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Send us your emails and we will share them with the world. You may also wish to answer another persons email or make a positive productive comment.

The KT reserves the right to publicly comment on all correspondence received.

When posting an email on this site the writer's name will be withheld, but will be forwarded to anyone upon receiving a personal request if considered appropriate.


Email Received from Northampton Shire Councillor Jessica Booth.

Dear Ex Councillor Kramer

As usual, your email response is once again full of spite and accusation, which sadly is why no-one seems to take you seriously.  Further, your response on the website to a tourist who reported she liked our town and questioned what your website was about, I found appalling.  Your efforts appear to be aimed at destroying the town you claim you want to help.

I have spoken to people around town about your own efforts as a Councillor and a couple of the responses include -

Barry was terrific in the beginning, he attended schools and asked people around town what they wanted, but then he got out of control with his issues with Ron and dropped the ball. 

Another claimed they were on your side until you embarrassed them at public meetings to the degree that when the vote came, they voted for Ron Allen in preference to you.

Further, I asked a colleague of mine who is a very active lobbyist against a Council in the Eastern States to access your website.  Her response was that it could not be taken seriously as you sounded like a nutter.  Her words not mine.

Not one person I have spoken takes you seriously or can remember any project you actually undertook personally or completed that would assist this town.  It is obvious that you believe you can walk the walk and talk the talk, but I am remiss as to what you actually achieved in this town other than trying to stir trouble wherever you went .

I am happy to accept and followup any issues received directly from concerned ratepayers, however I will no longer allow you to use me to further your own ends and your own ego on the Kalbarri Truth Website, which interestingly I believe you denied any affiliation with during a Council meeting. 

In my view you do not represent the better part of Kalbarri citizens and your attitude and behaviour  have exceeded any rights you may have had in trying to act as an intermediately.  Having said that, I hope you accept this email as the constructive criticism you say you are ready to accept. Having seen you in action myself during a Council meeting I somehow doubt it, as sadly your personal vendetta against Ron Allen and anyone associated with him appears to have taken over your entire life.

Jessica Booth

KT's Responce/Opinion.

Northampton Shire Councillor Jessica Booth the KT thank you for your email

The questions must now be asked;
If you say Kramer's email was "
full of spite and accusation" where does that place yours?
Do you support those who are known bullies?
We believe if you support the person you automatically support their behaviour. Where do you stand?
Do you say what is published on the KT web site is not true?
Are you simply unwilling to accept the undeniable evidence?
What would you have us do, NOTHING?
Would you please forward us your comments on Cr Gliddon's performance over the past 10 years?

Please don't lose sight of the fact that you are by choice a Community Public Servant sworn to "take the office upon myself ,and will duly, faithfully, honestly, and with integrity fulfil the duties of the office for the people in the district according to the best of my judgment and ability, and will observe the code of conduct".The KT look forward to you sending us notice of your achievements as they unfold thus allowing us to publish a balanced report on your progress as a Shire Councillor. The ball was never dropped, but it has now been firmly placed in your court.
As a Kalbarri Shire Councillor your deeds during your term will no doubt unveil the true you and the KT will be there to report on it.

Your email, no matter how bitter will be used constructively by Kramer and the KT.

More on Cr Booth - Link -

Email received 11/03/10

Dear KT Editor,  
I have,just read the Australia Day material on the Kalbarri Truth website..........I feel I must comment..... As I was a resident of Kalbarri during the time Councillor Kramer was elected and served his time in office (I'm proud to say I voted for Kramer and was more than impressed with what he worked at and achieved in his time), and as an avid reader of Kalbarri Truth both then and now, I wish to comment on a few issues. Before I go any further I would like to list a few of Barry Kramer's projects, mainly for Councillor Booth's benefit as she is either in denial or has been brain washed by the pack.
1 Formed the Kalbarri Rate Payers Association which ultimately gave rate payers a voice within the shire for the first time ever.
2 Formed the Old Bastards association which is very successful in raising an incredible amount of money for charities within Kalbarri.
3 With the help of his wife Jan, organised Cleanup Australia in and around Kalbarri which apparently has fallen by the wayside since they left town.
4 Applied for a grant for the skate park and was granted $40,000.00 but due to lack of support and interest along with oposition from the Kalbarri Community it was subsequently forwarded on to the PCYC.
5 Canvassed businesses in Geraldton and was offered the donation of a colorbond shed to use as a games room for the skate park,and once again ,dropped because of lack of support etc.
6 Was often seen helping the senior residents of Kalbarri, mowing lawns, cleaning up gardens,and taking garden refuse to the tip for those who were not agile enough to do it themselves.Not to  mention organising garage sales and helping people to move to Geraldton when the time came for them to have to move into aged care......something I have never witnessed any other councillor doing in all the years I lived in Kalbarri.
7 Always visited the sick both in hospital and at home.Barry attended funerals ,one which comes to mind, travelling from Perth to Geraldton after his term in office had expired.
8. Always available 24/7 either by phone or in person to help anyone with a problem or to offer advice.
9. Monthly reports in town talk to keep the residents informed in what was happening.
10,Made himself available in the shire office once a month to answer any questions.
Barry Kramer was a very active councillor within the community showing guts and determination to stand alone by not running with the less than professional side of most of the other councillors,thus being crucified, but he remained the bigger and better person while doing his job. One can only surmise that the display of hatred towards Barry was a direct result of him "showing up" the other councillor's lethagy.
Back to KT . Councillor Booth your comment about Barry not achieving anything is quite untrue showing that you are totally misinformed. Barry completed one term in office and did not seek re election for obvious reasons . Why would he waste his time ?
Maybe you could outline your achievements since you have been on council.
Councillor and President were so busy criticising Barry for mispelling YOUR name that you misspelt your CEO's name and forgot to give Barry a capital.
Your question to quote "Investigating?" What complaint?" You were obviously unaware of what you were refuting, but then to quote you "..........Get real you are not being noticed you are inaffectual " What a sad statement .Barry is certainly not inaffectual and he never wished to be noticed but YOU certainly have been now due to the standard of your response to this serious accusation of one of your councillor's behaviour in public.
I will leave this at this point even though other points spring to mind !
I also apologise for the length of this email but believe it had to be said.

Please don't publish my name and address. I don't need any hate mail.

Name witheld by request.

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thank you for your email and thank you for demonstrating the courage to publicly express an opinion that differs from those in Kalbarri who believe they are from a higher order.
There are many who know the true story of Kramer's time in Council and many who have privately thanked him and his wife Jan for their efforts. There is little doubt that at the moment our new Cr Booth hangs with a certain group of people.

Please allow us the opportunity to address one comment Cr Booth made in her email to Kramer, that was "
Further, I asked a colleague of mine who is a very active lobbyist against a Council in the Eastern States to access your website.  Her response was that it could not be taken seriously as you sounded like a nutter.  Her words not mine." The KT's response to Cr Booth and her colleague in the eastern states is as follows;

"It has been said every great oak was once a nut that stood its ground".

The emails from Cr Booth and Cr Wilson simply highlights the need for the KT to continue reporting on the behaviour of Councillors and Council.
You be the judge.

Email received 06/06/2010

Sent: Sunday, 6 June 2010 2:50 PM
To: kalbarri
Subject: great web site

Hello - Have just read your web site......congratulations.
Change the names and it could be York in the Avon Valley.

I believe there are now 12 free hold business's in York on the market  -  two. as I understand it, are victims of: bureaucratic stuff ups, red tape and goal moving exercises - games it would seem played by the ego's who manage to bubble their way to the top of local cesspits.

Our Ratepayers/Residents Assoc. received a letter from the CEO calling them scurrilous and vindictive - because the Members requested Crs. withdraw delegated authority from the CEO, thus returning power back to the crs. The CEO took it upon himself to answer the letter and it was not even addressed to him.

From the contacts our group have throughout WA via the internet, It would seem many communities are experiencing the same problems

Name witheld by request.

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thank you for your email and the time you gave to read the KT web site.

It appears your CEO is out of control? Where is your Shire President? Does your Council comprise of spineless people?
The primary roll of the CEO is to ensure the effective administration of the council, to implement council policy and managing council's day to day operations. He/She is responsible to the council for the provision of accurate and timely advice.

The CEO also has a number of statutory obligations.
  • advise council on the functions of the local government under the Act and other laws.
  • ensure advice and information is available to enable the council to make informed decisions.
  • cause council decisions to be implemented.
  • manage the day to day operations.
  • liaise with the president on the LG affairs and performance.
  • speak on behalf of the LG if the president agrees.
  • responsible for other employees.
  • ensure records and documents are properly kept.
  • perform other functions of the Act and other laws.
In your case it appears your CEO would do well to follow the Local Government Act and not demonstrate poor leadership by involving himself in outside matters, enforcing what he obviously believes is his unimpeachable authority.
Please remember, collectively your community owns the Council. Do not accept anything less than a timely, courteous and professional performance from your CEO, President and Councillors.
Use Council's "Question Time" to publicly record your grievances.
Link to more LG maladministration.

2 more Links to inform and educate:-

Our story on Kalbarri District High School Administration.


Email received 17.09.10

     Just a little foresight into the Greed ! And money hungry altitude of Kalbarri, the  Kalbarri IGA.  The food prices  are totally out of control! 1 rock melon $8, I punnet of cherry tomatoes $6, and so on.. My goodness! No wonder quite a few people are doing on line shopping from Coles in Perth and getting sent up on  Kalbarri Carries.  Kalbarri has finely out pricing it's self to a point that travelers are dropping off  in an abundance. It is not only IGA but but most of the businesses, accommodation included have just gone over the top !! Greed Greed Greed! Will bring this beautiful little sea side town to a stand still.  But the more you complain the higher the price goes. Very Sad indeed. I guess they have to do something to pay for  their after hours activities.         Please put this on your web sight    

Name witheld by request

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thank you for your email the KT will respond when our investigation is complete.

Some Good News:-   June 2011.   It has been reported that the KALBARRI SUPERMARKET (Next to the Newsagency) is offering a 5% discount on goods to Seniors. (excludes Cigarettes & Tobacco)

PLEASE NOTE   01.11.10

The 4 emails that were published in this space have now been deleted. It was brought to our attention that under the circumstances it was inappropriate to print names so the KT immediately removed them. It has now been reported that a person, perhaps with malicious intent has downloaded copies of the emails containing names (KT deleted all names within 24 hour of publishing) and is distributing them as hardcopy throughout the school. After being informed of this the KT now regret publishing these emails and humbly and unreservedly apologise to anyone who may have been hurt or embarrassed by them.


Email received 19.11.2010

Barry, I have looked at your site from time to time and have often wondered what your agenda is, hammering 'bullies', and yet from what I can see all your site does is bully people. The reason I write to you is to ask where your update is on the Karen Adams page. You say on your site that once the investigation is complete you will publish the full report. Well as many of us true Kalbarrians know, the ombudsman has cleared the school and all the staff you have named fully of any wrong doing. So are you going to print that, or would printing the truth be too harmful to your cause? As far as your attacks go on ----------------, good luck with that one. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

Names withheld.

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thank you for your email, it is encouraging to see people using the facility we provide to publish a personal comment/opinion on issues that concern them. The KT are waiting for the Ombudsman to forward us a copy of their finding, when that occurs it will be published.


Email received 23.12.2010

The people who sent in this email/picture asked if the KT would publish it. Reason not given?

Names witheld by request.

scroll down



KT Received this email on the 10.04.2011

Can you put the following on your email web
Good News local Kalbarrians, If you got a problem in your street or neighbourhood who can you call?
AMBROSIE  the local prank call specialist.  Please note all calls will be made from his own phone.

Name witheld by request.

KT Comment/Opinion
Thank you for your email.
We inform our readers that there is a much more sinister story behind this tongue in cheek email. The KT is currently seeking permission from the victims to publish their story.


Email received 12.04.2011

In response to the email 10/4/2011. I am horrified that someone could think or even do the things this person has done to a family in Kalbarri. What concerns me even more is that Ambrose is on the School Council and P&C. Here we are paying our voluntary contributions putting our faith in respectable community members with the hope they will guide and put our precious school and its children on the right path. Instead we have a brainless, thug.  I hope the school acts accordingly and promptly removes him of these committees. A.S.A.P

Name withheld by request.

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thank you for caring enough to publicly comment.
The KT have been informed that our Mr Ambrose Heelan was accused, sent to court and found guilty of giving a Kalbarri family death threats via his mobile phone. It was a simple task for the police to trace the calls. Mr Heelan's messages/threats are too graphic to repeat or publish.
As the email 12.04.11 states, this person (Ambrose) is a member of our School Council and a member of the schools P&C.
Both committees are there to guide and influence those who educate our kids so the question must now be asked;
As Mr Heelan now has a police record should he hold a position on any school committee?

Presented below is a copy of a section of a recent school news letter. "Respect" seems to play a big part in what this school's administration is demanding from the kids, yes? 

Copy provided as proof, also to inform and educate.

23 February 2011
Hackney Street
(PO Box 584)

�� (08) 9937 0300
�� (08) 9937 1389
This fortnight in the Kalbarri DHS community we are targeting RESPECT

Our school is here to…
provide a supportive environment for
students to develop relevant skills,
knowledge, attitudes and values
that maximise individual potential.
in a global society

Swimming lessons are well under way and I would like to thank the Penn Family for allowing us to use their pool at the Palm Resort for our lessons. Without their support we would have needed to cancel Interm lessons, as the river is so fickle at the moment.
Thank you to the following people who nominated for the School Council positions. There are just the number we need to fill positions, so there is no need for an election.
Community Representative - Des Burgess
Parent Representatives - Ambrose Heelan, Andrew Lawson, Stephanie Penn
P&C Representative - Mel Murray
Staff representatives - Kerry Russell , Paul Loffler, Jamie Senbergs and Carol Goodwin.

Carol Goodwin, Principal

end of report.

We will now observe how this school's administration, headed by the Principal Carol Goodwin, enforces its code of ethics and practices respect in the way it continually preaches.


Received this email on the 15.04.11

Barry, I think you may need to check your sources, because whovever is feeding you your latest lot of info is either very deliberately misleading you, or you are party to outright lies. Ambrose Heelan was not found guilty of threatening anyone with anything. He is very open about the fact that he rang John Lofaro and abused him, and copped a spent conviction, meaning no criminal record. Given that he has no criminal record, on what grounds do you suggest the school should sack him from the committees he is on? What Ambrose did was abuse a man who has gone out of his way to tell lie after lie after lie. Why not put on your site why Ambrose took it upon himself to abuse John Lofaro? And while I'm on here, can I ask why you have published a letter twice on your site from 'a shire councillor', and not put the councillors name? Could it be because the idiot who wrote those lies is none other than Lou Parker, some who you clearly despise? But hey, leave his name out and Parkers letter serves your purpose.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story hey Barry?

KT Responce:
The email the KT received on the 19.11.10 and the email displayed above will be forwarded on to the CCC to be investigated as it is believed that the person sending these emails is unlawfully using another persons registered business name to hide their true identity.


Received this email on the 5th August 2011.
Name witheld.

Hi,       My name is --- ------ and I was researching "how to set up a rate payers association" online when I came across your WebSite. Your site and the details contained within were like a breath of fresh air. Your story mirrors that of residents in the Waratah\Wynyard shire in North West Tasmania.        When I have a little more time I would like to correspond further in regards to Council matters/ behaviors and legal way to not only reign them in, but also on how to keep local residents and the wider community informed & involved.       In the interim, could you please give me some background into the people involved with the writing,publishing and website management of the Kalbarritruth and if your fight against corruption in regards to Local (so called) Government still continues?    
Yours Sincerely  

Tasmania 7325

KT Responce:
Contact has been made with this reader and the offer of help was extended to them.
Here is a website that may give you the courage to continue your fight.


Received this email on the 26th September 2011 in answer to the email the KT received on the 15th April 2011 (as displayed up-page)

Dear concerned Kalbarri residents, My name is Jon Lo-Faro and I thought it would be appropriate to explain a few things.First of all I would like to respond to the email put on this site by gutless persons onlytrying to provoke reactions. On the 25th of feb. 2011 AMBROSE HEELAN phoned the pizza shop twice1st time at8.26pm with threatening claims and that I have just met my "nemesis" and abused and threatened me.The 2nd time was at 8.32pm where he claimed to have sights on me with his gun from a distance within the bushes at grey springs Then repeating the words  BANG BANG with lots of swearing from him and I .......I said I will find you and I did...He received a $600.00 fine plus court feeand a spent conviction.. This doesn't mean that this person got away with anything...In the email it says LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE well i've got my name to this assholeWhat Lies.....  I'm sure that if we look around we can see changes within the school...To The people who say that the.... BUS TRIP NEVER HAPPENED ARE WRONG!!!!Things are a changing and all I have done is STAND MY GROUND... and I just watch as the "manipulated concerned people" connected with all these issues lie AND not only to save their jobs but lie straight to their so called friends faces...............I'm not two faced...... I'm straight up and if you don't like that about me WELL GET OVER IT.. ...MY FAMILY AND I ARE HERE TO STAY....We have just sold the pizza shop so all those people who decided to BOYCOTT the pizza shop since Christmas thanks for your obvious support know who you are..... because I do ....To the majority of the town I wish to say thanks............The others need to start to heal and build bridges again and maybe an apology or two might be appropriate or maybe a town meeting to explain and answer questions...To KWEENY ..OLD MAN RIVER..KWEEN OF KALBARRI AND CO.......KISS MY ASS...AND I DO KNOW WHO YOU ARE..HA HA THANKS JON LOFARO

KT's Responce/Opinion.
Thanks for the show of courage and your email Jon. The KT has been following your progress since you and your family became one of their victims and also after their vexatious attempt to sue you and others who spoke out about their bully-boy behaviour.
Like the song goes "I was a big man yesterday, boy you ought to see me now!"

The KT were thinking of what to write in response to your email but one of our readers beat us to it.
As follows:-

Received this email 27th September 2011, in support/answer to Jon Lofaros' email.

Enhance your life with a smile
For all the people out there who did not believe, you were looking at current difficulties from a very fixed position, you have dug yourself a hole?
Listen to the alternative views of others, they will help you see the problem from a fresh perspective.
Don't be fixed in your opinions and attitudes, which can put others offside -  Why lose a friendship over lies!!!!!!
Wheels on the bus went round and round and OOPS! we did it again. = loser
No need for Whistle blowers on this bus, only the ones that told it like it was and the bigger picture is that they can sleep straight in bed at night (finished with pride)
Yes it was a tough road that was travelled, but now the truth is out there.
You don't have to be a genius to know how much you'll see it for what it really was.
Have FAITH in the system
FINALLY     the Education Department got this one correct.
"we were of course, competely innocent of all the trumped up charges, we never misbehaved and always sat and listened quietly and repectfully on the bus
NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! " I Quote...
Never mind!!  
Let's start again  (give em enough rope...............................................
A good scout for the cavalry exposes a crooked bunch and brings an award winning drama to an uprising to an excellent ensemble.
Roller shutters up  (no moon light now)
Enjoy the view........ what a wonderful day in Kalbarri
It's like a warehouse clearance
OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW
Sweet revenge is the start of a good PARTY

Name witheld by request.

KT's Responce/Opinion.
The Education Departments' findings (on the "Boofhead Bus Ride) have opened up a whole new set of questions like what are they going to do with those employed within the department who are now on record for openly lying to the investigator and or the Kalbarri community? What are they going to do about the way Laurie Andrews side stepped his responsibilities by not ordering a proper investigation into the many complaints his Department received? What are they going to do about the way victims of these lies have been very publicly persecuted? We guess the punishment (if any) they hand down will show everyone just how bureaucrats like our $1,538 a day Director General Education Sharyn O'Neill deal with members of her staff who lie with the intent to deceive. The KT have heard that lying is a part of the Education Departments' culture, encouraged simply to help protect their jobs and the Departments' reputation. Something else that can be added to the list of maladministration. The more we have to record the stronger our case.

The education department's acting executive director of Professional Standards and Conduct, Eamon Ryan says ``Teachers are in a special position of trust and we expect them to act responsibly and in the best interests of children at all times.''  We ask Eamon Ryan to email the KT with his comments.

The KT believe the buck stops with the minister Liz Constable and her over paid side kick
Sharyn O'Neill.
The KT stand ready to publish their verdict.

Continued on page 3.  Link to page 3..
Are your kids being educated by the right sort of people?

Pictured here are staff from Kalbarri District School while the cutting is from The Sunday Times news paper.

The KT understand that not all on that "Boofhead" bus ride were involved in this childish behaviour. The KT would ask those who were on the bus and who didn't take part in this intimidating and abusive behaviour to show some sympathy for the victims by contacting them and offering them your support. This is one of many ways to prove your innocents and also show others you are a person of principals. They await your phone calls.
Visit the school and the teachers.