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A report on a recent visit to Kalbarri.  28th January 2010.

Where have all the tourists gone?

The hope was that Kalbarri would prosper in future years but from all reports that is not the case. Tourism numbers are well down in Kalbarri but we are told tourism in Horrocks and Port Gregory in going well.

No doubt there will be many things to blame for the down turn in the only industry we have left. In no way can it be blamed on the high price of accommodation, high cost of fuel, high cost of food etc. Absolutely no way can this down turn be blamed on our behaviour nor on our apathy or even our reputation of being the drug capital of WA.

So I guess you could say we are at a complete loss. Yes that's us!

The Following is an example of costs in Kalbarri forwarded by a resident 9th August 2010
Unleaded Petrol        $1.48 p/l.
Beans                         $23.00
Capsicums                 $18.00
Bananas                     $7.99
Tomatoes                   $7.00
Broccoli                      $11.00

An example of accommodation costs supplied by a tourists who could only afford to stay 1 night.

                                The "EDGE RESORT" Kalbarri (5.8.10)
                                2 Bedroom Apartment $315 per night
                                1 Bedroom Suit $245 per night
                                Studio Room $199 per night

KT Comment/opinion
In the past Kalbarri has been a 'family holiday destination', sadly developers have moved in and built rental units that now boast carpet, airconditioning, LCD wide screen TVs etc etc. Parking at some of these 'resort style' units is at a premium so don't bring your boat. Yes Kalbarri also has the unenviable reputation of being a drug induced community. Media write-ups report arson and bashings. This along with the high costs now associated with a family taking a holiday may need to be considered. For too many years our Council has only had necessary views rather than visionary views, its leaders lacked the forward thinking needed to provide facilities to encourage and accommodate visitors to our town. One example is our boat ramp. Link to Boat Ramp Take a look and Dongara or Denham to get a clearer understanding of this.

Our hopes for a rebirth may have to be put on hold.


August 2011 report.
Just a quick up date on happenings in Kalbarri

It is reported that the Kalbarri police have been kept busy over the last weeks with a number of search warrants being served for drug dealings. A crop of over 60 cannabis plants were discovered along with 3kgs of dope, smoking implements, several hydroponic setups and weapons.
Illegal drug activity continues to be the norm in Kalbarri however the police are beginning to receive good information from the members of our community who care about the reputation of the town and more importantly care for the safety and future wellbeing of our kids.

Council elections are back on the agenda, 15th October. This is a good time to measure the communities care factor.


November 2011.

No new candidates therefor no election was held. Community Care Factor, "ZERO".

Just a reminder:- "You don't get the government you need but you do get the government you deserve!"


February 2012.

The time has arrived to end another chapter of this website.

The KT will now focus on helping those who deserve and appreciate help but we stand ready to reopen it if it is found necessary.