Boat Ramp picture gallery.

We will further explain this "stuff up" with the help of pictures.
Picture number 1 shows the construction of our
pontoon jetty.
This was built after the great Murchison River flood.
Picture no. 2, construction continues. For those familiar with Kalbarri you will notice the Sand Spit has gone, compliments of the flood.
Picture no. 3. The finished article?
Matting simply laid on the sand.
Picture no. 4. Jetty inspected and deemed to be unsafe.
Confirmed by Shire Building Inspector and a DPI representative.
New jetty closed to the public.
Picture no. 5. Unfinished work!
Horizontal weld not done.
Work left unpainted.
No. 6 Just more of the same.
Unfinished work.
No. 7. Kids were seen with their legs
dangling through these holes while the
jetty was moving with the tidal serge.
No.8 Jetty placed in the middle of a 2 lane boat ramp as per the CEO's instructions.
Note the fact that the LHS is now too narrow to safely launch a boat.
Picture no.9 The edge plates were seen to act in a scissor motion as the waves rolled under the floating jetty, cutting a stick in half.
No.10. Shows some of the locals volunteering to
do the job of installing safety railings etc.
KT comment, opinion.

What we are left with is a boat ramp that in the opinion of many is inadequate for the needs and future needs of our tourists and boating ferturnity. We understand that after spending all that money to upgrade the ramp with the pontoon finger jetty Council is now considering moving it to a new location, again at ratepayers expense. If this is the case the KT can see it being located north of the commercial jetty, making it necessary for the recreational boaters to navigate through the commercial fleet before getting to the mouth of the river?

Also over time Council has received complaints about the operator of the river ferries using an area at the ramp and in front of Sea Search and Rescue (VMR), causing congestion, blocking their view, refueling from the beach etc. Council instructed the CEO to move this private operation to a more suitable area, that was in 2006. The operator told Council he wasn't moving. Nothing has changed the ferries still work from the same area. The ramp was upgraded after the loss of the spit and now is awash with sand, many having to be towed out.

As for the safety concerns raised about the pontoon jetty, DPI was notified, LGIS was also notified, neither wanted to know about it or investigate if the complaints were justified. Situation normal !
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