The following is a public document published on the KT website to inform and education our readers.

It is the result of an internal investigation done by members of the Education Department. The KT see this as one of our public service sectors investigating itself. However you be the judge.
KT Comment/Opinion    28.02.2012

It's quite a gift to be able to write a report without actually attributing blame to anyone and not creating any legal liability. The KT salute the author.

However make no mistake this is a damming report which once again highlights MALADMINISTRATION. Also highlighted is the lack of professional leadership, (Liz Constable) the lack of support and training (Sharyn O'Niell) an inept school administration and a non functioning School Council.

There is much to interpret in this report, for example the word independent, it obviously has many meanings??? The Webster Dictionary meaning is, "free from the control of others, not connected". Under the heading 'Background' on page 1 of the report the author suggests the ERG is an independent body. The KT believe it is just another arm of the Education Department as we see Hunt, Cook and Graffin, the 3 members of the ERG enquiry team all belong to the Education Department. Isn't it a bit like asking the bank robber to investigate the bank robbery?

The KT believe the three who formed the ERG team (Hunt, Cook and Graffin) were honest and well meaning in their efforts to improve relations between the schools administration and the victims/parents, but their findings would have been based on the questions they asked and the quality of the answers they were given. Unfortunately because of past experiences/investigations (Ombudsman Report) the KT believe the truth from some would be hard to come by and for some others, they say one thing and do another.

It is pointed out in the report that during interviews both parents and staff consistently expressed cynicism about the prospect of success of recommendations arising from this enquiry because it has all been done before with little sustained improvement. That statement points the finger directly at the school's administration and proves there has been a lack of support/interest and follow up from the Education Department's hierarchy, especially Laurie Andrew Regional Executive Director (one of many who simply ignored Karen Adams plea for help). The records show that this maladministration has continued even after an enquiry much the same as this was held in 2002. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 10 YEARS!   The 3D principal still applies ie, DELAY, DETER AND DECEIVE.

The KT have major concerns about the leadership ability of the Principal Carol Goodwin. The KT have published much about what is called "THE BOOFHEAD BUS RIDE" December 2010, where the Principal Carol Goodwin was on the bus with members of her staff who, after a protracted investigation were found guilty of verbal assault, abusing, harassing and intimidating a parent at the front of her family's house. The KT believe it was this incident that triggered the ERG enquiry. The records show that this very personal attack on a parent was first denied by the "boofheads" on the bus.
The KT remind our readers that the school's Principal, Carol Goodwin was also in charge when her two Deputy Principals got together to further persecute Karen Adams by threatening her with a defamation law suit. (ref Karen Adams Story)

Because of what has been recorded the KT believe to date the "Principal" has in her role as leader failed to take charge and end the unconscionable behaviour of a few under her control and as the ERG report highlighted has not resolve conflict in a timely professional manner. Therefore the "Principal" Carol Goodwin has breached Education Department Rules, Regulations, Codes and Policies.

Where to from here?

To date those who have been moved aside are:-
  1. Laurie Andrew, Regional Executive Director.
  2. Colin Pettit, Rural Remote Education.
  3. Trevor Price, Manager, District Operations.
  4. Paul O'Connor, Professional Standards and Conduct Unit.
  5. Steve Wells, Principal.
  6. Alan Macgregor Deputy Principal.
  7. Jamie Senbergs, Deputy Principal.
  8. Elizabeth Constable, Minister of Education.

This maybe all the justice Isaac and Karen will receive.
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To be continued.