(July 2011)
Kirsty is a highly respected teacher who would be welcomed into any class room, as you will read the accolades that have been laid upon her would humble the most experienced school teacher.
Sadly this story tells of more education department maladministration, failing to provide our kids with the best teachers/schooling, preferring instead to support the bullies while sacrificing some of the most productive, loved and respected teachers.

This story is expected to unfold over the next few months as more information becomes available.

The first part of Kirsty's story comes courtesy of
It is presented to help our readers understand the value our community places on Kirsty, not only as a teacher but also as a much loved community member.

"Kirsty Sinclair's ability to build a strong rapport with the local teens of Kalbarri has earned her widespread respect in the community. Her many contributions to the betterment of the local community include her roles as the Chair of Kalbarri Local Drug Action Group, overseeing the Student School Council, being the convener of Kalbarri Youth Action Committee, co-ordinating and organising subsidised school holiday action plans, instigating a 'free-space' for local teens and ensuring that the teenagers are able to attend sports training by driving the community bus over 100kms. All of this work Kirsty does beyond her role as the Careers and Vocational Education teacher at Kalbarri District High School, as well as running her own business and caring for her five-year-old son. Kirsty's ability to succeed with the youth in this community is seen where parents, schools and government agencies have not. Her contribution to the well being of the youth in this small, rural town has ensured the better future for countless individuals by offering them opportunities they would have never had."

end of one article.
the start of another.


Following is information that publicly praises Kirsty for all her unselfish community work, listing the things she has initiated and been involved in.

It is copied from the "Kalbarri Town Talk" (local news) page 25 December 2010.

"Kirsty Sinclair"
"Kirsty Sinclair is awesome. She works countless hours in her own time to help make Kalbarri a better place, especially for our youth and she is very involved with and dedicated to her school students during school hours and beyond. Kirsty organises community events such as Kalbarri's Got Talent and River Rampage and provides our youth with skills to assist in the organisation of such events. She is the convener of the Local Drug Action Group. Kirsty ensures community participation in Clean Up Kalbarri days and The Hangout at PCYC. She is very active in community events including the Cray and Canoe carnival and Choose Respect activities including family picnics. Kirsty has been instrumental in guiding the EARTHMATES in their community achievements, including the Plastic Bag Group. She has been the leader of the Student Council for many years and spent many hours working to provide free events and fundraising opportunities for the students. She formalised the newspaper recycling program. Kirsty is also a key figure in the Health and Wellbeing Committee. She has introduced initiatives including Wellness Wednesday for high school girls, Walk to School breakfasts and free healthy lunches. Kirsty also introduced Chockies for Champs' for staff to recognise and show appreciation for their colleagues.
Kirsty works tirelessly to provide our youth with activities and instill much needed life skills and values for each of them for their futures."

end of copy.

After receiving her award Kirsty makes her comment on the same page as follows:-

"This is probably the biggest honour of my life. Thanks to the kids. The kids in Kalbarri continue to make us so proud and inspire us and that's why I do what I do."

KT Comment/Opinion.
It is now July 2011, how quickly things in Kalbarri can turn to shit.

Kirsty Sinclair has left the Kalbarri District High School and Kalbarri!

Questions now have to be asked.

Why has Kirsty left the KDHS? (Kalbarri District High School)
Why has Kirsty left Kalbarri?
Why was she sacrificed and by who?
What was gained by forcing Kirsty out?
Who bullied her out of a job and out of town?
Who in Kalbarri supports Kirsty's antagonists?
Was this in the best interest of our kids?
Who was to benefit from her demise?
Was she just another victim?
So on, so on and so on. Our kids lose out once again!

Questions now have to be answered. Those responsible for Kirsty's departure need to be publicly identified and the appropriate action taken to remove them and then try to encourage her to come back to our community and our school.

The list of victims continues to grow while the education department continue to shelter the perpetrators.

29th July 2011

Dear Kirsty;
We hope you are well.

The news the KT received today gives us hope that justice is being served and change for the better is on its way. We now wait to record the truth as it comes to hand. We also realise that lies and rumour will be purposefully put to the community and the school kids to protect those who have been found guilty and made to moved on.
Also if what we have been told is confirmed there should be a flood of apologies coming from those employed by the education department who have appeared to have gone out of their way to support and shield the guilty for the sake of protecting the Departments' reputation. The KT have comprehensively recorded the names and actions of these people who we believe have side stepped their official responsibilities and failed in many areas including their duty of care. The KT also believe many people from the Minister down are guilty of maladministration because of their reluctance to effectively protect the kids involved by not properly investigating and acting on the many complaints sent in by parents (eg. Karen Adams Story). The KT believe it's time the investigators' "Boofhead Bus Report" is released even if it is only for the victims to read. We are informed this report has been sitting in some ones 'too hard basket'  for a significant number of weeks with no action taken. Slowing down the processes is just another weapon used by bureaucrats to dodge the media and exhaust their victims.
Kirsty, we would like you to know that the KT stands ready to publish your story if you are able to muster the courage to overcome the Departments intimidation tactics, one being to advise their victims not to go public as it will be detrimental to any proposed investigation. Your decision either way will always be respected.

The KT thank those victims who have stood their ground.
KARMA comes to Kalbarri.
Watch this space.


PERTH Sunday Times November 13, 2011. (page 5)

Headline "Teacher penalty"

To be continued.

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