or will they also act dumb.
(By the way Cr Gordon Wilson, President Shire of Northampton Council, after trying to belittle Kramer for misspelling your name you misspelt your CEO's name. For your information it is spelt Keeffe.)

For those people who watched the TV show 'Sunday Night', 7pm, (Perth, Western Australia time) channel 7, Sunday March 7, we believe would now have a full appreciation of why the doers of this world choose to not tolerate bullies. The KT encourage others to publicly name and shame known bullies before becoming their next victim.

Just a reminder!
To be elected into the position of Shire Councillor, Shire President/Mayor you need NO qualifications. The village idiot could be elected into any one of these positions. Community apathy provides the fertile atmosphere for this to happen, hence the saying
'You don't get the Government you need but you do get the Government you deserve'.

To be continued.

News Flash!  9.6.2010
It has just been shown on a current affairs program in Perth WA that the Stirling City Council had a "cat problem". It was reported that it took this Council 23 years to resolve it. What hope is there?


Just a reminder of a past Council Resolution;-

Moved Cr O SIMKIN, seconded Cr P GLIDDON
That Council commit to:
Selling proposed Lot 4 of the old school oval subdivision as per attached plan to Mr Garry Keeffe at the cost price to develop the lot subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Provide to Mr Garry Keeffe a self supporting loan for the purchase of the lot and construction of a residence subject to agreements being entered into as per legal advice received.


The KT report that as a result of this farcical council decision being reported to the WA Local Government, who in turn past it on to the CCC council decided to rescind all the Motions concerning this Land/Loan deal.
As follows:-

COUNCIL MEETING - 15th October 2010
Administrative & Corporate Report.
Agenda Item 6.5.10        
Lot 21 Robinson Street Residential Subdivision.

Moved Cr BOOTH, seconded Cr GLIDDON
That due to item 6.5.10 relating to contractual matters that Council proceeds "in-camera".
Council proceeded "in-camera" at 3.43pm.
Moved Cr SIMKIN, seconded Cr GLIDDON
That Council no longer proceeds "in-camera".
Council ceased proceeding "in- camera" at 4.04pm.
Cr Leggett left the meeting at 4.04pm.
By a show of hands it was agreed that majority support was given to rescind the following motions.
Moved Cr BOOTH, seconded Cr SIMKIN
That Council:
1. Agrees to the directive from the Department of Local Government to rescind the following motions:

(i) Minute 3.10.2 of the 15 May 2009 Council Meeting
(ii) Minute 9.10.3 of the 18 September 2009 Council Meeting
(iii) Minute 9.10.1 of the 17 September 2010 Council Meeting

2. Approve of the Business Plan as presented for the development of 8 residential lots on Lot 21 Robinson Street Northampton and advertise the plan seeking submissions as per the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995.


The minutes listed above can be accessed by logging onto the Shire's Website.


Some interesting developments to come out of the same October 2010 Council Meeting:-

Moved Cr LEGGETT, seconded Cr GLIDDON
That Council resolve to reduce its Councillor numbers from 10 to 9 with 5 members in the Northampton Ward and 4 members in the Kalbarri Ward and that the Local Government Advisory Board be requested to determine this change as a minor matter in accordance with Section 5(b) of Schedule 2.2 of the Local Government Act based on that there are no ward boundary changes and the reduction of Councillor is only one in one ward.


Kramer attended the 2010 October Council meeting held in Kalbarri and has this to report. (This meeting was one of only 4 per year held in Kalbarri the remainder of the monthly meetings are held in Northampton 106ks away)

"I sat through the full meeting, the first time ever after retiring as a Councillor. I was given a response to the two questions I put to Council at 'question time' with no 'smart ass' remarks as with the previous president.
I was so pleased to see how the meeting progressed, Councillors were given time to express there concerns not bullied or cut short. Debate was relaxed and open just as you would expect from any professional group of people.
For once my presents was acknowledged by a few of the Councillors. I was completely thrown off guard when the new President, Cr Wilson asked if I wanted to join them for a cup of tea at the 3pm break.
The whole experience was in my opinion a pleasant one and perhaps is the start of a change of attitude from bullying to a group of true caring community representative.
It may be time for other members of our communities to attend council meetings and see if I am right.
If this wasn't just a one off experience, I congratulate the new President and the new councillors for this change and ask that this show of goodwill continues thus bringing harmony and unity to our communities rather than arrogance and intimidation, something this Council was well know for under the leadership of the past two presidents."

The KT joins with Kramer in the hope of good things to come.


3rd January 2011

The KT believe the time has come to close this chapter of our website. The job of "Keeping the Bastards Honest" can now belong to those members of the Kalbarri community who are prepared to continue.
We would like to thank all our supporters for the trust they put in us, passing on information to help bring about change for the better.

If at any time those supporters feel it necessary to restart this chapter, things will remain in place to do just that.

May you all have a loving and peaceful 2011.


SHIRE OF NORTHAMPTON Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Council Chambers, Hampton Road, Northampton on the 16th March 2012.


Moved Cr STOCK-STANDEN, seconded Cr CRIPPS

That Council instruct its lawyers to provide a warning letter to the editors of the Kalbarri Truth website to cease making defamatory and derogatory remarks about Council, Councillors and staff and should individual members wish to take further action, then they do so at their own accord.

The 8 councillors present were;

Cr L Parker Deputy President Kalbarri Ward
Cr B Cripps Northampton Ward
Cr S Stock-Standen Northampton Ward
Cr T Carson Northampton Ward
Cr C Simkin Northampton Ward
Cr P Gliddon Kalbarri Ward
Cr S Penn Kalbarri Ward
Cr J Booth Kalbarri Ward
Mr Garry Keeffe Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jamie Criddle Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr Neil Broadhurst Manager of Works and Technical Services
Mrs Katherine Jackson Acting Principal Planner


MARCH 2012.
Moved Cr PENN, seconded Cr CARSON
That the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on the 16th March 2012
be confirmed as a true and correct record subject to the following amendments:
Minute 3.10.8 to be re-worded as its original intent was for a draft letter to
be provided to Council, minute to read:

"That Council instruct its lawyers to prepare a draft, for further consideration
by Council, a warning letter to the editors of the Kalbarri Truth website to
cease making defamatory and derogatory remarks about Council, Councillors
and staff and should individual members wish to take further action, then they
do so at their own accord."
Minute 3.17 Closure to be changed from President to Deputy President.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Council Chambers, Hampton Road, Northampton on the 20th April 2012.


Moved Cr SIMKIN seconded Cr PENN
That Council discuss this item "in-camera"
Council proceeded "in-camera" at 2.26pm.

Moved Cr PENN, seconded Cr SIMKIN
That Council no longer undertake proceeding s" in-camera"
Council ceased proceedings "in-camera" at 2.46pm.

Moved Cr PENN, seconded Cr BOOTH
That Council instruct its legal advisors to forward the letter to the author of the
Kalbarri Truth Website requesting a retraction of defamatory and derogatory
remarks to Council and Councillors with the exception that items (a) and (b) of the
draft correspondence to be deleted from the letter to be sent.

Cr G Wilson President
Cr L Parker Deputy President Kalbarri Ward
Cr T Carson Northampton Ward
Cr C Simkin Northampton Ward
Cr P Gliddon Kalbarri Ward
Cr S Penn Kalbarri Ward
Cr J Booth Kalbarri Ward
Mr Garry Keeffe Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jamie Criddle Deputy Chief Executive Officer (entered at 1.25pm)
Mr Glenn Bangay Principal EHO/Building Surveyor
Mrs Hayley Williams Principal Planner

KT/Kramer Comment/Opinion.  LET THE PROCEEDINGS BEGIN!

A Blatant  misuse of Ratepayers Money.

Remember, a council cannot give anything to anyone that they have not first taken away from someone else.


In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the  University of Edinburgh, said about the fall of the Athenian Republic: "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship." "The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:
From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
 From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."