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The Karen Adams/Isaac Story. (page 2)

KT Comment/Opinion at this time. ('Kalbarri' Chapter 3, Feb 2010)
Following is a 'List of potential breaches' (in no particular order) that the KT believe members of the School's administration and the Education Department are guilty/in breach of;

Departments Code of Ethics
Departments Code of Conduct
Departments Code of Trust
Caused unnecessary hardship, Mother and Child (Moved to Geraldton)
Caused unnecessary stress to Mother and Child
Caused unnecessary anxiety to Parent and Child
Caused unnecessary anguish to Parent and Child
Accused Mother of being a Psycho.
Showed little professional courtesy
Psychological and emotional abuse
Verbal assaults, threats, harassment, and intimidation
Considered derelict in their duty as a public servant
Breached the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
Failed to observe due process
Failed to comply with a prescribed decision making process/protocol
Failed to observe the principals of natural justice
Isaac's interests were adversely affected
Parents' physical wellbeing was adversely affected
Parents' mental wellbeing was adversely affected
Failed in their Dept. Duty of Performance
Failed in their Duty of Care
Failed to provide adequate supervision
Conspired to discredit Karen's allegations
Failed to properly investigate Parents complaint
Breached their Employment Contract
Failed to provide Equal Opportunity
Failed to provide Procedural Fairness
Failed to establish a process to manage Isaac's progress
Failed to maintain a process for viewing/reviewing Isaac's wellbeing (IEP)
Failed to write up an incident report
Discrimination experienced at a place of learning
Intimidation at a place of learning
Lack of professional support at a place of learning
Lack of professional supervision at a place of trust/learning
Denied the right of choice
Denied the right to property and resources
Integrity Unit took the side of the school without a proper investigation
Parent and Child denied professional help from MP Grant Woodhams

A victim of unfair/unjust treatment from;
  1. Grant Woodhams MP
  2. Ian Blaney MP
  3. Brian Ellis MP
  4. L Andrews, Director Schools Mid West
  5. Jenny Kuhn, (MWDEO)
  6. T Delaney, Standards Integrity Unit
  7. P O'Connor, Executive  Director, Professional Standards and Conduct
  8. Trevor Price, Manager Operations Mid West District Office
  9. S Wells, Headmaster KDHS
  10. Alan Macgregor, Deputy Principal KDPS
  11. J Senbergs, Deputy Principal KDHS
All considered derelict in their duty as public servants
All failed to provide adequate services appropriate to needs and preferences
(Systematic Abuse and Willful Deprivation)
All failed to support a disabled person's social, intellectual and emotional growth and wellbeing
(Emotional neglect)
All considered guilty of contributing to what is now seen as MALADMINISTRATION.
This process to-date has not been transparent, fair and just in accordance with the laws and policies of the Commonwealth of Australia
Public servants (this includes teachers) did not act with probity
Demonstrated profound incompetence
Denied access to justice and a legal system available to other citizens
Parent and Child denied the Principals of Natural Justice

Isaac was free to run naked through school grounds. Grounds unfenced!
Karen banned from school grounds and classroom.
Also banned Karen's Area Coordinator
Failed to implement Isaac's therapist's advice
Laurie Andrews denied Karen was banned. (Lied)
Laurie Andrews refuted most of the claims made by Karen.

The plan is to exhaust their victims.

Reminder:-   A facility to e-mail the KT is available if persons believe they have been wrongly reported. Appropriate and timely action will be taken by the editors to research and if necessary rectify any legitimate grievance once officially notified.


Dated  6th January 2011

The KT/Kramer has received a 7 page letter from lawyers Jackson McDonald acting on behalf of Alan Macgregor and Jamie Senbergs (Both Deputy Principals Kalbarri School) threatening defamation legal proceeding if the material published on the KT website that they believe concerns them is not removed. They are seeking financial compensation and an apology for the so called "untrue" statements.

Another 3 people have also received similar threatening letters from the same source. Macgregor is party to all 4 threats. The "3 other people" include a single mother caring for her disabled child (Karen Adams), a pensioner currently nursing a sick husband (Alcida Link) and another concerned mother whose child attends KDHS.

It's understood members of the education dept recently spent time at the school training staff on how to sue parents/community members (page 17, the Perth 'Sunday Times', October 31, 2010). This appears to have been a very successful training course. It is disappointing to hear that the DET deemed it unnecessary to give the same class lessons on how to act in a professional and appropriate manner when handling complaints/conflict, following the lawful steps laid out in their own DET policy manual. Follow this link to better understand why the KT finds it necessary to act as the messenger and report on what is believed to be discriminative and bullying behaviour.

These threats from Macgregor and Senbergs have been received as a long awaited opening for Karen Adams and others to finally have there day in court. The KT group have receive and reviewed professional advice concerning these threats and we have decided to vigorously defend our constitutional right to FREE SPEECH/EXPRESSION and the right to act as a voice/messenger for the victims of bullying/abuse who fear retribution or possibly haven't the courage to speak for themselves. We also defend the right to record the truth and express an opinion on affairs that involve sectors of our public service. The KT is ready to fully report on all aspects of future proceedings. The media have also been alerted/put on notice and await further information.

As a result of recent events the KT group believe the following to be the appropriate response.
If any further action is taken in regard to the threats of defamation served by Macgregor and Senbergs upon Ms Karen Adams or the people who operate this website it will immediately bring about a privately funded full and in depth investigation into all the claims/complaints put forward by Karen and others who over the years have been adversely effected by members of this schools administration (BOTH IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS) The investigation will also seek reasons to why it appeared that many official reports/complaints of adverse behaviour sent to the DET were not kept private and confidential and not deemed to be a breach of their codes/policy. The information will then be handed over to the Corruption and Crime Commission, the Ombudsman's Office, the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Federal Court of Australia. Any further action will also instigate at least 3 civil counter law suits against Macgregor and Senbergs.

We now see the Federal Court of Australia handing down a guilty verdict in the case of Mason Vs Methodist Ladies Collage where the collage was found guilty of breaching the DDA and not providing the Mason's autistic child with proper support and education. The court ordered a significant pay-out and a public apology to the victims for the schools acts of discrimination. The similarities between this and Ms Adams case are much too obvious to ignore.

Victims are now united and determined to seek justice so let the proceedings begin.

Some relevant legislation;- "It is unlawful for anyone to victimise a person because they have made, or intend to make, a complaint." (Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Commonwealth)

Are your kids being educated by the right sort of people?

What follows is a copy of a  "LETTER TO THE EDITOR", Kalbarri Town Talk, January 2011. Sent in by one of our Shire Councillors.

                              "Disgraceful Bus Trip"

"It is with much regret that during this festive season I feel compelled to act on an extremely disappointing and disgraceful incident that allegedly took place on the evening of the 16th of December.

At approximately 8pm that evening, it is alleged a bus with staff and spouses of staff,  including the Principal and Deputies, was deliberately driven past several homes by the husband of the Principal, where the bus was then stopped and a number of persons proceeded to swear, yell abuse, and expose parts of their anatomy.

At one home, this was witnessed by the parents and children who live there, children who happen to be students of Kalbarri District High School! I happened to be on night shift that particular evening, and am personally just thankful that my wife and kids were not home by themselves to see how some staff practice "CHOOSE RESPECT" when the bus stopped outside my home!

To all the staff who were not on the bus that evening, I feel very sorry for you that these disgraceful actions unfortunately end up affecting all staff to some degree. Rest assured,  people in our community realise that many of the teaching staff at KDHS are dedicated professionals, and will no doubt be horrified by what allegedly took place.

To the persons on the bus who actively involved themselves in what took place, it is my opinion that you should all feel ashamed at your actions against people of this community. People do not mind others letting off a bit of steam, a bit of banter, etc, but what you did crossed the line! I know that several of the alleged ringleaders also have young families like the ones that were targeted, how would they feel if a hostile busload of animals pulled up outside their homes and did the same with their young kids present. Would they just fob it off and expect the community to not be outraged?

To the other persons who were on the bus but did not join in with the unruly pack, it is now up to you to stand up and hold these people to account! To sit back and do nothing is to condone and accept the actions that took place! Again I say, would you sit back and do nothing if this was directed at you? If you as public servants are not prepared to properly serve and stand up for the community that employs you, maybe you are in the wrong place!

It is also very sad when students of the school are going around town talking about the alleged happenings on the bus that evening. What are these students now going to think when certain staff expect them to behave properly and "SHOW RESPECT" in a school environment. Although it is was with some sadness that my wife and I chose to continue our kids education in Geraldton in 2011, after this episode there is no way I could leave my children under the care and guidance of this current administrative team when this is the example they set for their students, and the contempt that they show for our community!

Considering the very first page of the Education Department's "Staff Conduct" policy booklet states "Staff of the Department of Education and Training must behave with integrity. Line Managers must demonstrate ethical leadership", I certainly cannot see any evidence of integrity in this instance! Integrity in the dictionary means to act with honesty and with morals. Then later," The Staff Conduct Policy applies to all staff employed by the Department". This must be acknowledged and signed by employees."

End of article.


The KT understand that not all on that "Boofhead" bus ride were involved in this childish behaviour. The KT would ask those who were on the bus and who didn't take part in this intimidating and abusive behaviour to show some  sympathy for the victims by contacting them and offering them your support. This is one of many ways to prove your innocents and also show others you are a person of principals. Don't be known as a "secret keeper", they await your phone calls.
which in part reads;
"What conduct standards are we bound by?"
1. "All staff must behave with integrity and carry out their professional responsibilities in accordance with the Public Sector Code of Ethics, public sector standards as in the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and all Department policies.
The assessment of alleged sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse of a student perpetrated by an employee is the responsibility of the Standards and Integrity Directorate and may result in disciplinary action. Refer to the Department's

Discipline policy for further information."


18th February 2011
Moving from a Victim to a Survivor.

It is on this day Ms Karen Adams has decided to end her futile battle for justice and equality, justice for herself and equality for her autistic son Isaac, both have experienced a shameful lack of support from members of the WA Education Department who are in positions where they could have assisted but instead have cause her hardship and stress. In the opinion of many all have failed dismally to provide Isaac with the opportunity to access the appropriate support he needed and the education that should be available to all Australian children, disabled or not.

Ms Adams, being driven to total exhaustion because of all the bureaucratic incompetence believes the time has come to have KARMA decide the fate of those responsible for causing her so much unnecessary grief.

KT Opinion/Comment;
It is believed that those public servants referred to in this chapter (Karen Adams Story) have failed a single mother who desperately needed their professional support while doing her best to educate her autistic son at the Kalbarri School. (at times referred to as "the school of bullying")
Maybe those who have been following this story have come to realise that the WA education departments culture is to use intimidation to enforce their authority and purposefully delay proceedings to dodge the media and exhaust their opponents to help maintain their control and protect their departments reputation. A classic example of this is realised in the letter sent to the KT's email address written by Mr
David Axworthy, Acting Deputy Director General, Schools. His letter wasn't to allay any fears of maladministration or give reason to the many complaints made against this school's administration, nor was it to suggest he is doing his best as the Acting Deputy Director General to resolve the conflict while demanding that the highest level of education is being made available to all. Instead he openly displayed more of his departments culture by criticising, condemning and belittling those who find fault with the way his department operates. SO!

Those the KT find Guilty of Neglect concerning the welfare of a disabled child and of being Derelict in their respective duty during the course of Ms Adams battle for justice and equality are;
  1. The administration of the Kalbarri District High School for a gross lack of respect for a struggling parent, failing in most areas including their duty of care and failing to act in a professional manner. Two of whom threatened Ms Adams with a defamation law suit for telling her story.
  2. Members of the Kalbarri community for their lack of personal support for Karen Adams and Isaac during her fight for equality.
  3. The Geraldton Office of the Education Department for their lack of support and their reluctance to investigate complaints against members of their sector.
  4. The Education Department (Silver City) for their maladministration and their refusal to fully investigate complaints and take the appropriate action in a timely manner.
  5. The States Minister for Education (Liz Constable MLA) for her lack of leadership.
  6. Education Department director-general Sharyn O'Neill for her apparent lack of care and involvement.
  7. Mid West District Education regional executive director Laurie Andrews for consistently refusing to fully investigate complaints as per his departments' complaints handling procedure.
  8. Paul O'Connor, executive director Professional Standards and Conduct Unit, for his incompetence when it came to resolving the multitude of complaints lodged against the schools' administration.  
  9. The Ombudsman's Office for their inept investigation into Ms Adams complaint, choosing to select 2 issues out of a possible 38 breaches, ending the review into their investigation with one of their excuses being - "whether re-investigating the matter is an efficient and effective use of our limited resources". A priceless statement from one of our supposably most trusted watchdogs, one that we are asked to respect and put our trust in. Public confidence - ZERO!
  10. Also a number of Bureaucrats and MP's who are on our records for sidestepping their responsibilities.
Because of their lack of concern members of these departments have also been seen as significant players in the game of "bureaucratic ass covering", a "game" that has demonstrated absolute contempt causing victims like Ms Adams and others profound and unwarranted grief, stress, frustration and financial loss. The question must be asked; Why was Ms Adams singled out? We can only hope this never happens to anyone else.

Leaving this culture of maladministration and incompetence behind the KT and Ms Adams would like to thank all those wonderful people who saw the injustice and had the courage to stand with Karen through this 4 year ordeal. Thank you all for the mountain of evidence forwarded to help fight what has now been identified as the unwinnable war. Naming you would only make you a target, you know who you are.

The KT take this opportunity to thank Ms Karen Adams for her public show of strength, not wanting to remove her story from the KT website, not giving into the threats of legal action promised by Jamie Senbergs and Alan Macgregor, both prominent members of the WA Education Department.
Thank you Karen and may your show of determination encourage others to speak out and make a stand in the name of justice and child welfare.

The KT wish you and your son much love and happiness for the future.

"The world outside the cave can be a lonely one for those who accept the responsibility to enlighten, to free and to protect his fellow man". David Collett. 'False Gods Fleece the Faithful'

PS. The file on Ms Karen Adams/Isaac will now be past onto the "Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission" (Federal).

This chapter ends for now but stands by to report any future developments that would allow the victims justice.


August 28, 2011.

KT COMMENT/OPINION. (Unfortunately we find it necessary to continue reporting on the WA Education Dept. and its administration)

While kids are being discriminated against and while many are leaving school unequipped to secure gainful employment we see the administrators responsible for their dilemma being paid obscene amounts of money. The "fat-cats" continue to demand respect for the positions they hold even though they continue to fail in their duty of care and their duty of performance.
False Gods continue to fleece the faithful.
Here is one such an example thanks to

Start of first report:-
WA's education chief has been awarded a pay rise of up to $50,000, taking her annual salary package to more than $400,000.
Despite cuts across the public education system, Education Department director-general Sharyn O'Neill now enjoys a total remuneration package of up to $430,000.
Ten senior officers within the Education Department are also raking in between $170,000 and $380,000 a year.
In total, $3.271 million was paid to 18 senior officers in 2009-10, but some have been transferred to the new Department of Training and Workforce Development.
The revelation comes a week after The Sunday Times reported cash-strapped parents owe more than $10 million in outstanding public school fees and charges.
Opposition education spokeswoman Michelle Roberts said the public education system had suffered a number of funding cuts while the director-general enjoyed a pay rise.``There are the ongoing budget cuts, the It Pays to Learn allowance has gone, the $100 subsidy towards school fees has gone and they cut 50 participation officers,'' she said.
``Mums and dads at the end of the chain are suffering while those at the top are being rewarded with outrageous pay increases.''
Under the rules of the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal, Ms O'Neill became entitled to a pay rise of about $35,000 in June _ three years into the top job.
She also benefited from an across-the-board 3.5 per cent rise in 2009-10 after a freeze on all pay increases in 2008-09. She is also entitled to a $22,600 vehicle or the equivalent money.
WA Council of State School Organisations president Rob Fry said he was surprised with such a ``significant'' pay rise at a time when parents were struggling.
Mr Fry said WACSSO, which represents 650 parents and citizens associations, had been forced to cut back a staff member to part-time because of an annual funding cut.
``Our annual funding has been cut by about $50,000 so we've had to tighten our belts,'' he said.
``(Sharyn O'Neill) doesn't have any control over her salary increase but if the Government can afford to pay that much, are they going to increase their support to schools and parents?'' A spokesman for Education Minister Liz Constable said decisions regarding the salary of the director-general were made by the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal.
``It is not a matter appropriate for the Minister to make a comment on,'' he said.

End of media report.
Another news report (Sept 2011) has the West Australian education department headed by our $1,538 a day girl (Sharyn O'Neill) failing to deliver the highest degree of training for our teachers thus failing to provide the highest level of education for our school kids and in turn failing us the tax payer. WA has been 'dumbed down' to 4th place, behind NSW, VIC and Canberra. The report is said to have WA below the national average, failing in 17 out of 20 categories.

Looks like more MALADMINISTRATION, sadly this time our kids are seen to be the victims.


KT Opinion/Comment; 28.10.2011

The Final Insult to Victims of the two School Bullies, Presented by the Principal Carol Goodwin . (Schools October 2011 News Letter)
"Mr Loffler and Mr Todd continue in the Deputy positions as Mr Macgregor and Mr Senbergs take further personal leave. On behalf of staff and students I congratulate both Mr Macgregor and Mr Senbergs on winning Deputy positions down south, beginning in 2012. We wish them and their families all the very best for the future. I thank both men for the dedication and service they have given to Kalbarri District High School over a number of years. I know our loss will be the gain of their new schools."

An open question for Principal Carol Goodwin;

"By congratulating these two and suggesting they won Deputy positions has just rubbed salt into the wounds of victims. Isn't it about time you told parents the truth about the absence of Macgregor and Senbergs, or is there some things you need to hide?"

Some worthy advise:- People lie with the intent to deceive.

For many the departure of Macgregor and Senbergs will herald in a chance of a new start, a chance to build bridges with the hope of creating much needed harmony. Maybe Kirsty Sinclair and Jody McKeown will think about coming back? Time will tell.

Another extract from the October 26th news letter is presented below

"Dear Parents and Caregivers
Our school will be visited next week by the Expert Review Group from the Department of Education.
The Expert Review Group's aim is to improve Kalbarri District High School by helping to set up a better learning environment for your children.
The Group will speak to a range of teachers, parents and students to get an understanding of our school.
They will spend up to two days with us looking at Relationships. They will then provide assistance for us to develop a focus for school improvement.
I believe that Kalbarri District High School will benefit from the Expert Review Group's visit. I look forward to working with all of you as we put into place the changes that will take our school forward into a positive future.

Yours sincerely
Carol Goodwin                                

Link to ERG Report.

Link to more information;

Perhaps the Education Department have finally recognised that the schools' administration is dysfunctional and  the Principal is not capable of doing the job. They are sending in a team, "Expert Review Group" (ERG) to improve Kalbarri District High Schools' learning environment. This begs more questions, "what has been going on in the past and for how long? Why has it taken so long for them to act?" Sadly it won't help the Karen Adams case but better late than never.
More MALADMINISTRATION, the kids being the victims again.

The KT believe that as a parent of a child attending the Kalbarri District High School, don't think for a minute this review will be open or the truth be made available. The KT suggest you prepare yourself for more lies, under the carpet sweeping and butt covering, behaviour the education department cult is well known for.

18th November 2011
Well what do you know, the minister for education the Honourable Dr. Elizabeth Constable actually moved out of her cave/comfort zone and visited the Kalbarr District High School, and we all thought she had resigned 5 years ago.
The KT believe one of the comments she made during her visit about our schools dysfunctional administration should be recorded for all to read,
"You should be proud of your school because I have see a lot worse than this!" (or something similar)

KT Opinion/Comment;
Bloody priceless comment Liz.

God help those schools she referred to because as we have seen in the past they will get little to no help from Sharyn O'Neill, Liz Constable or the education department.

Read more on the link below.

A meeting was arranged in Geraldton with Stephen Baxter, the new Regional Executive Director, Midwest Education Region. (23rd March 2012)

It was believed necessary to bring the new R.E.D. up to date with the 'Karen Adams case'. Mr Baxter gave us all the time needed to fully explain how Karen's autistic son Isaac was mistreated by the administration (past) at the Kalbarri District High School.

Below is a copy of a letter sent to Mr Baxter in reference to the meeting.

27th March 2012

Steve Baxter
Regional Executive Director
Education Department
PO Box 63

Dear Steve

Just a short note to thank you for allowing us (Karen Adams, Barry Lakeman and myself) the opportunity to express our disappointment at the way Karen and others have been mistreated by staff at the Kalbarri District High School and the WA Education Department.

It was important for us to once again officially pass on the full story concerning Karen Adams and her unsuccessful attempt to integrate and educate her autistic son Isaac at your school in Kalbarri.

In the position you hold as Regional Executive Director what you do with this information is now left up to you.

Kind regards

Barry Kramer



Showing the professional courtesy expected from a person in his position Mr Baxter responded as follows:-

The KT wish him well in his new job and hope he has what it takes to bring much needed change to the Midwest mess left by his predecessor Lauri Andrew.