This is a copy of the information that was presented on our "kick start" first page that started on the 07/07/08. This page was reprinted to prevent being accused of hiding any part of this site.

The Kalbarri Truth website will only offend the offenders.

"Welcome to the Kalbarri Truth website. a network of well-known business people have joined to mount the new Kalbarri Truth website. We acknowledge the courage of the editor of the first KT website (KT1). It is not this site's intention to act outside the law or defame innocent people. There is personal information that will not be posted on this site unless defamation proceedings are brought against it. We are well prepared to handle threats of defamation. Also the media have been alerted. In the words of the Shire President, Councillor George Parker "If you don't like it too bad". The truth is about to be told, stay tuned.

Senior Editor Barry Kramer has done 5 years of research for this story. Tapes, Vidios, Diaries etc.

This is a true story of a small coastal town controlled by some self appointed residents whose greed and ego has controlled its people by bullying and intimidation."

"Now watch for Kalbarri's Rebirth"

Please Note; This website is expected to have changes made daily.
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