Cecila Finlay

Cecila Mary Fiorenza was born on the 10.2.1928 in Queenstown, Tasmania .
Cecila moved to Geraldton with her parents, Dominic and Maria Fiorenza and with her brothers and sisters.  Jimmy, Ray, Alfie, Teresa, Lena .
They all live in Geraldton today.
Cecila's religious background is Catholic.
She likes to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and family do's.
Cecila remembers being educated in Mount Magnet, Meekatharra, Cue, and Big Bell, all country towns. Cecila has many fond memories from all the schools that she attended.  (and there was lots.) 
She remembers going to school in a horse drawn cart.
Ceclia met Harry Finlay,
And they were married
in Geraldton. 
They have 3 children,  Pam, Garry and Rhonda.
What was it like bringing up the children?  Good.  Harry was a prospector so the kids got to do lots of different things and got to see lots of places.
Favourite listening music, Connie Francis, and likes most Country and Western.
Cecila played sport (Badminton) when she was younger and won many trophies which are displayed all over her house.  I'd say she was very very good at it.

I asked Cecila besides bringing up the kids, what else did you do for work?
This was her answered to me.

.   Some good old history now to be told.                

Cecila and Harry moved to Kalbarri with the kids.
Originally the Town ice works, this site was purchased by the Finlay's; Harry, Garry and Cecila.

Renamed it Gantheaume Bay Fisheries. (G.B.F.)
The local snapper resource was exported, fresh chilled and by air transport to Japan and the Australian
National Markets ( Sydney , Melbourne , Perth , Adelaide and Canberra ). 1987 the Australian small
Business Awards was received by G.B.F. for it's Export developments.  G.B.F. at its peak employed 40 people directly (Packers, Filliters, Drivers, Fisherman) and supported 140 indirectly. (Families, Wives & Children).
Fish production peaked at 400 ton P.A. of which 85% was air freighted
to the above mentioned markets and 15% was marketed locally.
1989 this Company found it's self in a crisis, the pilots strike which stopped our nation, sent small
business broke and pushed our Country further into debt.
How much it cost Australia no one will ever know.
With our Transport network destroyed the Finlay's unfolded their ambitious plan.
'Why not bring the market to our product.'
The fortunate, misfortune of this pilots strike gave birth to Finlay's Fish BBQ.
Cecila worked at the fish BBQ's for over 15 years. 
When you walk into Finlays Fish BBQ's you see all sorts of memorabilia hanging on walls. 
The Finlays collected old cars. Harry collected wood and made statues and frames. Cecila use to walk in the bush helping to collect wood and other things to hang up. 
Cecila says that Harry's work is on display at Finlay's BBQ today and other places around town.
I have seen some at the doctor's surgery, the church and the Health Centre.
Harry passed away in 2006 and because of age Cecila no longer works at the Finlay's BBQ.
Garry and his partner Lynn along with other family members, run Finlay's today. 
Cecila goes down to the BBQ's for tea and likes to watch everyone enjoying themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.
(I have to say it is fun and with Garry's banter)  ha ha ha.
The fire still burns.                                                                                                                            

Garry, Cecila and Lynn   2009
The KT would like to thank the thoughtful community minded person who sent in this story of Cecila and her family.

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