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This page will report on Councillors performance, both past and present.  Any Agenda Item referred to by the KT in this section can be accessed by going to the Council Web Site and clicking on "Minutes".

The 4 Kalbarri Councillors (Booth, Gliddon, Penn and Parker) are invited to e-mail the KT with their achievements and we will post them on the KT web site for all the world to see. This is so they can be proud of being an effective Councillor working for their community not against it nor for themselves.

A Councillors Job is;
  1. To effectively represent the wishes and interests of Ratepayers
  2. Develop and encourage a positive, harmonious and respectful attitude within the Community.
  3. Provide leadership and guidance to the Community.
  4. Facilitate communication between Council and the Community.
  5. Develop and encourage a sense of community within the shire.
  6. Plan for the prosperity and future of the Community.
  7. Above all, the needs of the Community must be paramount.

"A Councillor does not cease being a councillor merely because they are attending a meeting or a function or an activity outside of an official Council meeting".
source; Office of Minister for Local Government and Regional Development (LGRD)

In 2007 a Bill was past through our State Parliament making elected members of Councils individually accountable  for their actions in addition to their collective responsibility. This facilitates a process that can dismiss a Councillor for misconduct or breaches of the Council's Code of Conduct rather than having to sack the whole Council.

Over the next few weeks the KT will be informing our readers of the way these 4 Councillors have chosen to perform the duties listed above and how any negative behaviour wasn't discouraged by the LGRD and on occasions actually endorsed by their peers.
Please be advised/reminded of the provision provided by the KT for anyone to have their say if any of our comments are considered false or misleading.  In the interest of good governance the KT invite the Councillors to provide us with the reasons for their actions and anything positive they have done for our Community and we will eagerly post them on our web site. All comments/e-mails are welcomed.

Taking a closer look at the individual performance of each Councillor we first report on the promises each one made that may have encouraged voters to support them on election day.

Councillor Ron Allen; This Councillor sent out an A4 page during his election campaign. There are few promises to be seen just a full page of how great a person he believes he is. (copy available upon request)
Retired 17th October 2009

Councillor Pat Gliddon; Kalbarri Ward.
PO Box 23, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 9937 1924  Fax: (08) 9937 1924Elected 2003 Retires 2011
This Councillor writes; "I have been a Councillor since 1995 serving on a variety of committees, and believe I have a sound understanding of issues affecting the electors of Kalbarri, and the experience and knowledge to effectively and fairly represent all sectors of the Shire".

Councillor Alcida Link; Kalbarri Ward.
This Councillor writes; "I have no financial interests in Kalbarri. If I am elected I will do everything I can to ensure that YOUR views and opinions are presented to Council".
Retired 17th October 2009

Councillor Lou Parker; Kalbarri Ward.
PO Box 533, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 99371447 Fax: (08) 9937 1447Elected 2007 Retires 2011

This Councillor writes; "I have acquired a great deal of experience helping people, solving problems, and getting the job done!  I will be a pro-active representative who will make informed presentations and decisions by listening to all the people and organisations of Kalbarri".
He adds; "I have actively sought to get involved with the community; Kalbarri Junior Football, committee and coach; Kalbarri Senior Football, committee; Kalbarri PCYC,committee; Kalbarri Sport & Rec,committee; Kalbarri Development Assoc, President; Kalbarri Offshore Fishing Club, committee; Professional fisherman; Royal Australian Army, soldier; Professional Firefighter. It doesn't matter as much what a person says, it is what they do that counts. My main goal if elected as your representative on the shire council will be;
Work cooperatively with the other members of the council to achieve  positive outcomes for the residents of the Shire and;
Work towards having an Aged Care Facility in Kalbarri.
Work to achieving an upgrade of the oval and sporting facilities in our town.
Work towards the stabilization of our unique river upstream from the boat pens.
Work positively with the Visitor Centre and the local business to ensure sustained and responsible growth for the local tourism industry".
(More available upon request)

After winning in the election on preferences Cr. Lou Parker writes; (Kalbarri Town Talk, Dec. 07.)
"I will at all times be representing you with honesty and integrity, voting for what I believe is in the best interest of the Shire. Please feel free to approach me on any issue you feel is important, and if I am able to help you in any way I will. I can be contacted on : 0429 900 034 or 99371447 or P.O. Box 533 Kalbarri".

Councillor Jessica Booth; Kalbarri Ward.
PO Box 717, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 9937 1426 Fax: (08) 9937 1426
Joined Council unopposed 2009, Retires 2013.
Jessica's profile reads:- BA in Politics and International Studies (2001) and has had 36 years in Government employment, including 3 years in the Australian Defence Force, Police Force 15 years, Child Support Agency and the ATO.
Further she reports, "that her goal is to ensure open and accountable Government by honest, reliable representation in all matters pertaining to the success of Kalbarri residents and ratepayers. She lists her willingness to:
  1. Listen and support ideas that manage or promote tourism and increase financial stability.
  2. Fully participate in teamwork with Council and Community members to actively support the needs of the local business, including the fishing industry.
  3. Encourage and promote strong support for all volunteer services and ongoing needs of the elderly.
  4. Keen to consider ideas for conservation, sustainability and self sufficiency projects for the Kalbarri region."

During our short conversation with her she also informed us that she is a person who honours her word, with contacts in many Government Departments, suggesting that in her opinion Kalbarri has been missing out on a lot of the available grant money and this would be an avenue she would explore to help in the development of Kalbarri.
As a professional public servant one would expect her to be well trained in the art of listening and be use to fully assessing things before making any decisions. Her experience is welcomed in the new Kalbarri.

Councillor Stephanie Penn; Kalbarri Ward.
PO Box 8, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 9937 2333 Fax: (08) 9937 1234

Joined Council unopposed 2009, Retires 2013.
A young mother of four, Stephanie is well know to most of us as that hard working lessee/operator of the Palm Resort.
Stephanie writes that she is excited about the wonderful place known as Kalbarri and would like to harness that passion for the benefit of all Kalbarri residents.
She goes on to report that she is an enthusiastic member of the Kalbarri community and has the ability to listen. and not be afraid to speak up for the interests of the community.
Stephanie can be contacted via e-mail


The meaning of the word  INTEGRITY - Unimpaired moral principles; honesty, soundness.

The meaning of the word 
HONESTY - Freedom from deceit or fraud; truthfulness, sincerity.

The meaning of the phrase 
ACTING CORRUPTLY (For public education purposes as defined Civic Legal Advice) ...... any public officer who, without lawful authority or a reasonable excuse:
(a) acts upon any knowledge or information obtained by reason of his office or employment;
(b) acts in any manner, in the performance or discharge of the functions of his office or employment, in relation to which he has, directly or indirectly, any pecuniary interest, or
(c) acts corruptly in the performance or discharge of the function of his office or employment;
so as to gain a benefit, whether pecuniary or otherwise, for any person or so to cause a detriment, whether pecuniary or otherwise, to any person ....

The meaning of the word 
MISCONDUCT - Wrong or bad conduct; mismanagement.
And when used in Local Government
. (For public educational purposes as defined by Civic Legal Advice)
Misconduct occurs where a public officer abuses their position for personal gain or to cause detriment to another person or acts contrary to the public interest. Misconduct would also include conduct that has an element of dishonesty and could reasonably be interpreted as a disciplinary offence justifying dismissal if the disciplinary processes of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 were applied. Elected Members should conduct themselves at all times with stringent regard to good practices and good governance and with integrity.

Also for public educational purposes, here is a copy of the "Declaration By Elected Members". It is written; "A person who has been elected as a council member must make a declaration before acting in the office".

Local Government Act 1995

I, .......JoBlogs..........of........TrustTown..........having been elected to the office of .........Shire Councillor .........
declare that I take the office upon myself ,and will duly, faithfully, honestly,and with integrity fulfil the duties of the office for the people in the district according to the best of my judgment and ability,and will observe the code of conduct adopted by ....
Our Shire.......under section 5.103 of the Local Government act 1995. (Italics mine)

After reading the above 'You are asked to be the Judge' of these four Kalbarri Councillors.

PLEASE NOTE; To help make this a balanced report we leave it up to these 4 councillors to individually email the KT with any positive thing they have achieved for our community over the past 5 years.

Councillor's Record of Performance

Councillor Ron Allen's record of performance;
Doesn't respond to ratepayers correspondence.

Votes against things for Kalbarri, the ward he was elected to represent.
Just a few examples;
Voted not to share the Council Meeting catering with other Kalbarri businesses.
Voted for the Black Rock Cafe to do all the catering. (He is the landlord)
Voted against holding any more than 4 Council meetings in Kalbarri.
Voted for contractors to continue earth works even though the dust was destroying a families business.
Voted against a tour operator expanding his business. (More info available on request)
Voted against the Ratepayers Association putting up a notice board.
Voted for Council to stop all correspondence with the Kalbarri Residents and Ratepayers Assoc. (KRRA)
Voted against Kalbarri's autonomy.
Voted against Council assisting 2 Kalbarri kids attending the Leeuwin Youth Voyage.
Voted against putting safety kerbing at the IGA store.
(All of the above hold a much bigger story)
To be continued.

Loutish, intimidating/bullying behaviour at community meetings. Recorded on Video. (available upon request)

Breach of public trust and Council's Code of Conduct.

(a copy of a public document 11/07/05)
Moved Cr Kramer, seconded Cr Link
That because Councillor Allen failed to comply with the majority decision
of Council to prevent a sea-container from being located on Lot 587 Grey
Street, Kalbarri of which is officially under his management and knowingly
acting against this Councils order and allowing the sea container to remain
for a period of three years, he be required to apologise to Council and its
Staff and to print an official apology to Council, Staff and to the
Ratepayers of Kalbarri in the Kalbarri Town Talk to Councils satisfaction.
For the Motion - Cr Kramer, Cr Link, Cr E Simkin, Cr O Simkin and Cr
Against the Motion - Cr Parker, Cr Wilson, Cr Gliddon and Cr Maskrey'

KT Comment/opinion;
The 4 Councillors who voted against this motion obviously thought that breaching the Council Code of Conduct, acting contrary to the public interest and against the oath of fidelity taken by each Councillor was acceptable.
View the Councillors. Click here; www.Councillors and go to 'Councillors'.

The KT believe that Councillor Ron Allen lacked the necessary courage, refusing to apologise on this occasion for his unacceptable behaviour, breaching the Code of Conduct. The Shire President, George Parker supported his mate's refusal all the way. What may now be considered by many to be a show of cowardice by those involved was also endorsed by the WALG&RD (WA Local Gov.) Refer to pages 4, 5 & 6 Council Minutes, July 2008, "Question Time" for more detail on this. Also recorded (for those who are interested) is another classic example of discrimination by Parker, the Shire President. (Item 1.3.1, page 4)
The Town Planner was reminded of this illegal placement of a sea container 12 months prior to the 11.07.05 motion. The CEO Garry Keeffe also failed in his duty to implement the Council decision August 2002 of not allowing the placement of this sea container.

Expanded his Caravan Park over the boundary and onto Crown land.

KT Comment/opinion;
It is considered an obvious assumption that Cr. Ron Allen (ex President, Shire of Northampton) would have enjoyed a financial gain for many years from the illegal use of this Crown Land. No penalty applied. An undesirable precedent has been set?

Worked to destroy the Kalbarri Resident & Rate Payers Association.

Is a known bully.

Is in negotiations to try and reduce the Kalbarri Recreational Reserve (Reserve 25447) by 7,000 sq.m.
This is to expand his Murchison Caravan Park claiming a 50 m. strip of land along Woods Street. (Lot 1013)

KT Comment/opinion;
Information from State Land Services (DPI) suggested it was requested by Mr Allen that this 7,000sq.m. of prime land be amalgamated into the Murchison Caravan Park (Lot 827). If this had gone ahead the deal would have possibly been done by 'Private Treaty' (direct sale). DPI is aware of concerns from residents of Kalbarri and it is believed that to date have made no decision. They were asked by the Minister to investigate and discuss future land use options with the Shire of Northampton for this portion of land, including possible rezoning and release for community purposes such as retirement accommodation.
It is worth noting that this Council, lead by President George Parker had at no time identified land to be put aside for future retirement accommodation in Kalbarri. It was raised by Councillor Kramer the councillor they 'sent to Coventry' but was quickly put to rest and shoved under the carpet. DPI confirmed that the Shire of Northampton have made no formal approach to their office for land in respect to a future retirement village. Just another story well recorded and waiting to be told.

Cr Ron Allen retired on th 17th of October 2009.  His behaviour from this date on it is left for KARMA to judge.

Councillor Pat Gliddon's record of performance.
Votes against things for the Ward she was elected to represent.
Just a few examples;
Voted against,
        "        Granting the 'Kalbarri Youth Space Project' $1,500 for repairs to Skate Park.
        "        A vendors license to sell local fresh fish.
        "        An interpretive centre referendum.
        "        Kalbarri managing its own affairs.
        "        A feasibility study for Kalbarri's autonomy.
        "        Council holding one extra monthly meeting in Kalbarri.
        "        Granting 0 to 5 year olds $500 for reading books.
        "        Financial assistance for our Bowling Club.

        Voted not to censure Cr Ron Allen for 6 breaches of the Council Code of Conduct.
        Voted to censure Cr. Kramer for an inaccurate comment in an editorial in the Kalbarri Town Talk.
        Voted for Cr. Ron Allen to lease Crown Land for $5,000 p/a when one Valuer's estimate was $18,000.
        Voted to cut 7,000 s.m. from the Kalbarri Rec. Reserve to expand the Murchison Caravan Park
        owned by Cr. Ron Allen.
        Made a request to have the Pelican Feeding moved from in front of the GrassTree Restaurant to in front
        of the Black Rock Café, which is leased from Cr Ron Allen.
        Voted to reduce Cr. Kramer's justifyable claim for reimbursment for personal costs while on official
        Council business.
When asked why, Councillor Gliddon's answer was; "The question on how I voted in this, or any other matter, is my own decision and I am not compelled to explain my reasons for the manner in which I voted to you or anyone else".

Appears to take pride in declaring an interest on items concerning Kalbarri, leaving the room thus reducing the Kalbarri vote to 3 Councillors. (It can be a Councillors choice to leave the chamber declaring an interest and not vote. This can be misused by a councillor to avoid being held accountable for any bad or controversial decisions) ref Section '4 Council' item 'Lot 589' as one possible example.

Doesn't  respond to ratepayers correspondence.

Used her position in Council to twice try and falsely discredit Councillor Kramer. (Items 1.22.3 Jan.04; and
6.5.2 Nov. 04)

Moved a motion to reduce the community's income from Crown Land leased to her friend Cr. Ron Allen.
Acted contrary to the publics' interest. (refer below, under the headed 'Please Explain')

Appeared to some to have been unprepared to step aside at the last election to allow another keen, community minded and much younger lady candidate the opportunity to have a go on Council. In fact on her 'how to vote card'  Cr.Pat Gliddon instructed her supporters to list her only female opponent last on the ballot paper. WHY?


Worked to destroy the Kalbarri Resident & Rate Payers Association.

To be continued

Councillor Alcida Link's record of performance.
For 2 years supported a fellow ward councillor who was trying to make Council more open and accountable.

Uses the Kalbarri Town Talk (KTT) to keep her electors informed of Council decisions.

Kept close to the community as a committee member of the Ratepayers Assoc. (KRRA)

Councillor Link retired on the 17th of October 2009 after a 4 year term. The KT thank her for volunteering to represent our community on Council and especially for the support she gave to Cr Barry Kramer during her first 2 years.
The record shows she did her best under the circumstances and has little to be ashamed of during her term.
It is also recognised that in October 09 she was prepared to move aside and let others have a go.

Her behaviour from this date on it is left for KARMA to judge.

Councillor Lou Parker's record of performance.
Doesn't answer ratepayers correspondence.

Loutish, arrogant behaviour at community meetings. (Recorded on Video and available upon request)

Used his position in Council to try and discount the rent his mate and mentor Cr. Ron Allen pays for leasing Crown Land from Council. Acted contrary to the publics' interest. (refer below, under the headed 'Please Explain')

Worked to destroy the Kalbarri Resident & Rate Payers Association.

Is a known bully.

Upon retiring in October 2007 Councillor Barry Kramer had a lot of unfinished work, he officially handed it over to Lou Parker the newly elected Kalbarri Ward Councillor. This was done in an official letter sent to Councillor Parker with a copy sent to Council to be put on public record. Following is a list of just some of the 27 unfinished or continuing projects.
  1. Protect our drinking water.
  2. Officially report all contaminated sites in Kalbarri, particularly the ones within the water reserve and wellhead protection zone.
  3. A retirement village for our elderly.
  4. Provide a safe parking area at the Kalbarri IGA store.
  5. Attend to the dangers associated with the two empty bulk underground fuel tanks at the Red Bluff Caravan Park. (Diesel tank leaking)
  6. Relocate the River Ferries to a safer more appropriate operating location.
  7. Represent the will of the people, not just your own.
  8. Provide an official land lease for the Kalbarri Spring Water shed. Illegally built on Crown Land.
  9. Work towards bringing a Community Bank to Kalbarri. (Bendigo)
  10. Provide a safe community swimming facility in the river. (Pontoon)
  11. Support those who maintain the shade shelter on the coast north of Kalbarri.
For those wanting to read a full copy of the letter the KT is happy to e-mail it upon request.

(To be continued)


The following is a shortened version of a letter sent to the media by a ratepayer that may help explain the inexcusable actions of Crs. P.Gliddon and L.Parker and why the KT and others accuse both of acting contrary to the interest of the ratepayers. (a full copy is available upon request)

"Lot 588,part of Murchison Caravan Park, Crown Land leased by the Council to Councillor Ron Allen was up for a 5-year rent review.
A Licensed Valuer from the Department (Landgate) reported the freehold value of this 1,427 square metre lot of river front land was worth $1.5 million with a rent value of $17,800 per annum.
Following this professional advice the motion was moved and seconded, but was stopped before it went to the vote by Cr. Pat Gliddon and Cr. Lou Parker who moved and seconded an amendment to the motion that the annual rent of $17,800 be reduced by $2,800 and set at $15,000 p.a. The amendment was put to a vote and was lost. The original motion was then carried.

Do these two Councillors believe they are more qualified than a Licensed Valuer from Landgate when it comes to valuing Crown Land and setting its annual rent? Or was this an attempt to get a handsome discount for one of their fellow Councillors?

Ratepayers would like these two Councillors to publicly explain their actions".
End of transcript.

Neither of these two Councillors cared to respond, publicly or otherwise. 

More on the behaviour of Shire Councillor Lou Parker.
Another one of his victims sent the KT this email, dated  8/02/10

            AUSTRALIA DAY SPIRIT      GOOD ON YOU LOUKalbarri councilor LOU PARKER should be congratulated for his outstanding performance as a bully and intimadater. As a elected community representative and leader he should hang his head in shame for his actions.This particular event took place on Australia day morning at 8am while setting up the sausage sizzle stall for the purpose of fund raising for the ST JOHNS AMBULANCE fund in kalbarri.When the two male volunteers left to pick up supplys he decided to confront the female helper in a rude and nasty manner telling her to remove everything away for sports and rec who where starting to cook at 1pm.When she explained he would have to wait for the people in charge he still insisted she move everything NOW.He then tried to intimidate her with how important sports and rec was.All this to a lady who has lived here for 8 years who spent years every fair using her car to pick up a trailor ,barbque ,tables,chairs with all proceeds going to sports and rec.This and further incidents were witnessed by people from northampton,geraldton and dongara who enjoy coming to our town to sell . The tension he created on the day was disgusting and very avoidable.  We as a community need to support the people who made the day so special .Kate does a wonderful job with the fares.Brett did alot of fundraising for the fireworks CONCERNED RESIDENT NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD

"A Councillor does not cease being a councillor merely because they are attending a meeting or a function or an activity outside of an official Council meeting".
source; Office of Minister for Local Government and Regional Development (LGRD)

To be continued.

Councillor Jessica Booth's record of performance.

Link to the story "Getting to Know Councillor Jessica Booth".

To be continued.

Councillor Stephanie Penn's record of performance.

To be continued.


Update. November 2009.

Five new Councillors join the Shire of Northampton after the October 2009 Local Government Elections.

They are;

Cr Jessica BOOTH Kalbarri Ward. Elected 2009 Retires 2013.
PO Box 717, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 9937 1426 Fax: (08) 9937 1426

Cr Stephanie PENN Kalbarri Ward. Elected 2009 Retires 2013.
PO Box 8, Kalbarri 6536 Phone: (08) 9937 2333 Fax: (08) 9937 1234

Cr Terry CARSON Northampton Ward. Elected 2009 Retires 2011.
PO Binnu 6532 Phone: (08) 9936 6025 Fax: (08) 9936 6007

Cr Bradley CRIPPS Northampton Ward. Elected 2009 Retires 2013.
PO Box 107, Northampton 6535 Phone: (08) 9936 2024 Fax: (08) 9936 2024

Cr Graham LEGGETT Northampton Ward. Elected 2009 Retires 2013.
PO Northampton 6535 Phone: (08) 9934 2609

These five ratepayers have now chosen to take an oath to serve, that is serve our community. The KT beg them to uphold that oath and work to be remembered as a people's Councillor, one who shows neither fear nor favour. Also we hope they are strong enough to reject the pressure that will be placed on them to join this Council's "Boys Club" where the culture is to put themselves above and before the interests of the community.

KT Comment/opinion;
It is seen that because of community disgust and/or apathy none of these new Councillors were elected by the people as there weren't enough candidates to cause an election.
'Disgust' could be caused by this Council's shameful past performance? 'Apathy' caused by a non-involved, non-caring community?
This has no reflection on the goodwill these 5 new Councillors have shown to date, offering their services to volunteer and serve their community. Time will tell if their intentions were honourable, heres hoping.

The KT offer our full appreciation and support to the new Councillors and we look forward to reporting on all the good they do for our communities while making Council open and accountable and helping to bring accountability to other councillors for their personal behaviour and decision making while acting as our representatives. One way this can be easily achieved is by simply asking for all Councillors votes to be recorded in the Minutes on any controversial item as Cr Kramer was advised to do, this gives the Community the opportunity to see just who is voting in a responsible manner. This also helps to lift the vale of secrecy associated with this Council and as has happened in the past stops anti-councillors from lying about the way they voted.

The new Councillors were sworn in at a special meeting of Council held on the 20th October 2009. Also at that meeting the new Council elected Cr Gordon Wilson as their President and Cr Lou Parker as their Deputy President.
It is worth a mention that this was a Council decision not that of the people.

It is on record that Cr Wilson was the one who confronted Cr Kramer asking the question "What do you think you are doing bringing these people to our Council meeting?" By this it appeared that he had something to hide or just didn't want people/ratepayers entering the sanctity of his council meetings, especially ratepayers with pertinent questions to put to Council during "question time"?

As previously reported Cr Lou Parker is on public record for acting against the communities interest, seconding a motion and voting to reduce the amount his mate Ron Allen was to pay for leasing a community asset (lot 588). The KT believe the loss of community respect for this Councillor is yet to be calculated.

Would it be that no one else wanted these two jobs, especially while the KT is reporting on their behaviour?

The KT believe the record shows that neither of these 2 Councillors have the ability and professionalism that is so desperately needed to lift the image of this Council and to meet ratepayers expectations. It is considered that to date neither have earned the full trust and respect from many in our community.
We ask our readers to e-mail us with their thoughts about this choice of so called "leadership".

Reminder;  A Shire Councillor is now individually/personally legally responsible for their decision making!
Our community is entitled to honest and competent Local Government representation. With certain Councillors retiring we now eagerly look forward to that entitlement being delivered in a civil non discriminant manner.

To be continued.
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   4 Council
   6 Kramer
   7 Notices
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