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The KT received this email on the 21/07/08 - time 4:28 pm

We are travelling around Australia for the 2nd time and found kalbarri to be a wonderful place to visit.  What is this website about.

Name withheld.

KT's answer.

Yes my friend Kalbarri is definitely a wonderful place to visit, mother nature has been very generous in what she has given us but sadly mother nature was unable to give us, a caring and supportive sense of 'community'. You see for those who just visit and do not scratch the surface would never be aware of the underling illegal drug and crime problems we are experiencing. For example Finlay's Fish BBQ has just closed its doors because the owner can no longer guarantee the safety of his customers. Sadly Kalbarri has been ruled by a small group of arrogant, greedy, intimidating, manipulating bullies and the Kalbarri Truth is about to hold them open and accountable for what they have created. Page 2 is now on the www.

Thank you for your interest

Regards KT


The KT received this email on the 31/07/08. - time 2:47 pm

Dear Barry,
I can't believe your starting this pathetic web site up again,can't you move on. You don't even live in town anymore yet you are determined to cause trouble. Do you know how nice it is to be able to pick up a copy of Town Talk and not have your troublemaking articles/opinions in it. A lot of people feel the same way. Why not put your time and efforts to something more worthwhile like world peace or saving the whales. Your not going to achieve anything here because you are too unpopular and no one takes any notice of anything you say apart from the few people you have brain washed by you. Have a nice day

Name withheld but is well known in Kalbarri as a Gossip and 'Hate Monger'.

KT's Responce

The KT would like to head this response 'THE REBIRTH OF A TOWN'.

Dear ***,

Thank you for providing our readers with an example of how hate mongering is still a normal part of life for some in Kalbarri.

The KT wish to encourage those who practice and support such spiteful behaviour to put your hate aside because it is no longer accepted nor tolerated in the New Kalbarri, it has held us back far too long.

The people you refer to in your email and have accused of being brainwashed may be disappointed to read your comments as you obviously believe them to be naive fools.

The KT is very comfortable in the knowledge that what it does it does for others and in support of developing a new and equal sense of community for the many good people in our town.

Thank you for your email

Regards KT

Since posting the email dated 31/07/08 the KT have received other emails commenting.

Great to see you back on the net. I'm looking forward to you exposing more about the way our town is treated, or more accurately mistreated, by the "farmocrats" in Northampton.  Keep up the good work.

(name with-held)

Stick it up em.
We might not live in their town because we dont like being bullied but when King Ronny drops dead we may. Please put this on your website.

(name with-held)

3/   G'day *****,

This person is obviously feeling threatened by your actions or she would firstly not have bothered to look up and then read the new web site and secondly wouldn't bother to write a such message.

give her some more s**t


(name with-held)

4/    Good one ***.
Hope King Ronny is s****ing himself. Ronny world is going to come to an end soon. Hope the f****r is getting ulcers. He deserves them because he has given a few to others.
Maybe a few good people that have left Kalbarri will go back. I may go back for his funeral.
Ps don't care if you post this

(name with-held)


Good on you for firing up the website again.
 All in kalbarri would know me from either running in the council election 6 years ago to starting the ratepayers association.
 To show the level of intimidation when "going against the wishes of the few" by daring to expose the boys and the back scratching , i was abused, treated like dirt and all round ostracized for trying to inform the community of kalbarri what was really happening behind the closed doors of council.
 After almost 5 years in kalbarri i moved 220ks south and have never been happier.
 Here the community works together for the whole not for the few in the "purple circle" and "the ones making a tourist dollar"
The council works for the whole area not a select couple of wards.
The council meetings are open and transparent not "going in camera" whenever there is something happening that is designed to benefit a few not the many.
There is a great sense of positive spirit in the community not beaten down by standover tactics as in kalbarri.
 I would live to go back to kalbarri especially to get all dressed up in my sunday best to tap dance on his lordship king (this is my town do as i say) ronny, and any of his cronies that have benefited from their association with his highness.
 I would also love to see 3 fantastic leased land lots given over to the people for their use as part of the tourist centre area.
 Even tho his lordship must be crying now that his rent has gone up from a paltry $100 odd per week to a realistic level BOO BLOODY HOO to you ronny you conceited vindictive spiteful old man .
 Print me up KT as they all know who i am and don't care what flack they throw at me any more.i have found paradise and love it.

(name with-held)

KT's response.

Dear A.S., many will know of your efforts to try and lift the community of Kalbarri to a higher level. However it is sometimes hard because you can only help those who want to be helped.
The KT is fully aware and appreciate all the work you did to form the Kalbarri Resident and Ratepayers Assoc.
The KT also have a full understanding of the sadness that living in Kalbarri has bought many families in the past.
We believe telling our story on the www. may bring some justice. The KT believe there is a rebirth happening as new and well informed interested people move here, and they will not tolerate the crap that many in Kalbarri have for years consider a normal part of life.
It is important for us to continue to be involved and not give in to the "hate mungers" and manipulators.

Thank you for your email.

Regards KT

Received 1.12.08

I have just stumbled across your website and it sure is an eye opener - it's working you are reaching people outside of Kalbarri
I have been coming to Kalbarri for over 30 yrs on and off for holidays and love it so much we bought a house in Kalbarri that we use as a holiday rental place. Purely because we love Kalbarri so much, and it's relaxed friendly atmosphere. We currently live in Perth, but one day would love to live in Kalbarri
In the news recently, we have heard of shootings in street, drug and crime reports, Finlays BBQ scenario and other things that have made me think - what the hell is going on ?
Although I would hate to think that any of those have anything to do with what you have mentioned, it shows that under the surface Kalbarri is not as peaceful as one would seem, but honestly, is any town no matter where it is ?
Thankyou for your website, it has given me a little insight into the runnings of the town, I will be back from time to time for updates.
You are very brave what you are doing, I am sure all those like myself that would like the inside information appreciate your efforts.
May I give a few suggestions :
1 - copy and paste the links section to each page so persons can navigate through the web site without having to keep going back to the home page and navigating from there, makes it tidier and more pleasant to navigate :)
2 - The Kalbarri Talk that you refer to - I never see a copy of this is it a monthly issue ?  - is it possible that a copy can be scanned and placed on your website when the KT is published, so the whole web can see it and also persons like me who have an interest in Kalbarri can keep uptodate on whats going on ?
great work - keep it up.

  ****** *****.

(name with-held by request.)

KT's Response;

Dear Reader,
Yes Kalbarri has many stories to tell, the KT has recorded most of them. We strongly believe it is folk like yourself that will be our saviour, coming to live here and bringing with you the knowledge and determination needed to help unite our community for the better. The hate is slowly fading as the old regime continues to loose its influence. The KT is here for the long hall informing the community and doing whatever it can to bring accountability.
The truth and the www. are very powerful tools.

You can email the Kalbarri Town Talk at and they will send you a monthly copy of their magazine for a small fee. We believe the Kalbarri T.T. is often manipulated so copyright would be an issue with a certain person if we were to scan and post it on our site. This manipulation we speak of will be explained at a later date.

Thank you for your email and your positive suggestion, we will add the links to each page.

Regards KT


Email received 12.12.08.  Queensland

Hi - -
Just read quite a lot of your web site.  Great job, very professional.  Seems like all your hard work is beginning to pay off.  Good on you.

- - - -

Name with-held

KT responce;
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.


Email received 25.03.09

After reading the Kalbarri Truth I was impressed with your determination to establish the truth and implement the historical facts, well done.
Once the truth is confirmed to some persons a complete silence will exist, however a sorry or apology will never come.
I refer to the saying- leave your reputation for other to debate it has nothing to do with you or as the book title says
" what you think of me is none of my business."

A heap of inconsiderate incompetent people still exist hiding behind even bigger incompetent people.

*** *****

name withheld

KT responce
Thank you for joining our ever increasing list of readers and caring enough to exercise your right and express an opinion. Please be assured that we will continue to post all emails received, both praising or condemning our efforts.

Regards KT


E-mail received 4th September 2009.

Well, I read with total amazement much of the website of Kalbarri Truth. 
I came across the site when researching a WA holiday being from New South Wales, and friends had mentioned when they had visited Western Australia they went to a little place called Kalbarri,  which is not too far from Perth.
I think we all at some time or other feel total disgust with our local councils with many lining their own pockets and being full of total self interest.  But this crowd would have to be the worst. Do they not understand that corruption, bullying and intimidation is an offence. It is hard to believe that people can live surrounded by this atmosphere, pretending it has nothing to do with them.
Walk tall and hold your head up high. If there were more people willing to stand up for what is right we would all be better off.
My suggestion would be to take this story to one of the current affairs programs who are always willing to take on a fight such as this. Lets see how they do being exposed in the  public domain outside of their control.
I think I will give Kalbarri a miss.!!!!

Name with-held.

KT response/comment.
Thank you for your e-mail and the time you have taken to read our web site. We are doing our best to expose those who misuse their positions of privilege in Local Government and also those whose self indulgence and bitterness has fractured our community. We know KT dot com is making a difference. The media have been alerted and we have received contacts.

Please don't deprive yourself of the enjoyment that many others have experienced visiting our Kalbarri, it is a beautiful part of our state and for the most part all what is on our KT web site is un-noticeable to the visitor.

Regards KT.


This email was received 7th October 2009 (KT is becoming world wide)

We publish your e-mail Mr Ninan in the hope other land owners in that area of Kalbarri respond.

"On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 1:47 AM, George Ninan <> wrote:
Dear Sirs,

Good day to all Kalbarrians.

You will be surprised to hear from me, a Singaporean living in Dubai, UAE. If you have not heard yet of Dubai, it is the boom town of Middle East with the world's tallest building called Burj Dubai towering the skyline.

Anyway, I wish to get some contacts with Kalbarrians who may have bought land in Eco Flora Estate as I have one. I like to explore common interest issues with a few of them.

Can you give some emails or ask them to email me.

Meanwhile enjoy the sunshine.-- Best RegardsEMA Fze ( Project Management & Specialists Services)George NinanMobile : +971-50-4548812Email:
-- Best Regards
EMA Fze ( Project Management & Specialists Services)George NinanMobile : +971-50-4548812Email:"


E-mail received 9.10.09.  Name withheld.

The KT received an e-mail from one of our readers alerting us to the following. The sender wanted to remain anonymous and out of fear asked not to print his email.

The following is a copy of a public document. Council meeting 18th September 2009; * It's worth a mention that that September Council Meeting was all over in 1.5 hours.

Cr G Parker President         Northampton Ward
Cr O Simkin                 Northampton Ward
Cr E Simkin                 Northampton Ward
Cr A Link                         Kalbarri Ward
Cr P Gliddon                 Kalbarri Ward
Cr L Parker                         Kalbarri Ward
Cr R Allen                         Kalbarri Ward
Mr Garry Keeffe                 Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jamie Criddle                 Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Hayley Williams         Principal Planner
Mr Glenn Bangay                 EHO/Building Surveyor
Mr Tom Lachlan                 Environmental Health Officer

Mr Garry Keeffe, Chief Executive Officer declared an interest in item 6.5.3 as the land is to be sold to the CEO. As the decision to proceed with the project was made at the May meeting, the CEO remained in the meeting to discuss the proposal.

Moved Cr O SIMKIN, seconded Cr P GLIDDON
That Council commit to:
Selling proposed Lot 4 of the old school oval subdivision as per attached plan to Mr Garry Keeffe at the
cost price to develop the lot subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Provide to Mr Garry Keeffe a self supporting loan for the purchase of the lot and construction of a
residence subject to agreements being entered into as per legal advice received.



KT response/comment.
Thank you for your e-mail, we appreciate hearing from our readers.
The CEO land/loan deal will be investigated.

We believe we are getting good results as all the feed back from many of the good folk in Kalbarri tell us. Much of this feed back refers to the fact that the old regime is no longer. More new and educated people are moving to Kalbarri and will continue to join with others in our community to help rid us of the manipulators and bullies for ever.
Don't lose hope.

Regards KT.

The KT received this email on the 8th February 2010

            AUSTRALIA DAY SPIRIT      GOOD ON YOU LOUKalbarri councilor LOU PARKER should be congratulated for his outstanding performance as a bully and intimadater. As a elected community representative and leader he should hang his head in shame for his actions.This particular event took place on Australia day morning at 8am while setting up the sausage sizzle stall for the purpose of fund raising for the ST JOHNS AMBULANCE fund in kalbarri.When the two male volunteers left to pick up supplys he decided to confront the female helper in a rude and nasty manner telling her to remove everything away for sports and rec who where starting to cook at 1pm.When she explained he would have to wait for the people in charge he still insisted she move everything NOW.He then tried to intimidate her with how important sports and rec was.All this to a lady who has lived here for 8 years who spent years every fair using her car to pick up a trailor ,barbque ,tables,chairs with all proceeds going to sports and rec.This and further incidents were witnessed by people from northampton,geraldton and dongara who enjoy coming to our town to sell . The tension he created on the day was disgusting and very avoidable.  We as a community need to support the people who made the day so special .Kate does a wonderful job with the fares.Brett did alot of fundraising for the fireworks CONCERNED RESIDENT NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD.

The KT passed it on to Cr Booth as follows;

Councillor Jessica Booth

Hi Councillor.
Hope all is going well for you and your family.

As one of our community representatives (Councillor) the KT wish to draw your attention to an email sent to us from one of your concerned rate payers.
The content of the email is considered to be a breach of your Council's code of conduct so you are asked to bring it to the attention of your President and have him investigate it and take the necessary action to ensure this bully does not intimidate other people in our community.
The KT believe this public display of bullying deserves a public apology from Parker, he would be well aware that his outburst was in ear-shot of other visitors attending the Aust. Day functions. We all know bullies need an audience to show off their skills.
You may see the KT as firing someone else's bullets but we are well aware of the fear of retribution many folk in Kalbarri have. You have lived here long enough to realise that.
We also wish to inform you that this will be published on the both the complaint and the outcome.
The KT will respect this rate payer's request not to be named.

We await your response.

Councillor Booth informed the KT on the 10th February that;

As requested, I have forwarded the content of your email to our President and CEO for their information.

Please note this update;19th February 2010:-
Councillor Booth asked that the email she forwarded to the KT on the 10/02/2010 be presented in full not just the last line as was first published.

Dear Barry

I concur with the author of your email that our thanks need to go out to everyone who contributed to the overall success of the Australia Day event.  Kate Ralph and Brett Jolly have done a lot of hard work for many events, including this one, and their donations to our local charity organisations is well known. Additionally, the tireless efforts of the Sports and Rec volunteers is also greatly appreciated and we should be thankful for the efforts of all the groups involved to organise and run such a large event.

I was not present during any conversations between the volunteers, but my involvement a short time later has identified a need for several more concrete BBQ slabs in strategic positions around that area (to comply with health regulations) and allow at least  4-5 food vendors to be present all day during  these events - which would provide variety and ongoing supply of food to everyone either working or attending the event .  Myself and other another Councillor have already resolved to speak with the CEO about whether this is possible to ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to cook and sell food in the future.

As requested, I have forwarded the content of your email to our President and CEO for their information.

Jessica Booth

The President's method of handling this complaint will also be published on our web site.


Cr Wilson's reply, received 18th February 2010

From: Gordon Wilson
Sent: Wednesday, 17 February 2010 9:39 PM
To: Jessica Booth & Ian Bursnell
Cc: Garry Keefe
Subject: Fw:

Dear Jessica,
The supposed actions of Lou on Australia Day has nothing to do with council. I understand Lou was acting in a voluntary capacity at the event and council isnt responsible in that context. The day wasnt a council event.
The offer of advice Barry has given is not needed  because he is not the president and the constant way he berates council and councillors makes him a very ineffective voice in the scheme of community going forward
If the person who sent kt the email has not got the balls to put their name too their sent letter i would refrain as to a reply
Jessica could you please pass this reply onto Barry,as i dont have his email,and i would suggest if Barry likes to champion his electors,that he prints this reply in its entirety
    Kind regards
KT Comment/Opinion
Link to email and more to this story.

Thank you for your response Cr Gorden Wilson, Shire President.
Your response will be passed on to the young lady who made the complaint.

You would do well to know your job and its responsibilities Mr President as;-

"A Councillor does not cease being a councillor merely because they are attending a meeting or a function or an activity outside of an official Council meeting".
source; Office of Minister for Local Government and Regional Development (LGRD)

The KT believe our community is entitled to honest and competent Local Government representation, delivered in a civil non discriminant manner.

Cr Gordon Wilson's email expressing himself as our Shire President.
From Gordon Wilson []
Sent  Mon 1/03/2010 6:18 AM
To     Barry Kramer
CC    Garry Keefe

My name is spelt Gordon. I had my reason for sending via another councillor,show me the courtesy of showing your email
I do know my job and that is why i am a councillor and president and your not

Investigation ? Compaint ? Sorry barry i dont know what your on about and quite frankly, emails of this kind will not be answered in the future. They are totally irrelevant to my position as president, and if you have nothing better to do i suggest you go and do some HANDS ON work for the community
If you think you are trying to become a champion of the electors,as it seems by your actions,GET REAL,you are not being noticed,you are ineffectual
(thanks ) for your email but next time try and be more constructive
Gordon Wilson

KT Opinion/Comment
This response from our Shire President is seen as just another example of how this Councils protects the intimidators and bullies, those who are charged with maintaining the mental control over the community. It is also seen as another example of how some in our community seek personal power, taking on the position of President and Dept. President to obtain power.

The question remains;  Does this person have the leadership skills expected of a Shire President?
You be the judge.

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