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This greeted visitors to York this morning - just outside the Town Hall.
Received this email on the 21.10.2013


Today saw the end of the unofficial 'boys club' Council in York.

We have a new Shire President - Matthew Reid (the local Chemist).  He runs a huge successful business with more turn over than the Shire of York.  He also has a second Chemist shop in the shopping Forum in Northam.  I think it is safe to say he may have one up on the CEO in the financial expertise area!!! 
Matthew also purchased and fully restored the old York Primary School and turned it into a wonderful comprehensive Medical Centre.

Mark Duperouzel is Dep. Shire Pres.....

I have immense faith and trust in Matthew - it will take time for changes to be made, however, it will happen.

Tony Boyle (ex Shire Pres.) made a statement that 'the people of York have spoken'  and sent a clear message with their vote.....the people of York were speaking before but HE chose not listen.  The two main ego's were sitting together at the Council table looking rather glum and dejected.

42% of those eligible to vote in the Shire elections did......Matthew received 90% of the vote. Both these figures are the highest ever recorded in York.

One of the good news items is that Matthew has been appointed as Shire Rep to the Health Board for the Hospital....so we will also see changes up there - thank goodness.  I never want to see any one go thru what they put David thru at the York Hospital.

The second special news item is.....today is the first time I have ever received a hug and a kiss (on the cheek) from the (new) Shire of York President..............(I have to check to see if someone took a picie of that)

The positive winds of change have finally arrived in York and I can now begin to enjoy retirement!!!  It will be a long journey back for our Town but at least we are on that road.

Name witheld.


Sent in by a YORK rate payer with a sense of humor.
A much more serious method of protest,    obviously from a very frustrated rate payer.

In the opinion of members of the York community CEO Ray Hooper falsified the Public Record.
The KT have been forwarded the following documents.
It would appear Rate Payers money is wasted once again but never mind there is a lot more where that came from.
Many breaches of the LG Act have all fallen of deaf ears so we will let you and the court of public opinion be the judge of this.

Things change for the better when good people get involved.

KT received this letter on the 5th April 2014

After reading the letter presented below one would have to ask why this CEO is so determined to not want to resolve the many issues he has with members of the York community. Is it because he doesn't have the skills? Many believe he needs to focus on the job at hand that being managing the Shires operations and doing so in a more mature businesslike manner.
KT received this letter in the 15.04.14

A unanimous decision was made by York Councillors at a meeting on the 14th April, 2014 to employ an Investigator to look into a complaint received by the Shire President on the 4th April, 2014  (approx. 73 residents attended that meeting - including the York Police, not sure why they were there or who called them but the Police did not stay)

On the Tuesday 15th April, 2014, a large number of residents from York were in the process of being interviewed by the Investigator when the CEO sprung his resignation on the Shire President.  Interviews were put on hold whilst the Shire President and the Investigator went to the York Administration Office. 

The CEO left the Shire of York Administration mid afternoon on the 15th April, 2014.  The Shire President took the keys to the Administration, the CEO's Credit Card and his car.  The CEO was driven home by a Staff Member and the car was returned to the Shire Office.

A Special Council meeting was called for 8 am on the 16th April, 2014( approx.  50 bleary eyed residents attended) The President announced the CEO had gone effective the day before. This announcement was received with cheers and applause from the Gallery.
Council voted to authorise the Shire Pres. to employ a temporary CEO whilst they advertise for a permanent replacement CEO.

 A resident requested the CEO's Credit Card statements be looked at and any items found not pertaining to the Shire of York be deducted from his payout.  The Shire President advised this is legally not permitted. 

The resident then asked if the question re the Credit Card issue can be tabled at the next Council meeting - the answer was yes.

The end.

(Name witheld)