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11/        Fuel Claim.        continued.

KT Comment/opinion
In short we have;
                1/  Cr Kramer's right to reimbursement under Policy 4.3 would justify a claim for $766.87.
                2/  Kramer's right to be reimbursed under the new Policy would justify a claim for $420.60
                3/  Kramer submits a claim for $285.72
                4/ Cr Kramer is paid $185.72 by a motion moved by one of the Kalbarri Ward Councillors.

This is seen as an on the spot act of pure spite by 8 members of President George Parker's lead Council. How many naive, spiteful "village idiots" can one Council have?

These are the 8 Councillors who voted unanimously to publicly discredit and short change Cr Kramer. With the exception of Cr Hulme no other Councillor ever offered a reason or an apology.

Cr C Hulme Deputy President North East Ward
Cr F Sutherland Kalbarri Ward
Cr P Gliddon Kalbarri Ward
Cr O Simkin Coastal Ward
Cr G Wilson Central Ward
Cr M Ash Central Ward
Cr S Stock-Standen Central Ward
Cr E Simkin West Ward

Cr Gliddon was later asked why she moved the motion, her answer was  "The question on how I voted in this, or any other matter, is my own decision and I am not compelled to explain my reasons for the manner in which I voted to you or anyone else". Cr Pat Gliddon is on public record later voting to reimburse Cr Kramer $376.20 for fuel to travel on another Council authorised trip from Kalbarri to Perth return, $190.48 more than the previous Mandurah claim but the trip was 148 km less than the Mandurah trip. We ask you be the judge. E-mail the KT with your verdict, we would appreciate your opinion/input. (Names withheld upon request)

At the time Vice President, Cr Charles Hulme verbally apologised in private to Cr Kramer for what happened but when asked for an official apology to be recorded in the minutes that would clear Cr Kramer of any wrong-doing, both he and the President said "that won't happen". We acknowledge it takes courage to publicly admit to ones mistakes and courage is something this Council sadly lacks. Kramer never received nor asked for any of the money he was entitled to from this fuel claim.

There is little doubt that what happened that day was meant to be a lesson for Cr Kramer, a lesson on how a Councillor who doesn't tow the line and join in the "Boys Club" can be discredited, publicly humiliated and made to loose the trust of the community.

The KT will be watching the next Local Government elections with great interest just to see if the electors have learnt from these lessons or will they remain uninvolved and uncaring? Their vote is possibly the only way they can express any disappointment. The next Local Government election will be held in October 09, with 6 Councillors up for re-election, Link and Allen for the Kalbarri Ward. Parker and Gliddon also from the Kalbarri Ward finish their term in 2011.
It's time to take out the rubbish!


12/        Shire President.

The president is the title given to the chief elected person of a local government. The president can be elected either by the electors of the district or by the council from amongst the councillors. The method of filling the position may be changed by the local government either initiated by the council or as a result of a petition by the electors.

The position of the president, elected by the members of the council, is to be filled at the first meeting of council by secret ballot following an ordinary election day i.e. every second year, whereas a president elected by the electors of the district has a four year term of office.

Under the Act the President has the roll of;
  • presiding at council meetings;
  • providing leadership and guidance to the community;
  • carrying out civic and ceremonial duties on behalf of the local government;
  • speaking on behalf of the local government;
  • performing such functions as specified in the Act or other written laws;
  • liaising with the CEO on the local government's affairs and the performance of its functions.

As the person presiding at council meetings the President needs to consider four things;
  1. Their maturity and experience in presiding over LG meetings;
  2. Their knowledge of the rules;
  3. Their quest for power;
  4. Their wisdom about human behaviour.

Those who are the most effective in their roll as president and at running meetings :-
        are very mature in their understanding of the job;
        know the rules inside out;
        do not seek personal power and have not sought the position to obtain power.

And finally but most importantly,
        have a deep knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and what makes people behave and         communicate as they do. They understand conflict and know how to manage it.

The President of the Shire of Northampton, Western Australia is Cr George Parker. The position of President was to be decided by Council, but he was the only nomination so went in unopposed. A recent news paper article reported Parker to say he will not be running for re-election in October 2009 after leading the Council for 10 years.

The KT have reported many things of interest about the way Cr George Parker has chosen to operate in his official roll as Shire President. This information has come from comprehensive records over a number of years.
The KT have offered President Parker the opportunity to inform our readers of anything positive he may have achieved during his 10 years as President. (ref chapter 7 Notices)  The KT have also offered him the opportunity to correct any reported information that he may consider false or misleading. To date it would appear he has nothing to report nor has any complaints about the truth being told via our web-site.

The KT find it difficult to fully describe how Cr Parker chose to lead our Shire Council and it is not the KT's intention to pass judgement on his behaviour in this section of our web site, we leave that up to our readers. However to help explain the performance of this council under the leadership of Parker we supply our reader with some of the headlines the media have used to highlight news paper articles that concerned our council and his leadership. There is a story behind every headline.
  1. Councillor resigns amid controversy.
  2. Education for councillors.
  3. Kalbarri crime not a deterrent.
  4. Kalbarri's future hijacked.
  5. Ferry rejects relocation calls.
  6. Icon under threat.
  7. Ratepayers barred.
  8. Reserve ruckus.
  9. Kalbarri split over land plan.
  10. Swim bath abandoned.
  11. Dust dilemma leads to strict controls.
  12. Eviction notice upsets residents.
  13. Row over Kalbarri Ramp goes upstream.
  14. Shire split supported.
  15. Kalbarri could split.
  16. Report finds split inevitable.
  17. Shire forced to re-visit split.
  18. Camp bulldozed.
  19. Dust blurs Kalbarri Vision.
  20. Policy break 'disastrous'
  21. Park set to shut doors.
  22. Kalbarri council split.
  23. Council in a sorry mess.
  24. Retraction sought.
  25. Shire true to legal threat.
  26. Council defends itself first.
  27. Rates to fund legal war.

KT Comment/opinion;
Does this list of headlines reflect progressive, caring and responsible leadership?
Is there conflict within this Council?
Is there conflict between the towns within our shire?
If there is conflict, why, and can it be said that the conflict has been managed effectively?
Does the President have the knowledge and wisdom to lead in the positive manner described at the start of this section? (no.12)

Some more evidence to help our readers make an informed judgement. There was an instances where President George Parker publicly maligned a ratepayer for a "tongue in cheek" comment he wrote in the local media under the name Mr McGoo. When officially asked why his in-council abuse of a ratepayer was not recorded in the minutes Parker replied, "it was just me venting my spleen". When a Councillor asked why he wasn't given the opportunity to comment on the Council's Compliance Audit, Parker said "that's your bad luck". During a Public Question Time a ratepayer asked why President Parker did not reply to his correspondence. President George Parker's response was, "I will not answer that rubbish and if you don't like it too bad". President George Parker censured one of his Councillors for a minor error in a statement published in the local rag. He later refused to censure another Councillor for breaching the council code of conduct, knowingly defying a council order for 3 years.

When asked to comment on the President's past performance retired Councillor Barry Kramer said, "being new to the task, Parker, with all his years of experience had the opportunity to take me under his wing and guide me through my 4.5 years as a councillor, sadly he chose to do the exact opposite as this web site has shown. I guess I should have joined his 'Boys Club', life would have been much easier, but just couldn't bring myself to go down to that level". end of comment.

In some other sections of the KT web site we have referred to this persons behaviour as arrogant and at times unprincipled,  it is now left up to the "court of public opinion" to decide if a true, caring and united sense of community has been created in our shire over the past 10 years.

There is a lot more to this story that can be told but for the moment it is considered enough evidence for our readers to form an opinion of this persons ability to act as an effective leader.

The KT believe leadership should not be autocratic. Leadership and respect go hand in hand, harmony builds communities, disharmony for any reason destroys communities. Without the total respect of all members of your team there is usually little progress.

The KT is extremely pleased to read that George Parker, President of the Shire of Northampton Western Australia has decided to retire in October 2009.

A wise person once said "there is no wright or wrong, just good and bad".                        To be continued. 9526

You be the judge.

13/        Shire CEO.

"he is not the best but he is all we can afford"

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) previously known as the Shire Clerk, is the senior member of council staff (not Council) and is appointed by Council. The appointment of all other employees is the responsibility of the CEO with the Council's approval. A person cannot be appointed as CEO until the Council believes he or she is suitably qualified and is satisfied with the proposed employment contract, the Council being the higher authority but still below the community. Point to remember, collectively, the community is the supreme authority and the owners of the council.

The primary roll of the CEO is to ensure the effective administration of the council, to implement council policy and managing council's day to day operations. He/She is responsible to the council for the provision of accurate and timely advice.

The CEO also has a number of statutory obligations.
  • advise council on the functions of the local government under the Act and other laws.
  • ensure advice and information is available to enable the council to make informed decisions.
  • cause council decisions to be implemented.
  • manage the day to day operations.
  • liaise with the president on the LG affairs and performance.
  • speak on behalf of the LG if the president agrees.
  • responsible for other employees.
  • ensure records and documents are properly kept.
  • perform other functions of the Act and other laws.
The KT ask our readers to carefully read and fully appreciate what the CEO's responsibilities are as written in the Local Government Act 1995 and presented above.

Mr Garry Keeffe is the CEO of the Shire of Northampton, Western Australia.

It is said, in WA Local Government the buck stops with the CEO. This fact is more relevant in our case because it is seen by some that the CEO of the Northampton Shire has taken control of our Council even to the point where he calls it "my Council". The KT believe he has been allowed, possibly even encouraged to position himself above the Council.

A lazy, inept council will delegate most of its authority to the CEO so its only role is to attend meetings and have a free feed, side stepping responsibility and doing little to nothing for its community. The KT believe this is where the President George Parker has led our Council, even to the point that many believe the CEO, not the President runs the Council meetings. Some believe with our Council this is not a bad thing because there is little confidence in the ability of our President to effectively chair/direct the meetings.
The KT invite any of our readers to attend one of our Council's monthly meetings to witness first hand what we believe is a significant part of our community's dilemma.

The KT believe that because of a lack of effective leadership our CEO has taken a free reign. He is well known for his arrogance and abusive manner, "you need to get it into your head" was once part of his official response to a ratepayer's question during 'Question Time'

"he is not the best but he is all we can afford" is a statement made in Council by the Shire President George Parker when he once referred to Garry Keeffe our CEO.

The KT present some of the evidence recorded to help our readers form an informed opinion of the behaviour of Garry Keeffe, CEO Shire of Northampton, Western Australia. Some of this evidence has already been mentioned in other parts of the KT web site. Once again there is a story behind every one of these dot points. The following information is presented in the hope it will help bring much needed change to the level of care and respect the CEO and this council currently provides its ratepayers/owners.

        He; (CEO Garry Keeffe)
  • Instructed one of his senior staff to spy on a Councillor.
  • Directed Council to incorrectly censure 2 Councillors.
  • Directed Council to hold a "kangaroo court" in an attempt to falsely convict a Councillor.
  • Distributed a letter defaming one of the Councillors.
  • Failed to implement Council decisions.
  • Was paid two wages while waiting to employ a new senior member of his staff.
  • Inadequately guided new Councillors through the Local Government process.
  • Lost thousands of ratepayers dollars on a subdivision development road closure. ($45,000)
  • Went on stress leave just before his holidays, reason, a Councillor was asking too many questions.
  • Directed Council to cheat a Councillor out of a lawful claim for expenses.
  • Was threatened with a law suit for unethical behaviour concerning a confidential tender.
  • Denied a Councillor the right to record votes.
  • Refused to put an item on the agenda for a Councillor.
  • Wrote a scathing report on a Councillor during an investigation.
  • Mismanaged community assets.
  • Permanently closed a road without the proper procedure.
  • Called for a second valuation on a Council managed rental property, he thought the first was too high.
  • Changed a consultants report before sending out for public comment.
  • Did nothing about the work orders on our tip, from 1998.
  • Failed to implement councils land clearing/dust policy. Eventually ruining a families business.
  • Publicly condemned one of the Councillors in the local media.
  • Mislead Council on several occasions.
  • Minutes of Council meeting not available for public inspection within the 10 business days.
  • Grants not used appropriately.
  • Incorrect dates on faxes.
  • One of Council's staff reported the CEO speaks to him like he is a dog.
  • Gave support to those wanting an end to 'Cr Kramers Monthly Report' in the local media.
        And so on!

KT Comment/opinion
Beyond the damming evidence presented above the KT believe Garry Keeffe has the knowledge and the ability to be a good CEO but desperately needs the support of a strong and capable president to work with. 'Someone with the skills to have a deep knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and what makes people behave and communicate as they do. Someone who understand conflict and knows how to manage it'.

There is no doubt that this is one big ask, the KT believe there is no one in this current Council with the knowledge and wisdom to do the job as president in the way it is described in the LG manual. So what are we left with?

We have a CEO and a Council that has failed to build harmony and respect within our communities, continually setting poor examples and undesirable precedents. We have communities in our shire that compete against each others rather than unite. We have Councillors who sit in council prepared to vote with the mob, not reading and researching their agenda. We have Councillors who are prepared to act corruptly in the performance or discharge of the function of their office, voting so as to gain a benefit for another person. We have Councillors who put themselves above the ratepayers and Councillors who believe the finances/rates belong to Council not the people.

George Parker leaves in October. Its time for the CEO to help create a new and caring council, a council that is sympathetic to the needs of the people, one that sets good examples for others to want to follow. One that is prepared to learn from past failures and want to work to develop a true sense of respect and caring within our shire. One that won't tolerate arrogance, self-indulgence or misconduct from its members. A council and a CEO that is wise enough to accept its true position as a servant, (not a ruler) of the people. And finally a council and a CEO that will
provide for the good rule and government, convenience, comfort and safety of persons within the Shire of Northampton.

        So where to from here?

Sack the CEO and disband the bungling Council and install an Administrator!  Unfortunately for us that's not a practical option. So we can only hope that after Parker retires as President (Oct 09) the CEO, Garry Keeffe will have the wisdom to see there are better ways of doing things and hopefully he will have the courage to bring newfound respect and recognition to the position of CEO.

As for Council the KT believe our only long term hope is to AMALGAMATE with another council or councils, this could rid us of our lazy anti-councillors and help share the costs of plant, machinery, administration etc; (resource share) estimated to save us the ratepayers a significant amount of money.

Garry Keeffe, the KT ask you to get your act together, accept the challenge to help us and others build a true sense of community within our shire, leave behind the arrogant reputation, we believe this is an amazing opportunity for you, one to gain a worthy reputation and become a leader of leaders. It's all about how you want to be remembered, the choice is yours.

The KT ask our readers to put their full focus on the future performance of Garry Keeffe CEO, as the KT will be doing.  We ask that you prepare your praise in the hope of seeing significant changes and re-building that can easily take place once the age of the dinosaurs has come to an end. (October 2009.)

A facility to e-mail the KT is available if persons believe they have been wrongly reported. Appropriate and timely action will be taken by the editors to research and if necessary rectify any legitimate grievance once officially notified.
E-mail,  kharma@
             westnet.com.au  (Please note; we have displayed our address like this to stop junk mail etc)

All documents/tapes etc containing the above information are available upon request.

To be continued        9625


14/        Boat ramp and Pontoon Jetty.

This is a story of Council administration incompetence. The boat ramp upgrade could have truly enhanced the way  people launch and retrieve their boats, it is considered an important part of infrastructure for our tourist industry, instead it was believed to be another CEO stuff-up.

The story goes like this; One Kalbarri Shire Councillor (Kramer) did 8 months research on pontoon jetties, seeking information from installers and visiting two other Shire Councils, Belmont and Mandurah as they had previous experience. This was presented to Council. However the CEO new best and went ahead without regard to what Kramer presented.
The contractor arrived in Kalbarri with all the gear to do the job. While at the Kalbarri boat ramp he phoned the CEO in Northampton and asked where he would like the pontoon finger jetty installed. The KT are told by a person present during that phone conversation that the CEO told the contractor to put it where he liked. Further information recorded was the contractor then asked two members of the Kalbarri Offshore Fishing Club (names with-held) who were present at the ramp where to install this very expensive ($117,460) piece of infrastructure. They innocently suggested to just place it in the middle of the 2 lane boat ramp.

The KT like many others believe if the CEO had been doing his job and logic had prevailed the jetty would have been placed to the far right of the ramp thus allowing for future expansion of another two vehicle/trailer access lanes to launch or retrieve . Or as in other boat ramps two lanes in on one side of the jetty and 2 lanes out on the other side.

Work went ahead and was finished in what some saw as record time. At completion there was never an official check or hand-over, no official commissioning of the new structure, the contractor had supposedly done the job to DPI's standard.

Cr Kramer inspected the jetty only to find the work had not been completed. He also believed there were a number of public safety related issues, these are highlighted in the pictures provided in the link below (Link to Photo Gallery)

Such was the concern for possible personal injury the Shire Building Inspector was called in to give an opinion. He confirmed Kramer's thoughts. Next came an inspector from DPI Geraldton (Mr Maitland Woodcock) who also found fault with the installation. Mr Woodcock took pictures of the reported problems and took them back to his office. The KT believe he was told that the DPI had approved the plans and had no concerns about public liability. Consequently nothing was done. The Shire's answer to the safety concerns was that they were covered by insurance if any one got injured. Not interest in prevention?

Council eventually used money from a flood recovery grant to pay for the installation of a retaining wall against the Sea Rescue side of the ramp providing at least another meter of ramp area to allow for safer access for vehicles to reverse down the ramp. The KT believe this money was used to fix one of their stuff-ups that occurred after the flooding of the river instead of using it to take care of damage caused by the flood.

Council also got a local to complete the welding that the contractor left unfinished. Local volunteers also installed safety railings etc to protect users from injury.

Council now use a front-end loader twice a week to remove sand and keep the ramp in a usable condition blaming the loss of the Spit for the ramp being subjected to the tidal surge, more cost to the ratepayers. Point to note, the CEO had the jetty installed at a time long after the Spit was washed away, being fully aware of the tidal surge and the possible movement of sand.

Link to Photo Gallery.

To be continued.

Council Elections 17th October 2009

Those who are elected or just "walk in" unopposed to the Shire of Northampton Council in this 2009 Local Government Election will need to appreciate the ongoing commitment of the authors of the Kalbarri Truth web site. Part of that commitment is to work to ensure this Council is, 1/ open and accountable to the residents/ratepayers 2/ it eventually looses its incompetent, unprofessional, bullying, arrogant reputation and gains that much needed trust and respect from the community.

Here at the KT everything is going well and according to plan.
We are here for the long haul.

21st September 2009
The process of change is speeding up and worthwhile following.

6 Vacant Council seats and only 4 candidates nominated. Leaving the Northampton Ward short of 2 Councillors for the next two years and one short for the years 2012, 2013.

That means another Election called, (Extra Ordinary) Saturday 14th November 2009 to try and coax ratepayers to fill the 2 vacancies so Council can fully represent the community. (In 2 years the Northampton Ward has to drop off another Councillor, bringing the total number of Councillors to 9, 4 for Kalbarri, 5 for Northampton)

A likely scenario:- If two people from Kalbarri take up the challenge at this Extra Ordinary election, nominate for the 2 Northampton vacancies and go in unopposed it will create history. Kalbarri will take a step closer to becoming the dominant ward and for the first time will have a majority vote in council.

KT Comment/opinion
One other major feature of this election is four Councillors have decided to retire, two of which the KT hold responsible for stifling any sustained/controlled growth of our communities because of their arrogant, discriminate, bullying style of governing. This is of course Cr George Parker and Cr Ron Allen. Both have damaged the Shire's reputation while presiding over our Council as President and as a consequence both are also considered responsible for the current lack of interest ratepayers have concerning the future wellbeing of their community, ratepayers not even interested in nominating to become a Councillor at this 09 election. (Although not difficult to understand with this Council's lousy reputation)

With the two bullies gone does this mean the KT is no longer needed?  As much as we would like to think that to be the case we can only say, so long as we have Councillors like Lou Parker and Pat Gliddon misusing their positions of trust to get their mates a financial benefit at the expense of the ratepayers the KT will be around to publish it on the www.  We also sadly report that in our opinion there is no one in this group with the necessary wisdom, qualifications or aptitude to fill the task of being an ethical, effective Shire President, this includes the current Deputy President Gordon Wilson, that means even more power to the arrogant CEO.

To be continued

The President's last stand! 16th October 2009.

A ratepayer put the following list of questions to the Shire President Cr George Parker at Question time, 16th of October 2009 Council Meeting. This was the last Council meeting Parker would chair as President as he has now retired from Council. The way he answered, or didn't answer these very pertinent questions once again confirms KT's belief that he has always lacked the knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and what makes people behave and communicate as they do. The KT also believe he was short on wisdom and the understanding an effective Shire President should have to enable them to manage conflict and to be able to deal with it in a professional and civil manner.

Questions put to Council, Shire of Northampton by a ratepayer;

Is the water from the Kalbarri sewage ponds being used to reticulate the Kalbarri golf course?
Is that waste water being treated to an acceptable level to prevent any health problems?
How is it monitored and where are those figures officially recorded?
What has this Council done in relation to the leaking diesel tank and the two empty underground fuel tanks at the defunct Red Bluff Caravan Park?
Has that fuel facility encroached on the road reserve?
Is it part of the Shire Presidents job to provide leadership and guidance and work to create unity, harmony and respect within our community?
Am I correct in saying Cr Ron Allen has been the President of this Council for 15 years?
Am I correct in saying Cr George Parker has been the President of this Council for the past 10 years?
The Shire President George Parker was then asked for advice;

Without inference. As a retired Shire Councillor, a ratepayer of this Shire and in the spirit of good governance, because of their extensive local government knowledge, I ask both Cr Ron Allen and President Cr George Parker, what can be done to ensure our next Shire President's behaviour doesn't reflect that of an arrogant, discriminate, intimidating bully?
End of questions and request for advice:
The following is a copy of a public document presented for public education. It is a copy of the minutes from that October 09 meeting listing the CEO's and Parker's answers to the questions above.

Question Time;
SHIRE OF NORTHAMPTON Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Allen Centre Meeting Room, Grey Street Kalbarri on the 16th October 2009.

Q1. Is the water from the Kalbarri sewage ponds being used to reticulate the Kalbarri Golf Course?
Q2. Is that water being treated to an acceptable level to prevent any health problems?
Q3. How is it monitored and where are those figures officially recorded?
Q4. What has Council done in relation to the leaking diesel tank and two empty underground fuel tanks at the defunct Red Bluff Caravan Park?
Q5. Has the fuel facility encroached on the road reserve?
In answer to the questions the President responded:
Question 1 - Yes.
Question 2 - Yes.
Question 3 - Water tests are undertaken and results are held by the WA Water Corporation and the Dept of Health. (CEO answered this question)
Question 4 - The matter was in the hands of the Department of Minerals and Energy as the appropriated Government Department to deal with such matters. (CEO answered this question)
Question 5 - Council were unaware as to whether the fuel facility encroached on the road reserve and would investigate in due course. (CEO answered this question)
Due to the nature of the ensuing questions, the President did not accept any further questions of a personal nature from Mr Kramer.

End of minutes:  (Italics mine)
A transcript of Parker's/Council's full response to these questions will be published later in this chapter.

To be continued.

Another emerging item of community interest and concern.

Following is a copy of a public document supplied to inform and educate ratepayers.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Northampton Council Chamber,
Hampton Road Northampton on Friday 15th May 2009

Moved Cr V MASKREY, seconded Cr S STOCK -STANDEN
That Council amend the current proposed subdivision of Lot 21 Robinson Street and progress with an eight (8) lot subdivision by combining Lots 1 and 2 (2019m3) and Lots 3 and 4 (2063m3) to form two large lots, leaving lots
5 to 10 as proposed.
Garry Keefe, Chief Executive Officer declared an interest in item 6.5.4 as he wishes to enter into an agreement for the provision of a self supporting loan to purchase a lot in the subdivision and the construction of a residence on that lot and left the room at 3.17pm.

Moved Cr O SIMKIN, seconded Cr V MASKREY
That Council agree in principle with the proposal put forward by the CEO for the purchase of proposed Lot 6 as per the current subdivision plan and provision of a self supporting loan to purchase the lot and for the construction of a residence on the lot subject to further legal advice from Councils lawyers.
Garry Keefe, Chief Executive Officer re-entered the room at 4.00pm.


Mr Garry Keeffe, Chief Executive Officer declared an interest in item 6.5.3 as the land is to be sold to the CEO. As the decision to proceed with the project was made at the May meeting, the CEO remained in the meeting to discuss the proposal.

SHIRE OF NORTHAMPTON Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of Council held at the Northampton Council Chamber, Hampton Road Northampton on Friday 18th September 2009

Moved Cr O SIMKIN, seconded Cr P GLIDDON
That Council commit to:
Selling proposed Lot 4 of the old school oval subdivision as per attached plan to Mr Garry Keeffe at the cost price to develop the lot subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Provide to Mr Garry Keeffe a self supporting loan for the purchase of the lot and construction of a residence subject to agreements being entered into as per legal advice received.

End of public document.

PLEASE NOTE;        The cunning use of words can often deflect people's attention away from the true facts!

News to date 8.12.09
From the Geraldton Guardian News Paper

"Loan anger
7th December 2009, 11:00 WST
Furious residents have expressed disbelief that Northampton Shire Council has agreed to act as banker for CEO Garry Keeffe.
The council has agreed to provide Mr Keeffe with a self-supporting loan of up to $400,000 to buy land and build a house.
Mr Keeffe and Shire president Gordon Wilson have defended the move on the grounds it would save the shire from having to build extra housing for staff.
The Shire refused to reveal what interest rate, if any, would be payable.
Angry residents say the arrangement is inappropriate.
Full story in Monday's edition of The Geraldton Guardian.

Josh Burrows and Alex McKinnon
"  end of article.


Continued.  4.10.2010.  The following is answers to questions the KT put to a Northampton Shire Councillor. This Councillor responded in a timely professional manner. The KT wish to thank the Councillor for the respect shown to concerned ratepayers.

1) By the CEO building and living in his own house, the Shire will not be required to buy or build a new residence for the doctor or staff. This would cost somewhere in the vicinity of $500 000. At an interest rate of 6%, this equates to a saving of not only the capital cost, but around $30 000 per year initially. For this reason, Council believes that it is an extremely sound financial decision.

2) Council has, and continues to liaise with WALGA and The Department of Local Government to ensure everything is as required.

3) Council have never intended to supply the CEO with a free block of land, it has always been understood that what was being sought was a block at cost price. And as mentioned in point 2 above, the relevant bodies have been approached and informed.

4) It has been considered by Council that it can only be a good thing that the CEO and his wife wish to build and live in Northampton; it shows that they have a genuine interest and affection for the community, and that they intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

5) All proceedings to date have been open and documented as required.

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